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Twilight Sparkle always found comfort in schedules and routines. Her daily life was so by the book, even when she'd need to see to official princess business, one could say it was almost written before she even woke up.

But when that routine is changed, interrupted, alternated and suspended, Twilight finds she will have a lot more on her plate than simply running Equestria.

Today marks the beginning of Twilight's really bad day.


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I wonder what happened to Twilight. Anyway, this reminds me of a recent SMG4 video from a two weeks ago.

I'm really interested to see how this goes.

Anybody else have the anticipation just waiting for her to die again. Also that can happen having the sudden reaction and not thinking of using a simple spell, damn it Twilight. :facehoof:

Did the cart just... split her in half!? :twilightoops:

Also judging by how the story explains it Twilight isn't fully grown yet.

Loving it mate and can't wait for more. Its Discords loss of magic causing the time loop isn't it. :twilightblush:

I'm not going to say I've got some fun ideas about death, but... :scootangel:

It did. That can happen. I think. Pretty sure it can. :twilightsheepish:

And yeah she isn't, it's set after everything but not "the future" yet

Thanks man :rainbowkiss: wait and see!

So there is day 1 and day 2, but this is one day loop. It’s a little suspicious. :trixieshiftright:

Think of it from twilights point of view, day 1 was just an average day, minus the death, and the 2nd day and everything after is the repeat

She stirred herself just in time, and rushed forwards, giving the child a hard push out of the way.

That's regularly impossible to arrange. Is someone else playing with time-travel too?

No worries, Twilight. If he's repeating the same day as well, then even if you are late...you'll know where he'll be!


which looked like a metal screw, beeping and rolling against it's case repeatedly.

Iron giant I take it?

Nice twist. Didn't get the reference to now about the doctor.

I had an idea for one at some point but no plans right now

2.7 billion years in a single timeloop is my record now. Our universe is 13.8 billion years old, you know.

Really good but the ending felt well, sorta like a kind of "all wrapped up in a neat bow" kind of thing where it the end everyone is okay and it didn't matter. Kinda ruined it for me but I understand it's very hard to end so still good story.

That's a fair assessment and honestly same, I just didn't know how to end it without it feeling like it was dragging on too much. Thanks for enjoying most of it anyway :twilightsmile: I did have a plan for a sequel at some point, but not for a long while yet

11070745 The problem with this ending is, she no longer remembers that she promised to be Discord's friend. So as soon as Discord's magic gets fed up agaiin, you'll have the same thing happen again.

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