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This story is a sequel to Kindler

Hollow Knight Crossover

With the kindler rescued, Grimm brings Hearth with him as he travels to Canterlot, invited to Equestria's capital to meet the newest princess, a young Princess Cadance. The God of Nightmares brings with him a warning to Equestria's doorstep, yet his attempts to mitigate the future damage fall on deaf ears as The Goddess of the Sun is confident in her own plans to handle her wayward sister...

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Intresting, ill keep an eye on this.

im hoping this continues, i like the story and its world building and the story takes a steady pace.

Thank you, I'm going to write more when I have the energy to do so.

As a fan of the Hollow Knight. It’s nice to see more stories like these pop up. HK is chock full of so much that I’m baffled that there aren’t many crossover stories with it.
Keep up the good wirk wordsmith.

take you're time, i aint rushing ya but keep up the good work

Ha, wordsmith, I like that.

I'm glad you like it. I absolutely adore the game, it has so much potential for storytelling!

Thank you, I haven't been well, but it feels good to be able to work on this.

Awesome! I'm glad you decided to continue this series, will be following with much anticipation :twilightsmile:

“…The Moon scorns him, The Sun ignores him, his Twin hates him, and the Pale Light fears him… Only the Silent Void remains in his presence.”

I going to guess luna,celestia,radiance,pale king, and ghost (pantheon ending)

reading this makes me want to look at Grimm in a new perspective. also, damn dude this story is getting even better!!

Thank you.

I'm just having fun with worldbuilding and interpretation at this point. My own take on the Hollow Knight lore and whatnot.

Oooh, juicy juicy worldbuilding, I like :rainbowwild:

Though my editing instincts are saying that the story is moving maybe a little too quickly at the moment :derpytongue2:

I'm glad you like the worldbuilding.

And to be fair, this chapter is more foreshadowing stuff than actual plot. Though with how badly Hearth was injured, it makes sense that getting her healed up would be first on the list. It's also setting up for future stuff. I was originally going to show Hearth's Mothling form this chapter, however I needed time to properly design it but didn't want to leave readers waiting too long for a chapter, especially since I had this at a good stopping point.

Anything else catch your attention? (if there are typos, I will fix them when I can)

And if wasn't obvious, I do tend to just pull story out of my arse and work on things as I write. I didn't have as much of a solid plan for this chapter as the previous one. next one will hopefully have a bit more structure to it.

It's a little strange that there is no mention of Unn or the White Lady, and I would also think that Discord counts as a Higher Being in this AU. What's up with that? There is also the gods of Thunder and Rain that are mentioned in Godhome, though it is a bit up in the air whether they are Higher Beings or not. If we really want to go deep there is also the Abyss Creature, though who knows what that thing is. https://hollowknight.fandom.com/wiki/Abyss_Creature.

Hahaha, yep, I think most authors on this site do the same, so no worries about not really planning much :derpytongue2:

As for writing errors, mostly just a mix of awkward phrasing and some actual grammatical errors, coupled with some odd word choices here and there. Nothing that's super bad, but just enough to be noticeable here and there. Unfortunately Fimfic's a terrible editing platform, though I could probably help out with editing if you have these on GDocs or something.

As for the less mechanical areas, I'm just getting the feeling that you might be dropping quite a few too many pieces of worldbuilding without really establishing the characters super solidly. Yeah, it's the introduction and yeah, it's a Crossover, but you should still take your time a little more I feel.

Anyway, hope this makes sense, still enjoying the story :pinkiehappy:

One thing at a time.

I'm still figuring out a lot of things with this AU, it's not some big epic either.

The closest I get to actual editing is fixing typos, and occasionally asking Sanguine Dream to read over something if I feel like it could use a second set of eyes, and even then we don't catch everything.

As for the world building and stuff, I'm working my way up to showing more of the main characters personalities, these first couple of chapters were more to establish the differences between canon and the AU, and the following chapters will hopefully have better pacing.

These stories are more in the vein of snippets of the life of Hearth and Grimm as opposed to the usual long, multi-chapter epics I usually try to write. Smaller works that make it easier for me to focus on, but I understand if they're a bit clunky, I don't really write shorter fics.

I could always copy and paste the chapters into a google doc or something if you want to take the time to edit them, but I don't want to be a bother.

I love fusion crossovers, and you're putting two of my favorite settings together, and i'd never even considered it. I hope you keep the motivation going, cause I think you're doing a great job.

Sure! It's no bother, I can probably scan through a chapter in like 20 minutes or so :twilightsmile:

Ok so, kinda tired, but whenever i get around to writing the next chapter I'll PM you, or something. I duuno.

“…The Moon scorns him, The Sun ignores him, his Twin hates him, and the Pale Light fears him… Only the Silent Void remains in his presence.”

That's rather touching, that the void being that the Hollow Knight turned into still has some connection with the Grimmchild that the Troupe Master once was.

Loving this story, Hollow Knight is a great universe to crossover with, considering all the interesting lore that is involved in it.

Things went differently in this AU, I'll be expanding upon this as I go.

This is enyojable...we don't really think anything else needs to be said.


Oh, Celestia.

At least Grimm's a good dad.

Wait, are the characters Hollow and Ghost the same ones from the game (Ghost being the player character, the Knight, and Hollow being the Hollow Knight)?


Well, this was an adorable interaction! Shame Celestia had to show up and kill the mood.

I was a little confused when i saw that Cadence is Grimm's niece so does that mean that the Radiance had a daughter and that daughter is Cadence?

He was torn between making sure Spike was cared for and adopting the baby himself. Though he hadn’t be in Equestria for quite some time, he was more than aware the kingdom was very isolationist in nature and other species often struggled to live comfortably, especially those that had a diet that greatly differed from pony fare.

Ah yes, the good old "We're all about friendship and harmony, as long as it's our version of friendship and harmony".

It's actually rather interesting to think about how much of an entire nation could end up not even realizing that they're like this :moustache:

Grimm was at a loss for words. “The Princess’s School, here in this very building, uses dragon eggs to test potential applicants.”

The poor pony was confused. “Um, yes? I actually looked it up not long after I became The Princess’s personal student. It’s been a long-standing tradition for hundreds of years.”

Well, I'm getting concerned :trixieshiftleft:

Ace Cadance Ace Cadaece Ace Cadance Ace Cadence! Also, the conversations are by far my favourite part, I couldn't be more glad that you got carried away with them

Well, this is fun. And it's certainly been a long while since I last read a Hollow Knight fic. To the watchlist you go!

I'll be explaining this in the future but the chapter does imply that Cadance and Grimm have spheres of influence that overlap and Cadance is from the same place as The Radiance (OF The Dream but not of The Old Light). I didn't want to bog the chapter down with too much information.

I wasn't sure how Ace Cadance would be accepted but I'm very happy to see the concept being met with positivity.


Yeah, I wanted to try and have it be subtle, because even though in canon pretty everyone can eat pony food regardless of species, realistically that wouldn't be the case. And ponies would view dragons as more animalistic because big fire breathing lizards.

Dialogue and character interaction seem to be my strong suit. I'm happy people like it.

Well, looks like Sunbutt is completely off her rocker.


Goddammit, Celestia.

So, without Grimm’s help the ponies will be helpless against their nightmares until either he comes back or Luna returns. It seems like Celestia would then either realize she was wrong about Grimm’s role in nightmares (which seems unlikely), or she’d blame them on him. Then again, Cadence could try to talk some sense into Celestia.
Whatever happens, the various possibilities are all quite interesting.

Puzzled, she focused more on the surface layer of emotions Celestia was exhibiting. What she found disgusted her, it was unfathomable to her, and she spoke up again. “… You think you’re justified…”

Worse, she think's she's right, and she seems to think there won't be any kind of consequence :trixieshiftleft:

“Be that as it may, Grimm has overstepped his bounds and is not welcome is the waking world--”

The hypocrisy in this sentence is fantastic :trollestia:

“And how are you going to get rid of me?” Grimm said pointedly. “You invited me here, no Nightmare Lantern has been lit, there is no Ritual to banish me with,” the politeness and flair in his voice felt forced, a farce everyone present knew was a show. “If you wish for me to remove my gifts to ponydom, then I will do so and never set foot in your kingdom again.”

The funny thing is that even if he does, she's just gonna blame all that goes wrong because of that on him, she seems to be far enough gone for that at least :trixieshiftleft:

Why is she doing this?

My guess, she wants to blame someone (other than herself or someone she cares about) for things not being as she thinks they should be and Grimm was just the most convinent target for her to blame since he was, to various degrees, involved with some of the more memorable moments in her life that she felt went wrong :moustache:


I wanted to paint Celestia's reasoning as valid in her eyes, but her logic is obviously flawed from an outside perspective. I'm glad that came through in the writing.


I am very pleased people are able to figure it out as I was worried of it coming off as unbelievable. Celestia's had a slow descent into madness over the last thousand years, clinging to her ponies as a way to ground herself. But they aren't Luna, they don't understand and never will. Then Grimm shows up and it all goes downhill because she's pinned the blame on him for over a millennium and deluded herself into thinking her sister could do no wrong.

And she hasn't just angered a fellow god, she's ticked off a parent by endangering his kids.

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