• Published 12th Jun 2012
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Harmless Shenanigans(?) With Princess Luna - Bigwig6666

After some pressure from her sister, Princess Luna decides to join up for a dating website in order to meet a nice pony and settle down. Who she finds, however, has more in common with her than you would think.

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One - Meet The Princess...es

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Harmless Shenanigans(?) With Princess Luna

By Bigwig6666

"Tia... are you sure about this?" Luna asked her sister as the large, white alicorn peered over her shoulder.

"Of course, Lu, everypony does it. Even Twilight Sparkle has told me about it. All you do is put some information on the website, then send it off and poof. You have a coltfriend... or fillyfriend," Princess Celestia giggled.

Princess Luna turned scarlet. "Celestia! I'll have you know that whatever I do in my spare time is none of your business. Now kindly leave," she told her sister.

Celestia shrugged and carried on grinning. "Alright. Goodnight little sister. Have fun."

Luna turned back to the computer and stared at the screen. She tapped her chin and wondered what to write. "Hmmm." she murmured and began typing.

"My name is... Luna..." she read aloud as she wrote it. Perhaps saying I'm a princess will put them off. she smiled sheepishly. "I like... playing... video games... and... drinking..." she paused. Perhaps 'beer' was too blunt. "Wine." she said satisfied with her statement.

She deleted everything and started again.

"My name... is... NightPrincess6666" she read aloud, using her gamer tag as she did for pretty much everything these days. "I am female... I like... walks on the beach... video games... the occasional drink... and..." she stopped. "What else?" she murmured. "Fun." she smiled and hit the enter key.

She suddenly felt as if 'fun' was a terrible idea. She knew of the perverts on the internet. She shuddered as she remembered some god-awful fanfic about her and some human guy. The Princess And I it was called.

"Highly unethical. I had only just met the human after all," she murmured with a coy smile and turned away from the computer, picking up her milkshake and slurping the last of it.

It wasn't long before she got a notification on the website.

"Aha!" Luna cried happily and spun around in her chair before reading the notice. "Hey babes L-O-L. Want to meet up sometime and bang?"

She cringed in disgust. "Delete," she muttered and clicked the delete comment button.

She turned back to her T.V and picked up the controller. One of these new video game doohickeys called a Squii. She picked up the controller and began playing some Super Smash Bronies Brawl. "Good times," she chuckled in a Stalliongrad accent.


After a few minutes of playing, she heard the bleep of another notification.

She read the name and immediately deleted the comment.

"CuntDestr0yer," she whispered and shuddered at the implications.

She moved away from the computer and picked up the Squii controller again. She was owning this noob playing against her. "Hey, PS! She shouted at the screen. "Why don't you just ''PS'' off?" she laughed. She wasn't very good at this whole name calling thing, but when she did she always made herself roar with laughter.

She heard another bleep from the computer and turned to it. "If this was another pervert, I swear I'm going to..." she trailed off as she read the message.

"Hi, I'm Luna, what's your name? I think it would be great if we could meet up sometime. It sounds like we like the same things xxx."

She smiled at the polite response. Then frowned. "Luna? I thought only I was called Luna," she murmured and shrugged. "I suppose if we like the same things. Oh but what if Tia sees me meeting another mare? Oh I hope this is a mare. If it wasn't this would be rather creepy." She scanned the comment again, then sighed and clicked the accept button and sent a message back.

"Hello, Luna. My name is also Luna. Pleased to meet you. How about we meet at The Prancing Pony in Canterlot? I'll pay." she typed back and eagerly waited the response.

Her cheeriness was immediately demolished by the next notification.


She shuddered again and deleted that comment. Then set her status to 'busy' so she didn't get any more notifications from these weirdos and turned back to her game.

"C'mon PS, put your back into it!" she shouted and drank some more of her milkshake.


Meanwhile, at the League of Evil. AKA Earth.

A girl called Luna was having a bad day.

The other girls, and a few boys, had teased her for being inclined to the same sex. A lesbian. Plus her bigger sister, Celeste, had been urging her to join a dating site as soon as she'd gotten home and flopped onto the sofa.

"C'mon Luna, you're a lovely young girl, it's time you should go out and meet some friends instead of hanging around, watching My Little Pony all day," Celeste urged.

Luna shook her head. "I tried that once. It didn't end well. Besides since when is a dating site a place to make friends?"

"Aw c'mon Lu. Quit being such a baby," the elder sister giggled and nudged the younger sister in the ribs.

"Don't you dare start tickling me," Luna warned.

Celeste raised her hands in protest. "I wasn't going to. Now that you mention it..." she said coyly.

Luna jumped away from her. "Get away from me!" she shouted.

Celeste chuckled. "Oh, you're such a scaredy pants. Fine, I'm going out with Twiglet. See you soon."

''Twiglet'' was Celeste's pet name for her best friend, who resembled Twilight Sparkle, strangely enough.

Luna waved goodbye and dragged herself upstairs, throwing her bag into a corner and slumping down into her chair.

Her face lit up when she saw the computer, her one true friend in this lonely world. She logged on and started browsing YouTube. When she saw the thing that made her day complete. "Ooooh yeah. It's Saturday isn't it?" she giggled and clicked on the video.

In case you didn't know. Saturday was Ponyday. Everyday, there had been a new episode waiting for her after she came home from college.

Except this one was sad. Sort of. The final episode. The final for season two anyways. She grabbed her replica Princess Luna (who was best pony) tiara and necklace and put them on (don't ask). She liked to pretend she was the princess, namely for her dark blue hair which seemed to sparkle of it's own accord.

She glanced up at the clock. "8.30," she murmured. "I suppose I could give Celeste's website a chance," she said and typed in the web address.

"God I feel like an idiot doing this," she muttered and began searching the singles list. Most of them were the usual things you'd expect to find on websites like this: "Rich, looking for a no questions asked wedding. PM me." And "Single. Horny. PM me. only F." One in particular caught her eye.

"And the user is NightPrincess6666? I wonder if she (I hope it's a she) likes My Little Pony. Hmm." She read the message again. It seemed nice enough. "But what if it was one of these weird creepers who sit around and wait for girls to reply to them? Then find them and murder them?" Luna worried.

Celeste would have called her a chicken and teased her.

"I ain't no Scootaloo," Luna said defiantly to no-one, for no-one except her was in the house. She punched in the keys and replied to the user called NightPrincess6666. "I hope she (or he, again still creepy) is nice."

About thirty seconds later, she heard the tell-tale bleep of a notification.

"She's called Luna too?"

Luna felt her heart soar. She typed back eagerly. "What do you mean ''Canterlot''?" She worried that this wasn't just another weirdo toying with her. "Or worse, some guy in an asylum who'd somehow gotten a computer and believed he was in Equestria."

She got a message back almost instantly. "I mean the city where I live, silly. Where do you live?"

She replied back. "I live in Newcastle, in England. What do you mean do you live in Canterlot?"

She read the message back. "Canterlot as in the capital of Equestria. Where is this New Castle? I've never heard of it.

Luna sat, confused at this. "Does this person really believe they live in Equestria?" she asked her stuffed plushie, Mr Bubbles. Yes she had a stuffed plushie of the Big Daddy from Bioshock. Don't ask. She typed back, "Are you a pony?"

"Yes of course. What are you?" she read out.

"Oh god, this is a crazy person," Luna thought sadly. Sad that she'd lost someone she thought could be a friend, and sad that this poor person believed they lived in Equestria. She sighed and typed back. "I'm human."

"Oh really? One second," the message read.

Luna sat, puzzled at this. "One second? What, was this person just gonna open a portal and suck me into EquetsriAHHHHHH!" she cried as a large vortex opened behind her and dragged her into it, still with her tiara and necklace on.

She crashed to the ground and rubbed her forehead.

"Oh wow. You are human," a voice said from above her. A very familiar voice. A very... regal sounding voice.

Luna raised her eyes and saw...

"Princess Luna?!" she cried and sprung up. "Am I dreaming? Pinch me," she declared and began nipping herself, turning bits of skin bright red.

The pony Luna recoiled slightly. "Calm down, you'll make somepony nervous. Like me," she said, while backed up.

Human Luna turned to her and smiled. "It's really you! You're really real!"

Pony Luna conducted herself with the grace a princess should demand. "Hmm. Yes. Quite real. As are you..." she murmured as her eyes drifted towards Human Luna's tiara and necklace. And starry mane. "How did you obtain those items? Or get your mane like that?" she demanded and stepped forwards.

Human Luna, let's call her Lulu to avoid confusion, touched the tiara on her head and whimpered. "Oh, sorry y-your majesty. I forgot I was wearing them." She took off the crown, suddenly feeling it's weight and removed the necklace, also feeling it's weight. As she placed them on the table she noticed how soft her hair was now.

"Wow," she breathed and felt her hair for a few minutes.

"Ahem," Luna coughed.

"Oh, sorry," Lulu chuckled nervously. "I just noticed how soft my hair is here," she murmured.

Luna tilted her head questioningly. "What do you mean?" she asked and stroked her own mane.

"Well, on Earth, it was soft, but here it feels like a piece of the night sky. And incredibly silky," Lulu sighed and rubbed her face on her long, flowing hair. "And it flows too apparently."

Luna laughed. "Yes, my mane does that too. So..." she trailed off and pawed at the ground nervously. "What's your name?"

The human equivalent to the princess started. "Um... Luna. But everyone calls me Lulu," she said and smiled sheepishly.

Luna's eyes lit up. "So you're the Luna from the website?"

Lulu nodded her head. "Yes. And you must be NightPrincess6666," she giggled. "Great name."

The Moon Princess blushed. "Thank you. It's the first time I've ever used a dating website. Strange place to make new friends." She smiled.

"So we are friends?" Lulu held a hand out. "Pleasure to meet you, your majesty," she giggled and curtseyed.

Luna giggled back and extended her own hoof. "The pleasure is all mine. I've never met a human before. What's it like on Earth?"

"You know of Earth?"

"Well, not personally, but I know of it," Luna explained.

"Well, do you know it sucks? And the people are mean and tease you for anything," Lulu grunted.

"Like a bigger sister," Luna said bitterly.

"Yeah." They glanced at each other and broke into big smiles.

They stayed up for a bit, long into the night and talked. It turns out that the two Lunas, or Tuna if you will, were almost like twins from different universes.

But that would just be silly, now wouldn't it?