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Part of the Nexus-verse

She was not a doctor yet she had all the knowledge of one and she cetainly wasn't a valkyrie of myth and legend and yet, now she was.

Stuck in the form of a Sigrún Skin Mercy in the Crystal Empire she catches the attention of it's ruler, King Sombra and begins the terrifying duty of being the Royal Healer.

And as silly as the idea is, maybe she can get the King to show a little compassion?

I just had this idea and ran with it, lol!

Overwatch crossover.

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Well I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I'm gonna enjoy this.

Have mercy on my puns please.

I'm glad you like it so far and pun all you like!

Is she gonna get fucked up by Celestia and trapped for a thousand years?

A small warning: Being turned to stone is just one of many cliches of the Displaced.


I do have something planned, have patience.

8356619 cliches aren't bad on their own. It's how you use them.

OMG ITS MERCY!!!!!! She my main I have 100 hours on her

I main Mercy too, even though I don't play the game much.
Enjoying the story?

I'm going to read today

Trapped in stone why not trapped with sombra I don't think I've ever seen that actually


Right, well I guess I have a reason to hurry and finish the next chapter.

I do hope you're all enjoying what I've done so far.

Awesome Read! I enjoyed reading this. I hope you continue writing. Thank you.

Thank you for your comment! I'm hoping to get this story done as soon as I can.

Quick question, is this story only going to cover the sombra arc, or is it going to be having a timeskip to the main timeline?

I wanted to focus on the idea that Healer wasn't a fighter, her power fantasy consists of helping people, not beating up monsters. Though she will be able to fight she'd rather try other options first.

This story will also 'The Crystal Empire' part 1 and 2, expect a new spin on it though.

Words seem to be missing, all good though!

Wait words are missing?

Either the site glitched or my keyboard screwed up, can you point out where?

I like this story.
It has a bit too many references for my liking.
(I dunno if that just now was grammatically correct)
But I am still looking forward to the next chapter because I like it.

You mean the flavour text? That will be explained later on.

For now think of it like this, Healer is adjusting the spells into a format she's more familiar with and that just happens to be Undertale.

Just found this and I'm loving it.

I'm glad you're liking it so far!

What's a Sigrún Skin Mercy?

A Mercy with the sigrún skin. (The cover art).

Haha yes! Undertale references!

Why wasn't she afraid? She was bold enough to bring valid concerns to his attention yet considerate enough to offer a hot drink or a warm meal when she found him still in his office in the early hours of the morning when she came in to recieve her orders for the day. It puzzled him to no end at how well she had adjusted and fit in to Palace life despite it only being two months since she had first arrived.

Everypony else feared him and they had every right too. So why was she being so nice to him?

You know, Sombra and Mercy remind me of Flowey and Frisk respectfully here, especially the last sentence.


Healer is trying to make the best out of a bad situation and her transformation into a variant of Mercy has only bought the nicer aspects of her personality out into the forefront.

Besides she had work to do in the morning, which much to her annoyance, arrived far to quickly for her liking. With a groin she got up and looked down at the metal wing armor she had taken off the previous night. Too tired to really care she ignored it and shuffled over to the vanity, she had to crouch to see herself in the mirror but soon she had her hair presentable and with a quick check of her clothes to ensure nothing was out of place, Healer wandered down to the servants mess hall.

Ummm, you got a wee small, wrong word here my friend

A small gathering of tired and slightly frazzled ponies waited her, each one wearing coloured ribbon that showed where their place was among the palace staff. the hall was mostly silent with only the sound of ponies eating their morning meal and Healer quickly grabbed her tray of food and found a quiet corner way from the rest of the palace workers to eat in peace.


Ah, I'll try to fix that soon.

My 'a' key doesn't work right.

Welp I'll do my best to fix those typos soon, thanks for pointing them out.

Thanks, I rather like the story! :twilightsheepish:

Working on it, just gotta get my keyboard to cooperate.
I'm glad you like it!

Omg. The mane 6 will be meeting the king's wife. How she reacts to shiny and Cady will be amazing.

I'm glad you like what I've done with this chapter!

And how do you pronounce Sigrún

sig-run I think? I dunno.

What would the max HoPe can get to?

Healer's max HoPe is 200, as she is a displaced sigrún skin Mercy. In Overwatch, Mercy has 200 health I think...

Crap now I gotta check...

Edit- Yus, I remembered correctly!

I love the story
Keep it up

Thank You! I don't have much experience writing romance so this is more of a adventure/sol/romace thing...

I'm trying my best even if updates take a bit.

I love it as well
Keep it up please

More is on the way, don't worry.
I'm happy you like it.

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