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This story is a sequel to The Blind Sun

Hollow Knight Crossover

With newfound freedom and more free time than she knows what to do with, Hearth must figure out which of Grimm's many duties she wants to help with. Can she truly be a voice of the people, or does her destiny lie in something much simpler?

Hollow grapples with the knowledge that Grimm is going to die. With no Ritual to revive him, the fate of their small family and The Nightmare Realm is something the former vessel desperately wants to change. They are not hollow, they are not pure, but maybe they can be something else?

Ghost is older than they look, and many things about the world both fascinate and frustrate them to no end. All they want is for their father and siblings to be happy. Is it wrong for The Lord of Shades to desire peace, to want acceptance?

Grimm feels like he's been alive for far too long, The Ritual calls to him, eats away at him, but he has a family to care for, gods to appease, and a summit to attend. He cannot but he must, he cannot delay forever.

A lot can change in the span of a few months.

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That's weird I didn't receive a notification you posted this. In any case I am looking forward to see were this goes.

“Only chirping at me incessantly every morning, no more than usual,” The wyrm replied. “Ever since you taught them krik, they use every opportunity they can get to be as loud and noisy as possible, possibly out of spite.”

Hah. I don't know why but Ghost acting like a spiteful little fuck is funnier than it should be.


Does the white palace still have an overabundance of buzzsaws?

Still a little surprised the King's back and Hallownest has bounced back so well. In the game, he seemed...gone. For good.

Hornet's still alive? Just how long do bugs live, anyway?

If Grimmchild's stuck in the Crystal Empire, then...it should be returning soon. Will it be back before time's up? Ten years should be just enough time, right?

The Pale King keeps buzz saws in his workshop. No one is entirely sure why. This Hallownest never fell to The Radiance because, as mentioned in The Blind Sun, Grimm made Hollow's old shell the perfect prison for The Old Light by removing Hollow's spirit from their shell so there was no will, no mind for the god to take over.

Ten years til Luna's return, the empire returns after the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration. So by the time it shows up it would be too late.

Hornet is part Higher Being, that has to count for something. Time is also a bit skewed in Hallownest. The kingdom is sort of timeless.


Oh, right. Forgot that part.

And...shit, Grimm's screwed. Dammit.

Does that timelessness ever get confusing for the inhabitants?

I do have this stuff planned out. As for the citizens of Hallownest... not really, the inhabitants rarely leave the safety of the kingdom and are content to live their lives. I'm glad you're invested in this as I'm having a blast working on this.


Well, Hallownest has always been a haunted, atmospheric kingdom and I'm kind of anxious to know if everyone's okay in this altered world.

Okay. I wanted to do something fun with Hallownest in this AU, and my idea of fun is going nuts with world building in a still thriving kingdom, like I did with Canterlot in the previous fic.


Oh boy!

I'm also curious as to WHY Hallownest seems to be better off, so to speak, from Equestria, since both are run by gods of light willing to do...questionable things in the name of peace.

All the more reason for me to show more interactions between Grimm and The Pale King, as well as the rather strange friendship between the wyrm and Ghost.

[quoteGhost nodded. Their mask shifted into one with many curved horns and eight eyes, what little light in the room was snuffed out, save for the dim red glow of Grimm’s eyes.

The Moon is nothing before The God of Gods. I ascended to protect those dear to me, and I will do the impossible if it means I fulfil my Purpose.

And the room returned to normal, Ghost appeared the same as ever with only two horns and two eyes, with no trace of their power as a Higher Being.Well... that happened :applejackunsure:

“And though I have tried to sire another in the hopes of continuing The Ritual when Luna returns… I have not been successful, and the reason why eludes me still.”

Hmmm, the likeliest reason would be that Grimmchild still exists somewhere :trixieshiftleft:

“Wait…” Hearth blurted. "Ghost is The Lord of Shades?”

Yup, with the power of the Void and all that fun stuff :trollestia:

“Wait…” Hearth blurted. "Ghost is The Lord of Shades?”

I lost it at that :rainbowlaugh:

I am loving this entire AU you have going. Can't wait to see what you do with it in the future! :twilightsmile:

Thank you. I'm glad people like it. I'll be continuing this as soon as I can. Comments like this make my day.

I like Bretta. She's a good girl... but you're right, her feelings tend to make her obsessive and unhealthy. I do believe she does legit love and care for Ghost, but considering that she brought into Zote's bullshit... Bretta is a desperate girl.

I've spent a while trying to think of how to reply and really, Bretta in this fic is what you get when you take the fangirly, fanfic-typical romance and perverse it into something toxic. In another fic, her actions to win Ghost over might be portrayed as cute, or endearing.

This is not that fic, especially given that I struggle to write allo characters to begin with.

Thank you for commenting, I hope you like the series so far.

Hey. Dear author, I like this story and universe very much. Thank you. Will you continue it? It has been so long without updates, I'm worried.

I do plan on continuing, my attention and muse has just been elsewhere.

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