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We shall spread.

I'm fucking gone

What was it, two years I spent here? It has been a fucking shit experience for me. Total waste of time. During my darker moments I was obsessed with ponies and would make fan art, stories, and fucking blog posts. I didn't need to be a doctor to realize this wasn't healthy. My time on the internet and other media made me realize a couple things.

1) Everything changes
2) People like to join unpopular communities so they seem "cool"
3) People don't care for other people spreading what they believe, so fuck off with that shit
4) Nothing is sacred, which means that people will try as hard as possible to ruin what you enjoy, just for the shitz n giggles
5) This pony shit is cancerous, plenty of reasons why you should leave now for the sake for your future (trust me, when I was into ponies, my life was in shambles. A fat fuck who believed that "My Little Dashie" was the best piece of fucking literature to date, made pathetic videos claiming my love for ponies, and the shits.)

So that's why I'm leaving. Not because my friends told me too, not because I don't want to be apart of the fandom because I believe it's uncool, or even because I want to. I'm leaving because it's fucking bad for my health, and yours.

Anyone who found this fucking rant from random wandering or because you know me, remember this: The internet is a fucking monstrous thing. It will suck you in with facades of social connection and friendship. It is a fucking lie.