• Published 12th Jun 2012
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Harmless Shenanigans(?) With Princess Luna - Bigwig6666

After some pressure from her sister, Princess Luna decides to join up for a dating website in order to meet a nice pony and settle down. Who she finds, however, has more in common with her than you would think.

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Two - So What Else Do You Like?

The two inter-dimensional buddy buds sat down on their cushions and looked at one another.

"You ready?" asked Luna.

"You bet," grinned Lulu.

"Let the game begin!" Luna cried as the game started. The girls had managed to get two T.Vs in the room, one for the human, one for the pony, and put them up together, back to back.

Lulu was on one side of the map, and Luna was on the other. The human gritted her teeth and knuckled down, propping a pillow beside her and leaning on it.

Luna the pony, however, grinned and raised an eyebrow at her human counterpart. She'd won this game countless times, and had no doubts about how this would end-

"You lost the lead," the voice on the game said.

Luna's jaw dropped as she glanced up and saw her friend grinning.

"Oh. It. Is. On," Luna giggled.

"Headshot. Tied the lead," the announcer said.

Lulu grunted with annoyance. "Lucky shot."

Luna laughed. "Sure. And I suppose you let me hit you?"

"Oh shut it," Lulu grinned.

The game continued for some time. Pony versus human. Princess versus princess. The battle of the century. And it took place on Reach.

Eventually they decided it was a draw and moved on to another game mode. "How about ''Zombie''?" Luna asked. That was her favourite game type on Haylo.

"Sure. If it's the game mode I'm used to then yeah," Lulu chuckled and took a drink from her glass.

Luna enjoyed having a friend round to play some video games. Suddenly, as if a light came on in an easy-bake oven, she had an idea. "Lulu, what else do you enjoy besides video games?" she asked.

Lulu scratched her head. "Not much I'm afraid. Watching television, listening to music-"

"Oh, music? What kind of music?" Luna asked excitedly. "My original plan will have to wait... for now," she thought.

"Heh," Lulu chuckled nervously. "Heavy metal mostly."

Luna's eyes lit up as she grabbed her friend's arm in her hoof. "So do I! Do you play anything?"

Lulu nodded with wide eyes. "Mhm. Guitar. Why?" How is she even doing that?!

The princess's mouth opened in a wide, Cheshire cat look-a-like smile. "Follow me," she said and released Lulu, dropping her controller for now.

Lulu rubbed her arm where Luna had grabbed her. "Wow, ponies are strong aren't they?" she thought as she followed the princess.

The princess led them through the dark palace with silent hoofsteps. Lulu on the other hand, stumbled around in the dark as she held onto Luna's tail and bumped into everything she walked past.

Luna giggled at hearing her friend stagger around in the dark. "Would you like some light?" she asked.

"Please," Lulu grunted and stumbled into a statue of the two princesses.

Luna's horn lit the darkness up with a strangely bright blue glow. "That's better." She smiled at Lulu, who smoothed her hair down. Or tried to anyway.

The human smiled and released Luna's tail. "Sorry, if that was undignified for a princess."

The pony waved a hoof. "It's quite alright. C'mon, we're almost there."

"Where are we going anyway?" Lulu asked and followed Luna.

The Night Princess shushed her and stopped in front of a large door. "This is it."

"This is what?"

"You'll see."

Lulu worried about what the princess was going to show her. Oh please let it not be some weird fetish thing she has, she silently prayed to any god that was listening.

Luna pressed her weight against the large door and pushed it open. A warm orange glow poured fourth. She took Lulu's hand in her hoof. "C'mon."

Lulu allowed herself to be pulled into this glow, a mixture of fear and curiosity taking hold of her.

She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the change in light and gasped.

"It's... a rec room," she murmured.

"Of course it is. What did you think it was? A sex dungeon or something?" Luna laughed.

Lulu blushed. "So why are we here?" she asked casually and visibly more relaxed now.

"Because, Lulu, I want to show you something," Luna giggled coyly, and beckoned her human friend to the far wall.

Lulu looked up at the wall after putting down a cute little figure of Master Hoof from Haylo. "Oh wow," she said as she realized what the wall was.

A trophy wall of sorts, lined with any and all types of electric guitars.

"I think I love you," she joked to the princess, who laughed and patted her friend on the back.

"Take one," Luna smiled, feeling her cheeks turn a rosy red at the joke.

Lulu stared at the pony for a while. "Seriously?" she asked. "Are you really just... giving me a present?"

"Of course. Take one," she repeated.

Lulu breathed deeply and hugged her friend, then strode up to the wall and placed her hands on her hips. "Hmmm... which one?" she murmured.

Luna chuckled and walked around the bar, and poured herself a drink.

The human gazed at the wall's collection. So many choices.... and such riches aplenty, she thought, giggling at the song's lyrics and the imitation of Fluttershy's voice in her head.


Eventually, Lulu walked back over to her friend carrying a dark red Gibson SG.

"I'd like this one," she said.

Luna chuckled ."About time you chose one, I was afraid I'd have to eat this myself." She nodded her head towards the two pints of beer and a large pizza box.

"Pizza and beer? Guitars? Luna... are you a rockstar?" Lulu asked and took a slice of pizza, putting her new guitar down gently.

Luna laughed. "Sort of. I play the drums mostly, but I used to sing for a band." She sipped her beer with a grin.

"Wow really?" Lulu asked and took a slightly larger sip from her own pint.

"Mhm. They were called Nightwish. Mainly for me, but I wasn't happy. So I left."

The human choked on her pizza. "Nightwish?" she sputtered.

The princess looked at her friend and patted her on the back. "Yes. Have you heard of them?"

Lulu shook her head. "Well, sort of. They're probably different to the band here in Equestria, but they're amongst my favourite bands on Earth."

"Really? Interesting. It seems everything on Earth has a ponyfied version in Equestria," Luna said, then burped from her drink. "Your turn," she grinned.

Lulu looked at the princess's glass and let put a single laugh: half of her's was gone already. "Oh, two can play at this game," she giggled and matched the pony's half emptiness.

Six pints later

Celestia was taking a midnight stroll around the palace, as she normally does, when she walked past her sister's rec room and heard laughter and singing. She stopped and pressed her ear against it. "Has she got company?" she murmured, thinking, "Surely she's not met somepony already?"

She pushed the door open and blinked at the orange lighting. Her gaze turned from confusion to utter bewilderment as she saw her baby sister dancing on the table, and none other than a human clapping and laughing madly.

"Oh hi Celestia!" Luna cried and bounced over to the big alicorn and hugged her. "I want *hic* you to meet my friend *hic*. Lulu! C'mover here!" she slurred and laughed as Lulu staggered over to them.

"Hello, Princess Celestia," Lulu giggled. "My name's Luna too. What's your name? Oh wait..."

This made Princess Luna roar with laughter.

Celestia gently moved her aside with her wing and looked at the drunk human. "You're... human?" she asked slowly.

Lulu nodded and giggled as Luna stumbled into her and draped a hoof around her.

"And... my sister is... drunk..." Celestia murmured.

Lulu nodded again as Luna released her and stumbled over to pour another drink.

The white princess continued to stare at Lulu. "And your name is Luna as well?"

"Yes. But everyone -pony shhh- can call me Lulu to avoid confusion." Lulu slurred and blinked her eyes like a fish. First the left one, then the right one slowly.

Celestia nodded slightly. "And how are you here?"

Lulu's lip trembled and her knees buckled. "Oh bugger," she slurred before she passed out.

Celestia, thankfully, caught her and gently lay her down. She turned to Luna and opened her mouth to bombard her with questions, then closed her mouth and smiled.

The baby sister was as fast asleep as the human now.

"Perhaps I'll ask them tomorrow," Celestia chuckled. "Goodnight girls," she whispered and closed the door on her way out.