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Rarity just learned Li'l Cheese doesn't know what a book is. Twilight will arrive in Ponyville soon. This calls for desperate measures.

Contains series finale spoilers.

Note this story includes mild RariTwi.

Preread by Lofty Withers.

Inspired by this Jargon Scott comic.

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Comments ( 9 )

Kids still read actual books!

Stop the boomer humor

I'm glad Rarity is here, because you left me in stitches!


Lil Cheese is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

You can't, these jokes are booming! :pinkiecrazy:

Cheese shot up into the air and landed on his hooves. “I think being a filly sounds better than being a colt, and I like ‘he’ because it’s like ‘heeheehee’!”

----Yup, this computes.

“You should save that for the bedroom, Auntie,” Cheese said with an innocent smile.

hvsjfhrkeigtr u broke me y u do dis sigma

Good stuff!


It just came naturally from the outline. Glad you liked it.

Ok, that was funny, and Rainbow should watch her mouth

:rainbowlaugh: Amazing. Funnier than it has any right to be, but given Li'l Cheese, that comes as no surprise. Thank you for this.

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