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Hello, Leon Davies here. Also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, voice actor, writer, autistic British egomaniac, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.



Needing to take up a hobby in between friendship lessons, Starlight takes up writing. Surprisingly, her stories become a smash hit with everypony.

Except for the critics.

Takes place somewhere in season 6 because I felt that’s where this story would be more in character with her.

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Twilight: Okay, next friendship lesson: Anger Management.

Followed by a serving of humble pie. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice read. Starlight, since her introduction into the series, has been unable to take criticism from the outside easily, even during the time you are writing this. And tying in the fact that Starlight uses magic to solve problems that she couldn’t fix, is a good touch.

But I have to wonder - Were the criticisms justified?

If you want to know what Starlight wrote that were a hit with audiences but not with critics, just look at these three stories I wrote:

EA series of unfortunate events that leads to another redeemed villain, yay!
Note: The "yay" is sarcastic. Anyways, I think you can guess what this is about by the title.
Leondude · 14k words  ·  23  6 · 964 views
TRed and Purple
When a strange foe kidnaps all of Twilight's friends, it is up to Twilight to participate in the greatest gladiator match in recent Equestrian history: The Princess of Friendship vs the Lord of Enmity!
Leondude · 3.1k words  ·  9  2 · 627 views
TOld Mare Luna
In an alternate universe where the villains won, Luna is busy living a quiet life in a land far away from Equestria. But one day an old friend shows up to ask a favor of her.
Leondude · 35k words  ·  72  13 · 2.3k views

For context, I asked for these three stories to be reviewed on separate occasions and they were...less than pleasant. I'm not saying the criticisms weren't justified and I have indeed improved since my first couple of stories but the review for Old Mare Luna, which I considered my magnum opus, was the straw that broke the camel's back.

That and 'A series of unfortunate events that lead to another redeemed villain, yay!' and Old Mare Luna were both rejected by Equestria Daily and Red and Purple was written for a contest that it did not win.

And here we are with this story.

“Wait, we have congress?” Starlight asked in surprise, courtesy of democracy being a foreign concept to her.

I always thought Equestria had a parliament, or at the very least something like the House of Lords.

This is a pretty meta fanfic you got here. Almost feels like it's against the "no fics about Fimfiction" rule, especially with your Stan Lee cameo. I'm pretty sure you're in the clear here, though. Starlight fixing her creative problems with the raw power of her magic was pretty fitting to her character, as stated above. I'm no critic, but overall, I like this one. :twilightsmile:

Starlight's face has no mercy. <shivers>

What did the red poney say? I couldn't understand any of what he said other than "afford a lawyer".

If the comics are anything to go by:


I'd think Parliament would make more sense too. Does Equestria even have a Prime Minister or somepony along them lines?

Also, you're right, this story was very meta, to say the least. Normally, I would never let my feelings (unless it's a comedy and I need to laugh) and/or any real-life scenarios dictate what I write but I felt like letting off some steam while engaging in some Starlight-bashing and (hopefully) getting featured for it. Why kill two birds with one stone when I can kill three? :twilightsmile:

I would say she got it from Twilight but I'm betting it's tradition in Equestria to make a Ren and Stimpy-esque face at least once.


He said "I done bad stuff before and can't afford a lawyer". Basically, he was telling Starlight she's off the hook for unintentionally plagiarizing his work.

I mean, what did you expect, Twi? You taught Giga-Hitler a crazy mind control spell.

It's really on you for how this all turned out. :rainbowlaugh:

I thought alicorns were Congress.:trollestia:

Dude. You should know you are VERY lucky indeed if you ever win a contest on this site. The only way you will, and it not be any kind of competition, is if your story is the only story entered.

What could possibly go wrong?

Congrats! You have destroyed half of Equestria!

EThe Forbidden Phrase
Princess Twilight Sparkle claims a great crisis is imminent. THIS time, she's justified to twilight over it.
ThePinkedWonder · 3k words  ·  74  3 · 2.1k views

What could possibly go wrong?

There goes the other half.

What could possibly go wrong?!

There isn't even another half to destroy, yet you somehow destroyed another half of Equestria!

That actually happened to my friend, DmitriTheWriter.




The best running gags always come in threes. Unless you count the short description, then it's four. :rainbowlaugh:

Um...who is the red unicorn? A character from the comics?

Nope, that's actually my avatar/OC, Lion Dude.

Figured I'd make it a habit to give him Stan Lee-esque cameos in these one-shots of mine.

So, if I read between the lines right, Starlight is a butthurt author, because you're butthurt about your stories not proving to be as awesomes as you think they are?

It doesn't change anything about the story to me. I still love it.

Glad to hear it.

Who needs to be criticized when one's stories are popular anyway? :rainbowlaugh:

“Make sense, aw, what fun is there in making sense?” Discord asked in a playful tone.


haha funni song reference...

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