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AFter all these years I leave you. Farewell.


What would happen if rubbing a pony's tummy turned you into a pony? We'd be doomed. That's what'd happen.

Picture related in spirit, not substance.

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Hey I would totally do it in this case!

10/10 would rub again.

Well this was random. But it was funny and i definitely would rub there bellys

I'll be upset if this masterpiece doesn't get featured, amazing work!

i wish i didn't laugh as hard as i did cause now my sides hurt

Oh my god that was so stupid. I cant stop grinning now.

:pinkiecrazy: This is the story the feature box needs, but not the one it deserves. :pinkiecrazy:

This is crack well done.

“Well there's still this one island left on the coast of 'Africa',” said Pinkie, pointing to the map. “Maybe those humans can repopulate?”

Madagascar clearly shut down everything. Again.

Ponypocalypse stories are always so interesting.

That was the most bizarrely absurd thing I've ever read... and I love it!

Yep, Madascar is always the holdout -- if you don't get them early, your game is finished.

Mission... Failed?

We'll get 'em next time?

Or would it be mission accomplished because what Twilight didn't want to happen became the only thing that did happen?

Oh well. Time to rub tummies and turn into a pony!

Comment posted by Mint-Widget deleted Oct 9th, 2017

Touching someone in any way without permission is already bad enough, but the utter lack of decorum at picking up another living person, a stranger no less, and man-handling them like a pet comes off as both inappropriate and sociopathic in the extreme. What a despicable lot of humans these people are.

“I stashed myself all over Equestria! Just in case of a Pinkie related emergency.”

I lost it. This is gold! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

That was kind of hilarious although it sort of fell apart at the very end. I supposed it's to be expected from a story tagged Random and Comedy. Really though Celestia should have founded a pony empire? on Earth and then assigned Twilight as ruler and gone home.


I am Examelon.

I wrote this years ago, but only now have I gained the courage to post something this stupid.


This is true.

8478529 Good to hear. As a writer myself, I was a little worried that you were being plagiarized. Cute subject, btw, I wrote something along the same lines a few years back. :twilightsmile:

Have to agree. Twilight broke it, she bought it.

I...don't know what to say. I definitely got what I paid for when I clicked on a story with the "Random" tag.
I sure hope it wouldn't go like this in our world if the ponies were real, however.

I was trying to figure out how this could be worthy of the Tragedy tag but then I remembered the Disgaea save. Damn, what a downer.

Poor Celestia, imagine having to add a whole planet's worth of paperwork on top of whatever amount she has for just Equestria.

Best. Apocalypse. EVER.

The SCP Foundation would have had its work cut out for it.

Phunni as hel!

Well. That was a thing that happened. An enjoyable one, at that.

I say, this was a downright laugh. 10/10 for extreme humor and cute ponies. Look at ya. Ain't you the cutest. I could just rub your tummy. Ahh, ye–oh, whoops.

god dammit, this was fun.

the best kind of apocalypse.

As to ' Crazy Old Jenkins' and Pinkie Pie. . . .

"You know, I think you're just a tiny bit paranoid,” said Pinkie. “But that's okay! Some of my best friends are paranoid! I infiltrated the doomsday prepper community and now I have loads of doomsday prepper friends. Oh! Like there's this one pony up in Alaska named Austin Gates, who's worried about the reptilians dissolving civilization in their rain of chemtrails. He's got 6000 years worth of bonus buckets!”

“I was like 'you know that stuff says it's non-perishable but it's really only going to last about four thousand years, so what are you doing, you crazy? Are you gonna eat rotten imitation mashed potatoes for two thousand years?' And he says that like, what if he needs to start a clan to rebuild society, cause for three hundred ponies that's only twenty years of bonus buckets. But I'm pretty sure he just likes hoarding this stuff. Like a dragon but instead of gold it's mashed potatoes. A mashed potato dragon.”

Quote from FIO: There Can Be Only One

This was quite funny, but in the so silly it's gone past stupid and into humorous sort of way.

Ports shuts down in Greenland. Dam you plague inc. lol

“I'm home!” a female voice called from somewhere else in the house. “Jim, did you blow up your room again?! I knew I shouldn't have bought you that X-station DS! Those games are teaching you to be explosive!”


Two hours later....


“We're getting more information in about the aliens now,” said the news. “Apparently they are impossibly cute, to the point that just seeing one will fill you with an insatiable desire to rub their tummies and transform into one of them. Under no circumstance should you look at these creatures, not even a photograph. We will now show an image of them.”


“I stashed myself all over Equestria! Just in case of a Pinkie related emergency.”


He walked into the other room. After a moment, a gunshot was heard.

drama queen

“Actually it does work like that,” said Celestia. “Believe me I wish it didn't work like that, but it does.”



“I stashed myself all over Equestria! Just in case of a Pinkie related emergency.”

This makes... so much sense...

“We tried, but we seem to be no match for them. They've destroyed all the armed forces they've come into contact with and have already taken half of Iowa.”

Well then, guess i'm using those extra wooden boards for the windows then...

“Apparently it is, sir. Apparently it is,” The general let out a long, long sigh and took off his hat. “Sir, there's only one option left – the nuclear option. That's why I needed to go to you, sir. We need to nuke all of Iowa, the entire state. It's the only way to be sure.”

Ok then, i'd rather be a pony and get nuked then hide in a closet and get nuked. I'M COMIN FOR YA DASH!!!

How could anyone find this shitty story funny is beyond me.


You gotta be smart enough to understand.

The opposite actually. You have to be just so insanely dumb to laugh, and believe me oh e-hee-hoo boy do I laugh!

This is fucking glorious!

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