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Getting a college roommate is random chance.
Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you get a pony.

Rainbow Dash enrolls at an Earth university.

Update: and then some other stuff happens.

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new story and it's all done. SWEET! tbh i was expecting the roommate to be the guy from valiant's story :derpytongue2:

edit: also, never had this chance before.... first?... dammit missed it again

It's up! Huzzah!

Oooh, pretty nice so far. However, I don't think RD would say "You need to focus on friendship". That doesn't seem like a line she would say...

Just, before I read: Wat.

We used to have fingerprinting as our school meals payment system - Rainbow really would've been screwed then.

For some reason when I read the description I thought there was going to be some weird pony on human action. Then I saw that there was no Romance tag...I was relieved yet oddly disappointed.

It's not happening in this story, but the ending is open enough that a clop sequel could be written.

...by someone else :fluttershbad:

Added to my to-read list. Looks to be one of the few "human interacts with ponies" fics that wouldn't make me projectile vomit through the screen and into the faces of those dastardly criminals who write such... even looks to be thourhgly entertaining - and coming from Totally, it more than likely backs that up.

Pfft. Apples. Who would want to buy overpriced and undersupported computers like those?

742449 The Apple family?:ajsmug::applecry::eeyup:

Yeah, I think this is the human/pony story we've all been looking for. No romance tag, no sad tag... original perhaps? I'll have to read this once my next two chapters are complete however. Busy week

Needs more tormenting of the ickle freshie.

Just finished. Boo yeah. Hooked on phonics has lead me to read at acceptable and speedy rates.

Oh yeah. Also, I like it.

As soon as I read the title, the only thing I could think of was,
"They're makin' a left turn!"

If you don't like it, clopify it yourself. I won't get mad.

It was a joke.
Im no good at writing anything erotic or romantic.
Im great at details and dialogue though.

Hmmm, yeah, I don't really get American Football, either; it seems like just a namby-pamby copy of Rugby that borrowed a name off the real version of Football.

Uhg, Thanksgiving disasters are one thing I think I can live without.

So I clicked on this story thinking I'd give it a shot because it was an interesting concept.

An hour and a half later, I read the entire thing in one sitting.

You are amazing.

742565 My thought was, "Laying in my hotel room watching NASCAR and drinking beer!"

>>Doctor Whooves


No one understands NASCAR - it's not just Canadians, trust me. I mean, it's just cars racing round an oval track (not even an interesting shape) until... well, I'm not exactly sure what.

Beer festival?

Spam is disgusting. It's almost as bad as smash.

Also, my dad would kill you if he ever heard you say that tofu was a meat/poultry substitute. Apparently, it's a food in it's own right, and if I ever mentioned it again he was disowning me.

Lose citizenship in Equestria? The first thing that came to my mind was dual citizenship. But then I read up on that a bit and discovered that the USA don't really support that, once you become a US citizen, you lose citizenship of other countries.
Then again, Equestria may not acknowledge that, and still consider Rainbow a citizen (like the UK does?). I think it would be entirely up to the princesses, and I doubt they would officially revoke the citizenship just because the USA say so :trollestia:. Rainbow is the Element of Loyalty, after all, and a national hero.
In the end, while the USA might see Rainbow only as an American citizen, Equestria may see Rainbow as an Equestrian and American citizen. At least I think that's what would happen. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Rainbow_Dash.png

... I'm thinking too much.:twilightsheepish:

Wel that's nice, rainbow's gonna have the inter dimensional coast guard on her ass. Just a question, In this world, MLP:FiM or anything relating to MLP, including bronies, doesn't exist? if so, that was a really good way of introducing equestria daily.

As a European I never had a chance to see a real game, because no one plays it here, but I have seen a lot of it in movies. I have hence decided that since all American Football games I have seen have been fictional, it is a made-up sport. Like Quidditch.:moustache:

Let me be the first to say this this is a fantastic story. I'm at chapter nine now, and I cant stop reading, lol. Bravo.

Great stuff. :pinkiehappy:I even think I learnt things about American universities.:derpyderp2:

think of rugby, but every player wearing spartan armor and still getting fouled for the smallest things.
and what can you do to get a foul in rugby?

Understand it? You're approaching it wrong.
The question that should be asked when watching NASCAR isn't why, but how. As in, "how drunk am I and am I going to get even more wasted?"

That left turn gains a whole new aspect when you yourself can't even tell left from right.

Tracking. Will read later.

Good story, for some reason I expected a male protagonist. Probably because female protagonists tend to be female-y, and I didn't get that feeling from the excerpts.

Is there a chance for a continuation?

Americans aren't actually paying for the left turns, their paying to see that one in a million chance of a wreck in NASCAR.
I worked at a lemonade stand at a race once in florida, and i was sure that 90% of the crowd was from other states.

Honest opinion? I hated it. Sorry. You're a damn good author, but this story did not jive well with me. Maybe it's because I'm a pessimist. Maybe it's because I just fail to get that I still suck as an author. I dunno. I won't dislike this because I don't want to, but for some reason, I hated this story. But I don't hate you. You're a fucking brilliant writer and your stories are great (for the most part). I dunno what it is about this story that turned me off, but it's okay. I'm one person. Clearly, you have a dedicated fanbase that loves this story. I'm proud for you, man, but I just didn't like this story. It must be a personal thing. I couldn't even tell you what about it I didn't like.

But keep up the good work anyhow, comrade.

This was pretty damn good, for once a human and pony story that made me D'aww at some parts and not real back in shock of a completely unexpected romance twist that makes no sense.
I would love to see a sequel about semester two. Please!:pinkiehappy:
the only thing i do recommend is that you change the cover pic, now that the story got featured, anybody seeing that picture will expect romance/clop.


Don't worry, I'm an American and I don't understand our football.

"It's considered manly to wear tight pants, and jump around all over other guys trying to grab a ball? Seems legit. . ."

742417 I can second that

About the story. I like it. But is it just me, or does Denise seem a little not-shocked for just finding Rainbow Dash as a roommate?

i believe rainbow dashs mane has 6 colors

the writer makes rainbow sound like a bitch

Lol, I just finished my sophmore year of High School, and I know that pleasure of making fun of the freshamen. Kinda glad I don't have plans to go to college so I don't have to be a freshman again.

Nope, Quidditch is real - I used to play it in PE back at school. It was without the broomsticks, of course, but without the snitch it's doable.

And, thinking about it, American Football being fictional makes perfect sense - like anyone would really make a game where grown men played dress-up and did little dances after running to the end of a field.

D'ya want a list?

RD at a university... Now I've seen'em all. :rainbowlaugh:

There's always next semester.
It's a different kind of story, I'll give you that.
The writer thinks she is. :rainbowhuh:

You go to see crashes? Don't you Americans have those smash-em-up derby things for that?

I think life generally takes a new aspect when you're drunk. I don't see why you need the car thing, though - I imagine pubs serve both cheaper and nicer alcohol.
Oh, wait, you can't get alcohol in America if you're under 21 anyway, can you? :trollestia:

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