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Equestria has fallen into chaos by Discord, Celestia and Luna fight desperately to keep Equestria in peace. Simultaneously, criminals and villains take this time as an opportunity for greed and power. And in the mid-center of this chaos lies a hero. One who may very well be Equestria's, if not Equiis's, only hope. The one, who is he? The Phoenix Adventurer: The Doctor! With the help of his companions, all of Equiis will know his name. He will be known for centuries to come. Whether they like it or not.

This is an alternative version of Doctor Whooves, one that fits him within the MLP universe (meaning this Doctor is not the Doctor in the show. He is a Doctor that originates from the MLP universe, not the Doctor Who universe. A fully Equestrian Doctor Whooves) This version also does not travel through time and space.

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Darleks foalnapped him . that line was priceless

Nice of Tumbleweed to wait for the Doc and Dean to have their lengthy argument there. :trollestia:

Other than that though, this storyarc's been really solid, can't wait to see what will happen next. :twilightsmile:

I'm part of the ladder, so if you don't mind I would like to get started before I die of old age!

You mean "latter" not "ladder."

Also, minor quibble about the Doctor's wording when discussing his plan. He explicitly states that he would beat Tumbleweed and company without using magic, and I'll overlook the Breezies because while that's technically still magic, that's not his magic. But he did use his magic to create the supposed effect of the Pinkie Promise. I don't have problems with him doing that, it just makes him seem inconsistent when he says he'll do one thing and then technically do another. Personally, I think part of the problem is that the Doctor tends to take forever and a half to get to the point about the details of his plan, instead preferring to give vague generalizations in an attempt to generate suspense, a tactic that's sound but only goes so far if it gets overused, and there were a couple of spots in this and the chapter previous where I thought he needed to get more to the point rather than beat about it.

I was also kind of hoping it would be Dean who comes to the Doctor to ask to travel with him and not the other way around...but that's personal preference, what you've got here works just as well too. :twilightsmile:

And the mystery behind these instances deepen. I had a hunch on where you were going with that before...but now I'm not so sure. So we'll see.

Looking forward to the next entry.

When I was writing this I didn't think the Doctor had used magic. Yes he used his magic to create that illusion but technically he didn't use it to fight. However, when you say it that way it does make sense. I guess he technically did fight using magic, I don't know. I've kind of confused myself now. And sorry about not getting straight to the point with some of the things. This Doctor isn't always straightforward. I have a reason for this, but, spoilers. And as for the Doctor asking Dean to join him instead of vice versa, well, I think you already know the reason for this. Plain and simple, the Doctor's lonely and wants to travel with someone again. That is what you meant by "mystery instances" right? About the Doctor asking Dean instead of vice versa? Or were you talking about something else?

Anyway, thank you for the feedback! I fixed the spelling error so thank you for telling me about that!

And just, well, thank you! :twilightsmile:

7066893 I understand the Doctor not being straightforward being a character trait, but a certain degree of logic is still required to not make it feel too drawn out, and there are moments where it just doesn't make as much sense for him to beat about the bush with vague claims he then tends to repeat again and again until, ultimately, he gives in and gives the details anyway. It's largely apparent in the scenes where the cast is pressed for time, and so when they get into arguments with the Doctor about him being vague on plans I can't help but think; "is this really the time for this?" That's largely what I'm getting at with that.

I was actually referring to the contents of the document and its signature when I said "mystery instances."

As you may notice, DOCTOR is on the update list. However, there is no new chapter for this story. I had accidently clicked on the publish button while going to edit. Sorry, my mistake :derpyderp2: . I will be posting a new chapter soon, on saturday. Just, not today.

Sorry everyone, won't happen again :unsuresweetie: .

Omg I just figured it out. also thanks for the nightmares. lets take something very scary and make it even worse Author if im not wrong you can mean two famous Do's one loves muffins and the other is loved by rainbow dash. can you give me a hint if im right

Perhaps so, or perhaps not. I could say, but, spoilers :twilightsmile:

I was wondering what you were going to use for an equivalent for Daleks. I admit, I was kind of hoping something altogether new rather than just the usual Daleks revised for the universe, but it works, and I suppose still keeps it tied to the Doctor Who universe it's basing itself off of. :twilightsmile:

Hey so im just asking when Will the next chapter starts

Its a great story by the way

The next chapter? I am really, really, really, REALLY hoping to post the next chapter (or chapter part) before the end of next month. You see, what I'm doing is that I am writing the entirety of segment one before I post the next chapter part. Which isn't that difficult, I have segments one through four completely planned out and ready to be typed, its just that I don't really have a lot of time on my hands right now. I just graduated high school so I've had to spend a large majority of my time job hunting and working on my YouTube channel (because I'm hoping to become a YouTuber as my career) and I've, overall, just been super busy lately. I work on my story whenever I have free time but I haven't had much of that. But I guarantee, I will have all of segment one and (hopefully) segment two posted before the story's anniversary. Or at least, that's my goal. :pinkiehappy:

Hey so im just wondering when is the next chapter going to happen

Hey im just wondering when is the next chapter going to happen

Comment posted by Deidorimu deleted Oct 31st, 2016
Comment posted by Deidorimu deleted Oct 31st, 2016

Hey so i know that your busy and all but im just wondering when is the next chapter going to come out

Hey so i got your mail and to tell you the truth im not really a leader type, im really more of a supporter or a follower and for bring an editor, well i have a little bit of experience in creating stories and sometimes i need to edit and yeah im also kinda of an idea guy

And maybe you could ask your other followers

Hey so deidorimu how long will the next chapter begin

The next chapter is already finished. However, until I can find an editor I cannot post the chapter.

Hey so deidorimu can I ask when is the next chapter exactly

The plural of "octapus" is either "octapuses" or "octapi," basically whichever sounds better given the context of whatever sentence you're using it in. However, you only ever use the word in the singular sense even when the plural is obviously intended. There were a few other instances where plurals and singulars are mixed up, but otherwise that's the only noteworthy errors I recall jumping out to me.

Anyway, nice new chapter, and it's excellent to see a new entry on this story again. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to correct any more of those in future chapters.

Hello deidorimu so It's been a while and so when is the next chapter coming up and is the doctor going to regenerate or will he ever meet Celestia or twilight

I'm doing my best with the story, but writing a story this long is a bit difficult (especially when you consider that each chapter could qualify as their own separate stories, as they are all long enough to be one). I can't say exactly what'll happen because of spoilers, but I will say this. The segment will be half over after this chapter.

Hello deidorimu so I was wondering when is the next chapter also maybe you can like write about 2000 words to help you and the story out

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I am still working on the story. I want to finish the rest of segment one, that way I can do weekly uploads instead of every once in a blue moon. I hate being on hiatus for so long and am finishing the story as soon as possible. Each chapter basically counts as a story on their own, because they range from 40 to 60 thousand words. Its not that I'm being lazy or anything, I just overestimated my ability in typing a story this long. However, I've fixed my organization, am typing two thousand words minimum daily, and I have chapters four and five finished. It may take a few months before I begin posting again. However, once I begin uploading again, ill have segment one finished and will be well into segment two and can post weekly.

Oh my hahaha! It's weird! I also think the same way that each story or fanfic, either good or bad, exists in another universe. I'm a sucker for the multiverse theory or any other multiverse stories.

Oh, booooo, cliffhanger ending! :rainbowlaugh:

A very suspenseful weave of a plot, with plenty of twists of turns, you've devised here. I heartily approve. :twilightsmile:

.....uh....5k words...I'm having a Just Monika flashback

looks like Monika passed through here...yay for creepiness :D

And here is my decoded result:
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Just passing through, not reading or voting, have a comment:

A Doctor that does not travel through time and/or space (except unilaterally in the former, and on a measely three dimensions on the latter) is more like.... a nurse in an old folks home that didn't actually complete medical school. It's like a tea party without friends (real or imaginary). It's like a candied apple made with burnt caramel and a crab apple!


(except unilaterally in the former, and on a measely three dimensions on the latter)


Well everyone obviously travels through time in a single direction, and we generally move through space in three dimensions! I can walk up stairs, downstairs, climb a latter, go left, go right, go to, or come from, but generally we can't go in such interesting directions as 'yesterday' which describe a fourth dimensional movement 'backwards' relative to our own timestream.

Oh I see! That's actually an interesting way of looking at it.

I know my story is a bit odd since the Doctor does not travel through time and space. My reason for that is because I wanted to try something different, to create an original Doctor Whooves story (well, in terms of how original a fanfic could be, I mean). Every Doctor Whooves story that I ever heard or read before my own usually had the same premise. The Doctor (somehow) transports with his T.A.R.D.I.S to the MLP universe. From there he meets a pony that may help him to adapt to the new world while they travel together through time and space. I do like reading those, but after awhile I started to realize that a lot of Doctor Whooves story were one of those things where "you read it once, you've read them all", you know what I mean? I didn't want my story to end up that way.

Also, the premise with traveling through time and space on its own. The Doctor already does that in the actual T.V show, and while traveling through time and space in a Doctor Whooves story is nice, I still notice that in those stories there's not much to be said about the actual world they are living in. You see, we already know about Earth and its history because, well, its the real world. Doctor Who puts a sci-fi spin on our real world and allows us to see places we could only imagine, whether it be on our planet in another time or somewhere beyond the stars. However, in a make believe world like the MLP universe, I feel that we can explore the actual planet far more than stuff from beyond the stars. Because even though traveling through space does sound cool, this magic filled planet is still a mystery, and the possibilities of discovery are beyond our imaginations as well. And I feel that a lot of Doctor Whooves story are lacking just that, they focus simply on the traveling through time and space aspect, A.K.A. the Doctor Who aspect. They hardly take time to show the MLP aspect, the world that the ponies and creatures inhabit. This imaginary world is like a blank canvas that no one ever seems to paint when it comes to a Doctor Whooves fanfic. That's why my Doctor does not travel through space and time.

My story takes place one thousand years before Luna returns, before the first episode of MLP. Even though he isn't traveling through space and time he is still exploring the endless world that is MLP, and he is doing it in the history that takes place far before the show begins. And who knows, maybe my Doctor will travel through space and time someday, but I just want him to adventure in this world first. Basically, I want to use that blank canvas to the fullest.

Yes the story does leap far from the comfort zone of a typical Doctor Whooves story, but I like it that way. To try something new in this genre of MLP fanfiction, you know what I mean?

I suppose that's true, but on the other hoof, part of the draw of doctor whooves is for that exploration and wonder I suppose. I think science-fiction is meant to let people have a sort of potentially attainable dream. "This is something that could happen someday, if we could just figure something out."

A Doctor Who that sticks to a single setting wouldn't necessarily be bad, exactly, but unless you're projecting one of the Doctors' personalities on Whooves, what makes him the Doctor aside from the rebirth mechanic? Part of the Doctor is experiences he's had, the weight of the story behind him, the places he's been, the things he's seen... Stuff like that I suppose. Plus, the episodic "I wonder what we'll see next!" is part of the allure to the original series I think. Nobody ever actually thinks the Doctor will (permanently) die, after they've seen a season or two.

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