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Pre Reader- Sanguine Dream

Gatomon worked tirelessly to ease Princess Celestia's burden of ruling Equestria alongside Princess Luna.

Wizardmon arrived in Equestria to study magic and found a mentor in Princess Luna.

Every day at sunset these two Digimon come together to talk and enjoy one another's company. From the rise of Nightmare Moon to Princess Luna's return these two Digimon will form a bond with their pony partners and each other to face whatever fate throws their way.

A tale involving two Digimon and the Princesses they call friends.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 61 )

This was cute! I didn't notice any errors, but this first reading was for the joy of reading. I can take a more editorial look later.

Oh, this is new. At first I was confused when the description had nothing to do with the Displaced group, that is until I saw the new group.

The group is up and running with forums full of helpful information if you're interested.

I don't think I can be part of the group considering i'm very out of touch with digimon plus the fact I don't have any favorite digimon to write about.

Eh, you could still give the group a look if you're interested in the lore and stuff we have up.

Ï do have to than kyou though, I was nervous about eating in public like this..."

only found these 2 small errors.

Really am enjoying this and will look forward to more.

*Reads description on front page*

Let's see if I'm parsing this correctly... We have a Displaced (transformed Human) Gatomon, and an actual Wizardmon, both in the same story. Is that correct?

I'll get around to fixing those, thanks for pointing them out.

I'm glad you like the story so far.

Yup, the AU is centered around displaced Digimon and any actual Digimon that can canonically travel between dimensions.

It was fun to read, and the idea isn't bad but, as I got further the grammar just kept getting worse, to the point I almost couldn't read without a headache. If a fan-fiction is good enough, then a little grammatical error isn't going to stop readers from enjoying it, but this is ridiculous. I hope you'll either get an editor or go over all your writing more than once, because as it is I can't read anymore.

Oh hey, another digimon displaced. Neat

ithis was better then I thought it would be

I could post examples and pick apart everything wrong with the plot and dialogue, but these things are par for the course. The grammar though. English is a little tough if you're not born to it, huh?

you just like being a buzz kill don't you

Grammar isn't my strong point, I'll do what I can.

English is my first language, my grammar just needs work.

Please don't cause any trouble, you've made your point and unless you can offer some advice then why not go and find a story that's more to your liking?

i'm gonna answer with kinda as i'm sure you seen some comment of from from other stories just as I have with you and almost all of the comments i see from you are negitive

What offense did my language commit to deserve being butchered so? I've worked with illegal immigrants, and they displayed better English than that.

being mean plus I didn't have a good English teacher

Compared to people who had no teacher at all, your language skills are horrifying.

Seemingly no knowledge regarding capitalisation, awful punctuation, grammar mistakes that are commonly seen in elementary students, and run-on sentences that are semicoherent. I honestly don't know how that could be any worse.

You already have awful spelling, as seen in your writing, so the attempt at sarcasm falls flat. How did you manage to misspell a word that has less letters than a hand has fingers?

Clearly you didn't take my advice.

Please leave this comment thread.


Just ignore them, I don't know why they're attacking you but you're only egging them on by arguing back.

I did take your advice. You can clearly see from the timestamps on the comments that I didn't start this up.

Continuing it is just as bad as starting it, so please leave. Take it up in pm instead of the comment section.

I appreciate you pointing that out but I hope that if enough people ignore them, Hamster will leave.

Please stop, this has gone on long enough.

I hope that gatomon will end up evolving into angewomon during the nightmare moon incident.

I've got it all planned out, just have to write the chapter.

I hope this blossoms into something much bigger. We have so much pokemon stuff (not that that's a bad thing) but Digimon hardly has a foothold in this site.

Looking forward to more.:derpytongue2:

This story has sent me back to the to the Digimon wiki so many times now. I had no idea that wizardmon actually can evolve into dynasmon, one of the royal Knights.

The more you know!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for commenting and I'm glad you enjoy the story so far!

This is part of an AU I'm working on with a friend, so feel free to check out the Digi-Verse group and the other stories set in the AU.

Updates will be slow but this will be finished eventually.

I'm happy to see you still update this despite what happened two weeks ago.

This is the rewritten version and so far, people like it!

I know right? After the mess that happened with the original version I'm glad to see that people like the new version.

Yeah, that was my reaction to writing it.

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