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Bloodborne Crossover. (Spoilers for Childhood's Beginning Ending of Bloodborne and the game in general)

Sunset was but a child, a genius with magic for one her age, when her attempts to introduce old magics to Equestria are shut down. She is banished from the kingdom, her once great destiny lying in tatters.

Equestria is but one realm of many, and the grief, fear, and suffering of the magically gifted filly reaches beyond time and space.

All the way to The Hunter's Dream and a transcended hunter. Great One or not, how could Raine ignore a crying child? Her empathy kept her sane throughout the long hunt, and it will carry her across realms.

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Written for Asexual Awareness Week 2021

“The information is there, Shiny, but so few want to know about it, or assume that everyone experiences the same things they do,”

This was the main issue that plagued the asexual community. Being swept under the rug, ignored, or treated as less than the thinking, feeling individuals they were. The misconceptions were rampant, misinformation widespread, and many, many people would rather condemn others than try to understand the nuance and differences that made them who they were.

So, Princess Cadance, openly vocal and proud about her asexuality, to the point of wearing clothes that matched the colours of the asexual flag, takes the first of many steps to try and educate ponydom and create a place where her and others like her can feel safe and accepted.

While set in the Mothling AU, this was written as a stand alone piece that does not require you to read the others in the series.

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Now the people cowered, their fear sunk into the earth, carried by the wind, and soaked in starlight. Unease spread to every corner of the land, unsettled the mind of every mare, stallion, and foal as the kingdom waited with bated breath for the fighting to end.

And in some far-flung corner, hidden away by ancient magics the fear of the people, the anger of the gods, the unrest within Equestria touched the mind of something else.

A titan of the land itself is awoken by a petty fight between the heavenly bodies, it is not amused.

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Written for [Prompt Challenge] Round 27: September 2021 over on r/fanfiction
Prompt: Kansas City Shuffle

Sunset Shimmer seeks to learn the secrets of alicorn magic, she firmly believes that Luna will never teach her such powerful magics and takes it upon herself to pry the knowledge out of the old trunk beneath the alicorn's bed.

Sunset doesn't find what she wanted, but finds what she needed.

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This story is a sequel to The Blind Sun

Hollow Knight Crossover

With newfound freedom and more free time than she knows what to do with, Hearth must figure out which of Grimm's many duties she wants to help with. Can she truly be a voice of the people, or does her destiny lie in something much simpler?

Hollow grapples with the knowledge that Grimm is going to die. With no Ritual to revive him, the fate of their small family and The Nightmare Realm is something the former vessel desperately wants to change. They are not hollow, they are not pure, but maybe they can be something else?

Ghost is older than they look, and many things about the world both fascinate and frustrate them to no end. All they want is for their father and siblings to be happy. Is it wrong for The Lord of Shades to desire peace, to want acceptance?

Grimm feels like he's been alive for far too long, The Ritual calls to him, eats away at him, but he has a family to care for, gods to appease, and a summit to attend. He cannot but he must, he cannot delay forever.

A lot can change in the span of a few months.

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Moving to Equestria and buying a small farm in a village not far from the capital was just the change of pace Red needed. A nice, quiet life while she got her mental and physical state back into something resembling a functioning human being.

Ponies by nature, are usually friendly, outgoing and physically affectionate. Red's capacity to withstand polite society, and her limited energy for human- or pony interaction, will be pushed to their extremes.

Or maybe that's just the lack of sleep talking.

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This story is a sequel to Kindler

Hollow Knight Crossover

With the kindler rescued, Grimm brings Hearth with him as he travels to Canterlot, invited to Equestria's capital to meet the newest princess, a young Princess Cadance. The God of Nightmares brings with him a warning to Equestria's doorstep, yet his attempts to mitigate the future damage fall on deaf ears as The Goddess of the Sun is confident in her own plans to handle her wayward sister...

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Hollow Knight Crossover

A kindler is a different breed of changeling. Part of The Scarlet Hive, there is one of their kind found in every hive across the world, and in each they monitor the resources to sustain the population and judge the effectiveness of a Queen's rule.

The Badlands Hive in Equestria is slowly starving itself to death, and her Kindler voices their concerns when brought before The Queen...

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Henry Stickmin Collection/Equestria Girls Crossover

The world has been stuck repeating the same year. In desperation, a mystical creature going by the name of Lillian Meadows has been summoned to help fix it. Stuck working with the young women who brought her here, the key to her freedom in the clutches of The Center for Chaos Containment, and her power greatly diminished she has little say in the matter.

Lillian takes comfort in the one person she called friend before this mess began, and even the smallest of changes are created as a result of her friendship with Reginald Copperbottom.

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This story is a sequel to Exploring the Castle

This fanfiction will function similar to a Tumblr Ask Blog or a comment driven CYOA. Events in the story will progress based on reader participation in the comment section. Please make sure to read the Authors Notes for rules or updates.

Henry Stickmin escaped Canterlot, low on funds he wandered across the Equestrian countryside and, somehow made it to Ponyville. With too much time on his hands, and with help from one of the locals, Henry posts the address of a post office box in the morning newspaper, and waits to see what he'll get in the mail.

A week later he gets his first letter.

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