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Mist lived in the middle of nowhere, her myriad of health issues costing her her special talent, her place in society, and eventually her magic. Mist has resigned herself to a quiet, sometimes painful, existence. Then an airship crashed into her house, and Mist found two reasons to maybe start caring again, a new home and new allies.

Reginald Copperbottom the leader of The Toppat Clan, alongside his Right Hand Man and the rest of the airship division, have been transported to a world not their own, the airship crashing in the process. They need to organize airship repairs and work to rebuild the Toppat's criminal empire in a new world. Fortunately, the pony that found them is willing to help and the Toppat Chief does see potential in her, of the mare she used to be. Can the clan help her be that mare once more?

Set in the same universe as Exploring the Castle.

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21/11/2020- This, is a thing now. My stuff is regularly featured now...

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That's new, and interesting, i saw very few stickmin crossovers in the site, i will follow this!

I wrote a choose-your-own adventure Henry Stickmin crossover before this one. It's the starting point for pretty much every Henry Stickmin crossover fanfic I plan on writing. I'm glad this interests you.

No, it will be a more traditional fanfic. I'm saving the choose-your-own adventure format for Henry's stories, which is why I haven't called this a sequel, it's just set in the same universe.

I.p hope there’s a line of DAMNIT HENRY somewhere


Edit: pressed post on accident.

Henry won't be in this fic. At best, he'll be mentioned.

I know hence the DAMNIT HENRY like someone somehow finds out he broke the teleportation thing and sent them there so either the boss or rum says it

This is set before Infiltrating the Airship, the Toppats don't know who Henry is. They'll meet him eventually but I doubt anyone will figure it out.

tophats with magic soon? equestira will be done for if they do something like steal the tree. also when in the mlp timeline is this and will you have them steal from the main cast soon or later after some story building


It's set early in season 2 of MLP. As for the Toppats getting magic or stealing from Ponyville? The answer is no, that's not the story I want to tell.

fair enough looking forward to reading what you put out next

Liking it so far, and a POV change is perfectly normal for a story. Just be sure you are clear when that happens, which you were.

This story has certainly caught my interest.

I am quite interested in where this goes so far it seems interesting

Also congratulations on the feature

Thanks, it was a nice surprise, that's for sure.

Ooh. Interesting. I like it.

We only see Right Hand Man and Reginald working, on the clock as it were, we have no idea how the Toppat Clan operates behind-the-scenes, aside from the fact that Reginald does care about the clan in some capacity and that Right is fiercely loyal and a close friend to Reginald.

Consider this a different take on them, a different perspective.

It is Good and I like hanry stick man so it is :rainbowkiss:

This is pretty good I wanna see where this goes

Well I’m glad you’re writing it so I can enjoy it

I can clearly hear RHM's voice but not Reginald's

It could be because I haven't quite gotten the hang of writing Reginald yet, he's had less "screentime" as opponent to RHM, and I'm sort of doing a slightly different take on the characters, focusing more on Reginald's drive for the clan to succeed and flourish.

This is Reginald and RHM when they're not under attack.

I see, but I mean that I have memorized more of the RHM's voice actor than Reginald's

Oh ok.

Did you know the developer, PuffballsUnited, does all the voices for the male characters? Honestly it's kind of amazing.

Oh will Will you be seeing sunset shimmer in the future my interest is an all-time high

I wonder how Misty would be with guns maybe a shotgun or sniper rifle

I'm definitely hooked.

Part of that is because I've seen so many bad stories where an author makes a point to give a character a disability/nonstandard gender/what-have you and does absolutely nothing with it. It's just, they talk about this person being deaf or gay or whatever all the time for no reason. Here, your character is someone down on their luck and nearly crippled because of it, but has a chance to mitigate or even overcome it, along with her troubling mannerisms.

If the Toppats can rebuild RHM with cybernetics, I see no reason aside from limited resources they couldn't help Mist Veil out the same way.

You we haven’t really seen misty fight other than that brief little spat with that mugger I wonder how well she fights

Well, Mist Veil's condition is based off my own and what I've gone through. I avoid wheat as much as I can but I still have days where I wake up in pain.

I started this for the sole purpose of wish fulfillment, a character that could do things I never could struck down in the same way I am, and having the support she needs just dropped at her feet because deep down, she's a good person. Her struggle is primarily with the limitations of her own body and the frame of mind she's stuck in as a result of that.

She won't ever fully recover, barring magical supernatural means that would come with a price, so her best bet is to manage it as best she can. Ans that's where Reginald and RHM come in, those two will see her at her best and worst, and work towards making life easier for her because she's worth investing in.

It's fun, writing this story, It's a good way for me to share my passion for the Henry Stickmin series and allows me to sort of share my experiences in a way that people will care about.

Mist wouldn't be able to use them due to her vision impairment, she's shortsighted and blind in her left eye.

I'm actually going to cover that in the next chapter.

Both her flight goggles and her work goggles have prescription lenses, her work goggles serve to elevate the sight in her good eye to that of a normal pegasus, namely things are sharper and easier to spot while flying, and also hide the fact she's blind in one eye as that is an obvious weak point. It has a few bells and whistles for her work but they're just a very expensive, custom-made pair of night vision goggles.

She's still too shortsighted to use long range weaponry.

Well A shotgun or an SMG could work maybe a Glock 18 or Ithaca 37

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