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Beyond the limits of Equestria, creatures sleep and dream.

It's a chance in a thousand years to capture such a sight; a glimpse of another world. A vision that should never be forgotten.

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There is more to dreams than people think...
In dreams, we live longer than even time itself. We become time and we live forever.
Then after countless times have gone by, we still live on in dreams.

So I take it eldritch abominations appear in this story?

This was really cool! I hope you expand on this idea!

Have a thumbs up!

8684097 'The dream of life'... Search for this short thought experiment by Alan Watts, it's on YouTube.

8684183 Thank you! Sometimes these short stories pop up in my mind, and I simply can't ignore them.

8684170 Well, only if Luna happened to delve into the dreams of a very obscure creature on the depths of Tartarus.

This was beautiful, you have a certain skill to write beauty and the eternal that cannot be touched.

Brief but beautiful, capturing Luna at the height of her mystique. Thank you for it.

This may be one of the most beautiful one-shots I’ve read in quite some time. It’s short, but you really managed to capture both the melancholy and awe-inspiring in just a few paragraphs. Consider me impressed.

8715989 Thanks, really! I'm glad to know you enjoyed it.

As soon as I opened this, my eyes were glued to the screen. You managed to create a captivating beautiful atmosphere with a certain sense of calm and sadness to it. Thank you deeply for this read, I feel honored to add this astounding piece to my library.

PS: Noticed a few spots with typos and rough grammar that broke me out of the atmosphere a few times. Shall I report them to you in a PM?

9525745 I am glad that you enjoyed this story!

And sure, feel free to send me the typos you identified; you see, English is not my native tongue, and I tend to mess things up sometimes. :yay:

You’re welcome!

Interesting, I didn’t expect that, given how few there were :pinkiesmile:

A beautiful little story. Take my upvote.

Very profound. Fitting to pick Princess Luna for this dream caper. Personally I find that this is an allegory for the show. How that even if things end, it will always live in out memories.

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