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Flying Fantasy Horse

I can be both a positive sunflower and a cynical f**k. It depends which life I am living. (Formerly known as Riffmaster)


Fluttershy made a friend at the Grand Galloping Gala, Tree Hugger. A laidback pony with just a little bit of illegal drugs.

Okay, ten grams. Twenty. Fine, 834.7 grams.

But that won't make things weird. Scratch that. It will.

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Stonershy is best Fluttershy.

SO yeah, man, what, when, oh wait, nevermind, I don't know what to say, man.

Well that was....something.


Was it a good something? If not, at least it's a something.

Erm... what did I read there?

On second thought... scratch that. Doesn't matter. As long as the sky and the constellations flow in everlasting harmony... everything is fine, man.

Have my like, man... and this moustache, I found somewhere between the realms. :moustache:

Got my... ahhh... sooooo prettyyyy... like, man.

whoa, man like righteous:scootangel:


- Altaimare

This was written pretty good. I wish there were more chapters, but this regardless a good little read. I like it. It almost makes me want to try smoking weed now.


Have fun, don't go overboard and for the love of god do NOT mention me if you get detained.

If you try, anyways.

6039361 I will probably never smoke. The story has been written well, but it will never fully convince me to try it.

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