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Now the people cowered, their fear sunk into the earth, carried by the wind, and soaked in starlight. Unease spread to every corner of the land, unsettled the mind of every mare, stallion, and foal as the kingdom waited with bated breath for the fighting to end.

And in some far-flung corner, hidden away by ancient magics the fear of the people, the anger of the gods, the unrest within Equestria touched the mind of something else.

A titan of the land itself is awoken by a petty fight between the heavenly bodies, it is not amused.

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Not going to lie. I want to write the sequel. A few months back I noticed few had written or finished fics about Luna and Celestia being powerless. So ..I wantrd to remedy that ..haven't gotten around to it. Though this really hits that itch.

Ps. Its always interesting show wise. Celestia who is called kind and generous has children and the elderly bow to her. Like their is no other way to show respect then bowing and living in a big castle...with servants?

For something so quickly written it really hits that note. (Hey, Listen. Zelda fairy.) I also (ironically) have come question (in a kids show. Lol) my little ponys...(the term) I know why it exists but, when you think about how they expect to...worshipped? i.e how is that not arrogance and unrestrained ego? Maybe not the best message? Honestly in liking the show. Its hard not to ib some way dislike the show (yes dislike the show that I am on fansite for) because I really don't believe it has the most nuanced and realistic portrayel of having friends.

Read if you were after proving friendship is better get rid of the elements of harmony and show the work of real ponys getting to know each other. Maybe question the rule of a alicorn or five? :eeyup:

I'm willing to collab if you want? I have a rough outline for how the world works and the general lore. My ideas for a sequel would be something along the lines of a curious pony asking the ancient moss-sphinx-dragon a bunch of question trying to relate to it, but it's not mortal nor does it define itself by mortal expectations. Celestia and Luna would be in the background at best.

This is honestly just a thing I wrote because I currently feel like dogshit. I am glad it turned out alright and that a few people like it.

sounds cool. Shoot me a dm? (Never wrote with anyone before so. Ill refer to your judgement?)

Ps. I find that some of silliest ideas (at first) make some the greatest stories. For instance after a comment on Meowefys blog. I mentioned I found the idea of Shining endless trieing to be a alicorn and his wife just was not impressed (think buying a motorbike at a certain age? Some, mind?) that inspired a whole other story about well...Shining (of equastria) and...Dean Candance. :)

I'll send a PM tomorrow and maybe we can work something out. It's a bit late for me right now.

Mmm, big Earth Titan. It gives me Greek/Egyptian Mythology tingles. I love it! :yay:

I know you said this want your best or worst. I gotta be honest I'm really interested in the story and hope you feel up to continuing it is a real interesting concept

I gotta be honest I really hope there's a sequel. This is a really interesting concept even if you feel like it wasn't your best I really enjoyed it. Definently liked and followed!

Squabble like children, and an elder will surely correct you.

Well done, Author.

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