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Bloodborne Crossover. (Spoilers for Childhood's Beginning Ending of Bloodborne and the game in general)

Sunset was but a child, a genius with magic for one her age, when her attempts to introduce old magics to Equestria are shut down. She is banished from the kingdom, her once great destiny lying in tatters.

Equestria is but one realm of many, and the grief, fear, and suffering of the magically gifted filly reaches beyond time and space.

All the way to The Hunter's Dream and a transcended hunter. Great One or not, how could Raine ignore a crying child? Her empathy kept her sane throughout the long hunt, and it will carry her across realms.

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This is a promising start! I look forwards to seeing where you take this!

Can you link the story that will be spoiled in this story please i'm going to need context

“…All it takes is one pony Sunset, one soul to fall and then a new era of chaos will be born. We have guided this Realm in the absence of both Chaos and Order, taught Our little ponies the safest way to harness magic. We stood firm even against Our dear sister when she rallied against Our vision… If thou will not discard thine treacherous creation, We will have no choice but to banish thee to protect what is Ours.”

THAT......sounds like a not-quite-good guy Celestia. "Our vision" in particular raises some glaringly red flags.

And having read the rest of the chapter, I can firmly say my suspicion was correct.
I believe the story in question is the hit videogame "Bloodborne", but I could be wrong.

This fic does indeed spoil the video game Bloodborne.

Yup, Celestia's lines were intentionally written to show that she isn't the best person.

Thank you!

I'm glad some people like this.

Yeah....she really sounds like a "my way or the highway" type of ruler, but her motivation is ambiguous enough that it seems like she's possibly trying to make the best with what she has?

What has me most intrigued is this "Goddess of Order" that they sealed after Discord. At first glance it SOUNDS like they turned their backs on the Tree of Harmony, but we as readers don't yet have the insight to glimpse the truth. Even if it is a truth better off unknown...

I'll be getting to the big info dump eventually.

And I realized there's a word missing that may clear some thigs up about Order lol. I'll just go quickly fix that.

Ah. I think I see now. Yes, that does clear some things up. And opens further questions...

Yup. I think I ended up accidently uploading an older, less edited version of the chapter. All sorted now.

Stuff will be explained as I go, both on how this Equestria differs from canon, and the Bloodborne stuff for those unfamiliar with the game.

It is written well and it's a great start!

I meant send me a link to the "Childhood's Beginning Ending" i can't find it on FiMFiction. I know the game "Bloodborne" i've never played it because i lack a PS3, 4, or 5 but i watched a really good "Let's Play" on Youtube

Childhood's Beginning is one of the endings in Bloodborne.

oh ok i didn't know the good, bad and moon presence endings had actual names. Or is it the Orphan of Kos ending your referring to?

It's the ending in which The Hunter Kills the Moon Presence and becomes a Great One.

If you know enough about the game, you would have picked up on that by reading the scene set in the Hunter's Dream. otherwise this will be all explained as the story continues.

Honestly i was half asleep while i read it so my brain wasn't fully there. thnx for clarifying it. Now i'm awake i'm going to reread it

Ok i just finished rereading the chapter and i have say i saw no reference to that ending i just assumed we were meeting a new hunter to the game since Gerhman was still alive and you need to beat him and eat the umbilical cords to even get a shot at the moon presence so to me it wasn't obvious.

Also sorry for spoilling that ending i don't know how to use the redact bar not even on my xbox sorry

Cool, let me know what you think.

just did reread my comment i edited it with my thoughts

Cool, I just reread it.

Now it could be the fault of me trying to keep things vague enough to reveal later on, but I have left hints that this does take place after the Childhood's Beginning ending. Some wording used is a hint, Gehrman's dialogue is another, it might take a closer look through, or I might have been a bit too subtle, but the hints are there.

I can point them out if you want, just PM me.

no worries i believe you just try to be a bit more obvious in your subtly that is all if i wasn't familiar with the Soulsborne franchise i probably wouldn't have questioned you in the first place. You built a really good mystery around your characters splendidly even a hardcore player of Bloodborne would be flat footed by the first chapter. If you didn't say you were spoiling an ending i can guarantee a small amount of fans wouldn't even know which ending you spoiled as an intro chapter to this story. You should be proud of the mystery you built here. I look forward to your next chapter

Ah, I suppose my hints might work better in hindsight then.

But I do want to focus on one line in particular.

“I’m not leaving,” she said and gestured to the fox once more curled up asleep behind them. “I’ll still be here.”

This one line spells out one of the major things about Raine.

that she can shapeshift or the fox is her soul made manifest?

Close, but not quite.

This is tricky to put together with just the first chapter though since I'd be adding more blatant stuff with future chapters. But I suppose that's the point, I'm just happy people are interested in all honesty. It'll be really obvious in a few chapters, I'm just too excited for my own good.

The other hint pertaining to this tidbit is as follows.

and yet the human merely slumped over, hat dropping onto the grass, like a doll that had become unbalanced.

cool but still vague lol i thought you were introducing the doll that helped you level up via blood echoes. But like i said i look forward to your next chapter if later chapters will explain i can wait. You don't need to try and explain here in comments explain through your story

Alright then.

Again, just hyped lol.

i understand now show me your hype and release your next chapter lol

Sunset. Sunset honey. You just told an eldeitch being that has connections to moons and dreams that you doubt they can do something to help an individual who shares a connection to the moon.

When moon princess meats moon beast, who shal truly free who?

Truly the Great Ones are sympathetic to the plight of mortals.

Celestia feels just a bit odd to me. Not in a bad way, just don't know what to make of how she's handling all this.

That was intentional!

Is she a tyrant? a strict ruler?

You don't quite have all the pieces of the puzzle just yet.


More like "heartless". Or someone who has her own wants and needs under lock and key to prevent corruption, yet remains unaware of how much humanity ("equinity") she has lost because of that.

Raine is besr eldritch monster

Nice. I need me some more of this story.

I'm glad you like it!

I'm still working on it, but as of writing the next chapter is in the works.

Well this is interesting. I'm glad Solestia hasn't fallen quite far enough to strike at a foreign entity over a base disagreement, yet. I wonder how long she'll be stubborn as her planet dies around her.

This story is amazing. Hope that you continue it soon!

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