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He was a brilliant programmer; the mind behind a revolutionary artificial intelligence project sponsored by Life Inc. - An innovative technology company.

However, what the investors didn't knew was that this man, Craig, the 'brilliant' programmer, decided to create an extra personality to the AI - Luna's one. But when the Princess found herself without a throne, and worse - without a physical body, she's forced to take drastic measures.

Chapters (6)
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hmm... will this be a oneeshot?

5332067 Nope, that was just the first chapter.

I must say I do like it, however....it needs much more detail. I liked and faved because I liked where it is going, get the story and all, just needs more detail.

Good Luck

5332113 Thank you, I'll do my best on next chapters. :ajsmug:

I get the impression there's something more going on here, but not sure what that is just yet.

... Couldn't he just program her an Equestria?

whoa, i think she was channeling a little NMM in that last part.


Not bad, but it could use some editing.

Zis is getting interesting:duck:...

Wow, Luna just manegd to become scarier than Nightmare Moon.

well isn't she artificial? I mean they just created her personality so...

Well, isn't this a nice surprise? Creative too!

Comment posted by Fire_Starter deleted Dec 1st, 2014

Didn't you draw a picture a while back of a device that painted a pony onto the reality-scape, said device being from Life inc? Oh the particular pony was Fleur de Lis.

Comment posted by Fire_Starter deleted Dec 1st, 2014

5333372 Yep! It was indeed from Life Inc. Let's say I'm developing this world. :pinkiecrazy:

5332274 Maybe... But that wasn't part of the original Life Inc. project, Craig was paid to create an AI, not an entire virtual world.

5333925 Well, I may read into this then, because I was one of the ones who wanted to see the ideas of the company expanded.

I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad. Very interesting concept, but aside from a few grammatical errors here and there, you're perfectly fine. Also, based on the previous observation, I assume that English is not your first language?

5338657 Nope, it's Portuguese. :ajsmug:



MORE I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!



Oh by the way, if you need help just PM me if you want an editor.

It seems you have gotten me hooked as well. You have earned a watch my friend! I'll live inside you until you get this done.

5338799 I see. Well, if you ever want someone to help you with your English, just ask.

It appears that there's another element in play here. Let's see where it goes.

more :pinkiecrazy:, more :pinkiecrazy:, more :pinkiecrazy:, more :pinkiecrazy:, more :pinkiecrazy:, more :pinkiecrazy:, more :pinkiecrazy:, more :pinkiecrazy:,

5333930 true, but if he doesn't do it he loses his body.


Interesting chapter. Keep dishing them out, this story's about as unique as they come :pinkiehappy:

The grammar in this chapter needs some work. Asides from that, well done on the content itself. I am enjoying the story so far.

I feel like there was a slight loss of pace once they get inside but it picks back up once it reestablishes that its the same characters in action.

That being said, it does appear that despite being able to do many things, Luna is holding herself back, makes me wonder how she plans on going about it.

5386156 Got it! I'm gonna make sure to revise this chapter. I think I hurried up a little bit, and forgot to check it. :facehoof:

“Humanity is stupid."

:fluttershysad:Why...why would you say that?:fluttercry:

*Sigh* I want an AI as well... not of a My Little Pony Character but something else. I like this.

Resistance is futile, human

Better run she's been reading my borg fan fiction via the internet!

Lines from red vs blue part 1

Caboose " what dose the a Meen?" Church "artificial." Caboose " and the I". Church " intelligence "
Caboose " what was the a again?" Church " shut up!"

5461415 correction, Caboose, not Doughnut

Craig makes a good point. Luna has made herself very vunerable in his head. Why, and what is she hiding?

I knew it was caboose admiral Q Ponyform just watched a part with doughnut

Oh damn this is so effing good! Forgive the profanity but i'm glad i wasn't wrong in choosing to read this story. It's like 'A Dash of Humanity' but the roles are reversed and it's set on the human world. I've only read the first chapter but i think this will be a really good fanfic... too bad only a few chapter are out :applecry: (already i'm dreading the cliffhangers).

Kudos to the author.

“I… I… Luna is…” I muttered, taking a deep breath I said; “That’s how I call my dick. I like to call it Luna – Are you happy now?” Riley gaped at me...

Looooooooollllll!!!! Ohohohoboy that was a good one! I think i'll call mine celestia now haha :rainbowlaugh:

man AI luna is a bitch.

Liked and faved. More please :raritystarry:

Very cute! Have a fave and a like.

5530597 Thank you! The next chapter is coming soon, along with the first concept art blog. :twilightsmile:

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