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Equestria has fallen into chaos by Discord, Celestia and Luna fight desperately to keep Equestria in peace. Simultaneously, criminals and villains take this time as an opportunity for greed and power. And in the mid-center of this chaos lies a hero. One who may very well be Equestria's, if not Equiis's, only hope. The one, who is he? The Phoenix Adventurer: The Doctor! With the help of his companions, all of Equiis will know his name. He will be known for centuries to come. Whether they like it or not.

This is an alternative version of Doctor Whooves, one that fits him within the MLP universe (meaning this Doctor is not the Doctor in the show. He is a Doctor that originates from the MLP universe, not the Doctor Who universe. A fully Equestrian Doctor Whooves) This version also does not travel through time and space.

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