• Published 13th Jun 2012
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The Roommate - totallynotabrony

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author notes

Author Notes:

This is vaguely based on a section from my story Wings of Gold in which Rainbow goes to an Earth college. If you've read that, please note that The Roommate reuses some ideas, but should be treated as a completely different story.

I originally picked Purdue because they were located near doorway #1 and I heard they had good aero engineering. Nimbus Buster and Eratosthenes taught me what I needed to know about their campus. They've instructed me to include the phrase "Boiler up!"

maskedferret was responsible for information about animal nutrition.

Cover art by CrusierPL

Fernin helped convince me to take this in a different direction than originally planned.

Many others helped out with information or one-liners during the month and a half I worked on this story. Basically, if you've ever commented on one of my blogs, you get credit.

The first chapter has been dramatically read

Thanks for reading.

I'm reasonably sure that most members of this site are/were in college, so how about you write your own version of The Roommate? This could be an awesome series. I'd love to read what combinations of schools and ponies you come up with.

Author's Note:

This is the original author's note that appeared when I "finished" the story in June, 2012. I have decided to restart it, however, so stick around for The Roommate: Spring Break!