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Unicron begins to awaken, threatening Cybertron and everything on it. The Autobots and Starscream recognize the threat, but Galvatron refuses to see it as anything but an Autobot trick to get the Decepticons to lower their defenses. When talking Galvatron into admitting the threat fails, Starscream sacrifices himself to unite the two warring factions.

But instead of death, Starscream is gifted with continued life in a new land with its own conflicts.

Shoutouts to Alchemo Arrow and Legion222 for proofreading and editing.
Shoutout to Fan-the-little-demon on DeviantArt for the astounding cover art.

Follows MLP canon up to S3E13 as closely as possible.
Follows Unicron Trilogy (only the cartoons themselves, so no comics) canon as closely as possible, with small interjections of headcanon and other made up things to fill in the plot holes and lack of backstory in the actual cartoon.

If you're going to dislike, at least have the courtesy to explain why.

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I always did find the Armada Starscream to be the most favourable of all the version of Starscream

Okay... Sure... I'll give this a shot. I look forward to you somehow making this not lame.

My proclivities are obvious in this regard.

I was in the middle of reading VS:NF when I saw that you posted this. :twilightsheepish:

The prologue didn’t make much sense to me, but then I saw the video that TheMyth posted and it suddenly did. This chapter, as always, is good. To be honest I liked it more that the start of Heroscape:TES.

Ohh this one is a good start Master Lego.:moustache:

can´t wait to see more. I expect you to be brilliant.:twilightsmile:

Please, don't fuck this up!

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. :eeyup:

Thank you all for the good reception!

2476568 I 1000% agree with you (yes, 1000%). It's a shame that they failed to keep up such an amazing character in Energon...which is something I will adress later in the story.

2476611 Lame is something that cannot come to mind when it comes to Armada Starscream, but at the very least, I hope to not disappoint.

2476630>>2476649>>2476871 Glad to hear it!

2476804 I think you'll enjoy what adventures I have planned for our beloved Starscream.

2476962 As do I.

2477225 Excellent. Crossovers tread a fine line.

2477229 I have to agree. But, I do believe that what I've got in store for you all is going to go extremly well and be pleasing while still being original:twilightsmile:.

Can starscream still access his robot form?

2478052 His robot form has been converted into a pony shape. If he were to stand on his hind legs, he'd look almost as he does in armada, but that's the closest he's going to get. I plan to adress this issue later in the fic, don't worry.

Definite read later.

Hey man, I found your story in the popular box on the main page!

2478291:pinkiehappy: It's surreal; I don't know how to react to that.

2478247 Glad to have caught your attention. Enjoy (when you get to it)!:twilightsmile:

Transformers is something that interests me, since I was at a young age. Same with Star Wars.

2478355 If you like Star Wars, and if you haven't already, why don't you take a gander at my other fic Victor Squad?

The story appears to be well received thus far. Which it well deserves considering the genius idea of making Starscreams robotic body become pony shaped. That, and it takes place during the Unicron "trilogy" and includes my favorite Starscream incarnation of all time.

My Favorite version of Starscream in Equestria, as a transformer pony-bot?...I'M IN! :pinkiehappy:

Armada Starscream? And ponies? :pinkiegasp: All the exite! :pinkiehappy:

to me I think Armada Starcream is the best out of all his incarnations, im only upset that when he was reserected in Energon he sided with evil, and in cybertron he retained his orgianl traitor sceme, so is kinda sad:pinkiesad2:

2479584 Yup, always a good thing. I like how you quote trilogy as if you're really expecting me to stick with only Armada and it's continuity. I tell you now: I have a sequel, more of a continuation, really, that will make the transition from Armada to Energon to Cybertron make snese.

2480167 Glad to have you! Brohoof for Starscream /)

2480719 Yay! And I wasn't expecting you to follow it exactly. After all, with how cybertron is connected to energon you can barely call it a trilogy.

2480636 Can't get a better combination than that!

2480669 I know how you feel, and I feel the same. However, like I said to Alchemo Arrow, I plan to make everything seem continuous. In fact, I hope to explain the reason for some of the unexplained things in the Unicron trilogy, such the change in Starscream's behavior and the origins of the Unicron armor.

2480742 I know, they did it pretty badly, but I think I have a good way of making it all fit together, as well as addressing a couple of other odd things about the series.

2480914 I look forward to what you've thought up to fix the plot holes the size of the unicron blackhole from cybertron

2480989 Thanks! I must admit, it's been a while since I've watched any of the unicron trilogy, so I might not (probably won't) get to fixing everything that's wrong, but I'll give it my best shot.

Wiki page for this story right Here

Are you going to make more parts for this or is this it? If it is all that you are going to make on this story put it on Cancelled or if you are just not working on it at the moment put it On Haitus

2486512 If you're expecting daily updates, I'm sorry that I can't deliver. But, this, along with my other stories, are all being progressed on (at varrying rates). And it's certainly not cancelled; that'd just be disappointing.

2487423 ok but what were you trying to make the changlings (which Starscream didn't know anything about at the time) sound like they were verry surprised at the sparks?

2487511 I never said they were. I said that Starscream assumed they were, as they were surprised by his presence (since, you know, he's an alien).

2487556 yea but according to what you typed it sounded like Starscream went from a giant robot to a pegasus pony

2489822 That's nearly true. He's still mechanical, though.

Can starscream still transform?

2490310 To be answered later. I guess I should mention this now: if a question regarding the story comes up as you read it, chances are, it is something that will be addressed later.

2490348 Thanks! Future chapters I hope will end up being longer. Most likely nowhere near VS:NF length, but possibly 3-4k words.

...Thumbs up for the wingboner joke, anyone?

Starscream is best pony. Also keep up the good work fav's,likes, and will watch for more.

2490588 I don't quite know what you mean by that, but nonetheless, thanks for enjoying!

2490606 Starscream is best pony, undeniably. Thanks, and I'll keep the good work up!

He is a Starscream. Says the author. Might want to check that out, mate.

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