• Published 12th Jun 2012
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Harmless Shenanigans(?) With Princess Luna - Bigwig6666

After some pressure from her sister, Princess Luna decides to join up for a dating website in order to meet a nice pony and settle down. Who she finds, however, has more in common with her than you would think.

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Eight - The Morning After

As Lulu sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the sleeping face of her pony equivalent, she began to wonder if this is what actual, really-reals love was like.

"I hope it's like this," she thought, while suppressing a giggle as the princess yawned and bucked a leg out in her dream. She extended a hand and gently stroked the princess's mane and neck.

The human grinned to herself as she climbed back into bed and slipped her arms around her bedfellow. She listened with closed eyes as their bodies rose and fell with each other.

Luna stirred and opened one eye. A smile crept across her regal features as she felt the human's hot breath on her neck. "Lulu, are you awake?"

The yelp and quick removal of the limbs around her confirmed it.

"Uhhh, Luna! Hi. You're awake. And I was... cuddling you," Lulu rambled as she stared into the beautiful eyes of the princess.

Said princess chuckled and stretched her wings. "Yes. About that-"

Lulu immediately nodded. "Yeah, no, we moved too fast, didn't we? I mean, we only just met a few days ago, well personally at least, I've known about you since a year I think, and we just sort of know each other already seen as how we're from opposite universes or something and you're staring at me because I'm rambling, and I ramble because I'm nervous - it's a defence mechanism and it's stupid and-"

Luna thankfully held a hoof to her lips and smiled, suppressing the urge to giggle rather unceremoniously. "I think it's cute," she said as she brushed part of Lulu's hair away. She leant in rather intimately and pursed her lips slightly.


The announcing cough made them leap away from each other and stare at the door, or more importantly, who had just opened the door.

"Tia! We-" Luna began.

"Weren't doing anything?" the Solar Princess grinned and leant against the door frame. She waved a hoof. "By all means. Continue. It's nice seeing you so happy, you know."

The Moon Princess's mouth snapped shut and a deep shade of red crossed her face.

"And hearing," the elder sister continued.

The younger sister's face changed from embarrassed to mortified. "You... heard... us...?"

The human's face turned pale as she turned away.

Celestia nodded. "Not the best thing for a princess to be screaming at the early hours."

Luna buried her face in her hooves and folded her wings around herself.

Lulu simply looked down and shuffled her feet, all the while fighting off the urge to laugh without end. It is funny when you think about it, she reasoned with herself. "Uhh," she mumbled, breaking the awkward tension.

Both princesses turned to her, one still grinning like a madpony and the other still trying (and failing) to hide herself in her wings.

"Um... what now?" Lulu said, bluntly.

Her ''beloved'' removed one wing and blinked at her. She opened her mouth to speak and looked up at her big sister and trembled. Celestia's face had changed. No more was a grin plastered to her face. Instead, there was a serious look of deep thought.

"I suggest..." she said quietly. "That you think about this. I don't want to see you alone again, Luna. Or Lulu, I'd hate to have to send you back to Earth. You seem like such a nice girl..."

Lulu shivered at the princess's unnerving tone.

Luna did too. "Sister?" she murmured cautiously as Celestia's eyes glazed over for a moment. She shook her head and looked down.

"Hmm?" she responded with that usual cheeriness, losing the previous intensity just a few moments before.

Luna narrowed her eyes. "Never mind. You want us to take things... slow... then?"

Her sister nodded. "If only for your benefit. Both of you."

Lulu nodded too and places a hand between her friend's wings. "I could do that," she said, beaming with pride. I'm going to date Princess Luna. I'm going to date Princess Luna, she excitedly thought as the princess sidled closer to her and grinned just as wide.

The Sun Queen beamed with pride and flapped her wings as she turned to go. "Glad to hear it. Come down and get some breakfast, dears. You've a big day ahead of you and you need to pack your things. You're going to Ponyville."

Luna's smile slowly faded as a look of utter bewilderment and general fangirlyness (it's a word) took over Lulu's.

"What do you mean we're going to Ponyville?" the princess asked.

Her sister turned around and frowned. "Oh, I sent Twilight a letter saying you'd be joining her in Ponyville to learn about your ''friendship'' with Lulu. I told you yesterday."

"Did you?... I don't remember."

"You were drunk."


Celestia giggled with sibling mischief as she trotted over to her red-faced baby sister and gave her a great big hug. "Come now, everypony enjoys a drink." She smiled and glanced over at the human in the room. "Now, I think Lulu has gone into shock. You may want to get her something to eat. Preferably not yourself."

Luna gazed at Lulu's face, stuck in mid-squee. "That's not a bad idea," she admitted and nuzzled the human's arm. Then she froze and stared at her sister with an open mouth.

No words could be spoken to convey just how mortified the princess was at that moment.

So have this.


The Solar Princess cackled with mischievous glee as she accompanied her sister and friend to the breakfast room. Luna was still recovering from the implications, and Lulu was practically skipping, humming the tune to My Little Pony. "I can't wait to see them all," she said as she bounced along.

"Who, my dear?" Celestia asked.

"Twilight and all them. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, heck, I'd even love to meet the Doctor, see if he's actually The Doctor or just a doctor."

The alabaster alicorn chuckled. "I'm sure they'll love to meet you too, Lulu. Just... try and keep my sister from making a spectacle of herself, would you kindly?" she grinned and nuzzled her sister.

Luna flinched and glared at the wing touching her.

Lulu frowned and sidled up to her. "Lunaaaaa?" she cooed. "Are you pissed at Celestia?"

"Maybe," The dark blue alicorn glanced at the human and frowned at the strain on the ''aaa''. She shrugged it off as a relationship thing.

"Lunaaaaa, that's not nice."

"What she said wasn't very nice."

"Lunaaaaa- OK I'm going to stop that, it was just a joke. C'mon, lets get some brekkie*. What do ponies have for breakfast anyway? I know you have pizza and cookies, but what else do you eat?"

The princess's face lit up. "Well, there's toast, sandwiches, cereal, the usual breakfast things, really. Oh!" she cried and smacked her forehead. "Things!"

Celestia face hoofed.

Lulu chuckled nervously. "Things?"

"Yes, Things. I'm not very hungry, thank you Celestia," Luna growled, "so I'll go and pack our things. Tia, make sure Lulu gets something to eat, please." She winced at the dirty imagery flooding her brain. "Thanks a lot, dearest sister."

The white princess nodded and gestured for Lulu to follow her. "I will. Good thinking about the ''things'' by the way. Better to get two gryphons with one hoof."

Luna grunted in acknowledgement and trotted off towards the stairs.

Celestia turned back to Lulu. "So tell me, what do humans eat for ''brekkie''?"

Lulu giggled as they walked into the dining room. "Well, toast, cereal, sometimes crumpets."

The princess frowned. "Crumpets? Do tell."

"Well, I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is. Pastry I think. They're really good. Especially with chocolate spread on."

The alicorn stood up all of a sudden. "Come. Lets tell Mr Floop about these crumpets. I'd like to try one." With that, she was off. Happily cantering towards the kitchens as servants sidestepped and bowed gracefully.

For Lulu, however, they jumped away and began murmuring to themselves as she stepped over, through and past some. She smiled to them as she trotted after the princess and possible crumpets.


Twilight received the princess's letter when she was in the middle of a book marathon. What's a book marathon, you ask? Well, it's when somepony would gather a collection of books (in this case ALL the books) and sit down and read every. Single. One of them. But for Twilight, this was a normal Sunday afternoon.

"Twilight! You've got a letter from the princess." Spike called from his bed, in the middle of his own ''marathon'', if one could call it that. Eating ice cream and cookie dough and reading... ''books'' that shall not be named by any organized society.

Twilight frowned and looked up from her book. "What about?" she asked, grumbling and protesting the fact that he was still too young for those things.

"Um..." Spike finished his mouthful of ice-cream cookie dough stuff and read the letter again. "Princess Luna and her friend called Lulu are coming to stay in Ponyville for a while. It says here that Lulu's a human. What's a human, Twilight?"

The lavender unicorn teleported up to him and grabbed the letter from his open claws. "Human?" she whispered and scanned over the letter, her pupils shrinking with delight as she focused on that little word.


"Oh, Spike... this will be the scientific journey of the century, oh think of what we might learn from her," she trailed off in her own little science world.

Spike waved a claw in front of her face. "Uh... Twilight? You OK? You zoned out on me."

She shook her head and blinked at him. "Yes, I'm fine, take a letter to the princess."

The dragon quickly moved to the writing desk and plucked out a quill from behind his spines. He licked the tip and stared at Twilight with eager eyes.

Twilight cleared her throat and began. "Dear Princess Celestia... I would be delighted to welcome the princess and Lulu to Ponyville. I think it would be a great idea, I mean, of course it would, it's your idea. We'll begin getting everything ready for their arrival as soon as possible. Yours truly, Twilight Sparkle."

"And done," Spike said as he finished Twilight's signature. "Want me to send it off now?"

Twilight nodded and was filled with excitement. "You do that, and I'll go tell the others. Oh this is going to be fun."

Spike snorted and sent the message away in a cloud of his green, magical breath. "Fun," he grunted and sat back down, enjoying his food and his magazine's content.

Twilight giggled with added glee and trotted out the door to find her friends and tell them the good news.

A human was coming to town!


A few doors down the street, a mint green unicorn suddenly gave a violent shudder, and started to grin. She knew not why, but she knew that whatever it was...

It was coming.

*Brekkie - It's a British thing, British/Canadian thing, British/Canadian/Aussie thing, THING. IT'S A THING FROM SOMEWHERE, ALRIGHT? Short for breakfast.