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It seems like so long ago... but I guess in a way it was. Days tend to blur when you are immortal. Entire generations gone in a blink, towns built and rise to become cities, empires, before inevitably falling... But Listen to me ramble, I don't think you came to hear me talk about the futility of most lives. As I was saying, It seems so long ago that My mother took me in, adopted me into her family with my other siblings. We were so happy, But like all good stories, something happened, something that became the catalyst for all future events and tore my new family apart.

My name is Ethereal Horizon, and this is the story of my broken family.

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His wings were the size of Luna's, but seemed to not be made of feathers at all, but instead made of pure magic, his very wings seemingly containing the cosmos it's self. "Let me tell you a story of a time before the Equestria you all now know and love. A story of a family, My family. I suppose I should now say my full title. My name is Ethereal Horizon, Child of Faust, Celestial Wing and Brother to Celestia, Luna and my brother Discord."

This would be more surprising had it not been in the stories description... that is the only nitpick I have on this chapter

Ah thanks for the sugestion I've always been bad at discriptions, so I'll try to edit it a bit. Thanks for the nitpick!

Well, I'm hooked. Is there a source for your cover art? It's neat.

No but gimme a day and I'll find and link you the artist

... Hmmm... you have peaked my interest!

Speaking of nitpicks, you need to put quotes into separate paragraphs. It let’s the reader know who’s talking more easily. :raritywink:

Again, thanks. Nitpicks like that help me write, others don't get that and just try to insult you instead of pointing out the problem.

That’s so true. That or no one speaks up at all.

This is good so far....but tread lightly. "Royal Family" OC's can go GaryStu damn fast. FiMFiC would tear you apart and eat you alive if that happens.

I'm looking forward to more of this story, it's great but I'm sure a lot of the story's tags are going to sucker punch me in the future :twilightblush:

Meh, he has like one OP power, and the aspect he inhabits, but that's about it

*evil knowing grin* yeah, all I'll say is wait until discord shows up in the present. The chapters with rotate, one being the present, the other being Ethereal telling his story. However, one goal is also to make it an unrelyable narrator as the events are from his prespective.

Also thanks for revealing your plans for the next chapters :heart:

I’m finding all the good stories today...something bad is going to happen. Oh well, that’s for future me worry about.

great story hope to see more soon

Working on it. Collage is a bitch

Will there be more of this story?

Maybe. I was thinking on maybe handing it off to someone but idk who

Moar plz, good sir? This is too good!:fluttershysad:

I'll try, I'm just struggling to keep up with my big story while working that the smaller stories got left in the dust. I'll try though

Well, it's no rush, take your time for sure. Just don't give up on it, yeah? Maybe go ahead and even finish your big one first.

:O Oh my Atlanta!!! Worth the wait! This chapter is heavy with loreee and emotion. This is guuud.

Hoo boy. This chapter was far too short.........

Sorry bout that. I know what I want to do in later chapters, but this one I had trouble making longer without being fluff.

Ah, don't worry about it. It had enough lore to satisfy me!

It's too short, I need moar!

Lol then you should check out the new chapter of Awakened Lost lol

"Actually Lulu, I need you to keep it hidden from them, expecially Tia. I have a long, probably painful talk to do with her, and it's better if she remains in the dark."

The most deserving and right thing to do would be exposing everything that Celestia has done, hidden, etc to the world
When I mean everything I mean everything her lies, her relationship with them,etc
In what way?

Maybe like a recorded message, appearing/showing as an orb in every place ,city,village, everywhere at the same time.
It would play a recorded message and show a text on a screen with, everything on Celestia, exposing her
Maybe even add another screen showing live footage of Celestia revealing everything without her knowing, etc
The more proof, better

She doesn't deserve a good reputation

Lol great minds think alike, but no, at the end of the day she is still family, and you'll see what I mean later. All I will say is nightmare, Discord's time evil, and Celestia hiding everything will all tie together in a pretty little already hinted at package

It's doesn't matter if she is family
It makes it even worse for her and more justifiable

She is the head of a country and long-living, she should be held accountable
She still should be exposed

Just wait, I have plans. She will be getting what's coming to her.

Welcome back glad to see the story is still alive.

Mhm, got hit with the insperation train after almost a year of said train being out of service

It's alive! A few minor typos aside, you still got flow, and that's what matters in a story.

Lol thanks, I am on my phone so alot of typo's get missed. When I get home and not at work I'll go through and touch up on it.

Yeah, just enjoying the ebs and flows of adulting and parenting

It'll be finished this time next decade, just you wait

Lol thanks for the vote of confidence XD

Sorry hahaha couldnt resist. Love the story, by the way. Also, just a reminder, quality over quantity! Write stories for you, for when you want to write and are feeling creative.

Its good but im getting major mary sue vibes
whats poppin dawg whats going on

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