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“Sometimes a lie is easier to take.” -and sometimes a lie is easier to give.

Behold Heartstrings, victim of her own body, and know her…

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This song goes along surprisingly well.

Also, this was a nice take on Lyra. I really enjoyed reading this.

Original take on Lyra, really nice story.

Wood Work!:rainbowkiss:

Great story, for some reason it feels slightly familiar... but I can't tell why.
One question, when Lyra is remembering her childhood diagnosis, was either the brace or surgery supposed to help - and wasn't done?

Interesting story. I did notice one thing, though:

comply ignoring my criticism that celery only goes with peanut butter

should comply be completely?

(what this has to do with connective tissue, I have no idea)

Isn't the fat storing tissue a type of connective tissue?

I love alternate takes on characters with established fanon, and this was one of the better ones I've seen. Beautifully bittersweet.

Interesting. I do like it when people post songs that they think fits the story, since it's usually a song I've never heard before, but enjoy. Don't think that fits completely, but thanks!

Original, huh? I'm not entirely convinced... You know what they say about "everything's been done before"...

It might feel similar because it deals with themes of lies and struggling to tell a truth the character wants out, but the lie is easier; a theme which is very present throughout the first two chapters (and so far only chapters) of "For Mother". (As I've said before, I'm an unoriginal hack. I only know how to write the same two or three stories over and over...)

Neither bracing nor surgery happened. It was decided the brace most likely wouldn't have done much good, if any, and surgery carries risks that make it not worth it without the scoliosis being much worse.

... Yes. Thank you.

Pretty sure connective tissue and adipose tissue are different "stuff", otherwise why have a different name for it? Then again, the extent of my knowledge is a year of biology classes and all the home research I've done on Marfan's... dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

Fanon is such a funny beast to play with, yes. :yay:

2318427 True. I'm actually referring more to the melody than the lyrics in this one, as the lyrics are pretty clear to be describing someone who's letting an oppressive clockwork society roll over them.

I wandered onto this and didn't know what to think at first, but you did the concept really, really well. I don't know if it's been done before or not (I haven't seen it before, anyways) but I think you really hit on the whole 'nothing is ever exactly as it seems from the outside' thing. Sorry, I'm not phrasing this all that well.. Tl;dr me likey, j'adore! :pinkiehappy:

I like this. Bravo.

Interesting. I typically avoid Heartstrings like the plague because her fanon portrayal is just so annoying. This lacked that.

So I came home feeling a little down today. Then I read this. You scumbag.

Interesting story, I like that the story is a deeper look at Lyra's habits. It is to an extent depressing, but I have known a lot of people with similar disabilities so I'm used to it somewhat. I thought that her mindset in the story seemed real. Before I saw your notes at the end, I could tell that you or someone in your family had has similar experiences through the story because of the detail. Nice story.

Wow this was really interesting. Adding it to the Slice of Life folder in Twilight's Library :scootangel:

That author's note makes me wonder what secrets you were going to reveal.
On another note, as I understand it, the disease is genetic, right? Still, we can't help but feel my typical posture is conducive to emulating its results... I can't sit up straight for extended times comfortably anymore, and no amount of stretching seems to help...

So Lyra has scoliosis but instead of her spine being curved side ways its curved downwards which would make walking on all fours a very difficult and painful experiance for long periods of time and I assume the special shoes that make up for leg difference are for her fore legs? This is an interesting take on Lyras sitting position since everything points to the downwards curved spine which in creatures that naturally walk on all fours can induce a unwilling semi-bipedal state since most bipedal creatures have lower back curve to a certain degree... in other wards Lyra got the short end of the stick in a four legged society since the shorter fore legs combined with the scoliosis make bipedal movements less painful and more natural for her compared to the norm... I honestly feel sorry for her since this is similar to if a human was stuck walking on all fours for their life they would be viewed in a light thats unfavorable even though it's not their fault to begin with. :ajsleepy:
I have a unique form of scoliosis that makes it uncomfortable to sit in any furniture and makes my walk slightly hunches over, my spine is curved outwards instead of to the side so crawling and other such movement come a little more natural but since my arms are shorter then my legs I am forced to walk and sit upright... at times it can get painful and my back has a permanant bruise where my spine is constantly pushing on the skin so I can relate to Lyras issue to an extent

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