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The true aesthetic moment hangs in suspension between pornography and didacticism.


Inspired by various "zombie apocalypse but with ponies" stories written for /mlp/'s transformation threads. Celestia has invaded our world, and infectious cartoon ponies are quickly overwhelming humanity. But why is the Princess of the Sun so interested in you? And could this entire invasion be your fault?

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WTF this is so fucking werd! but awsome right? :pinkiehappy: yea it is awsome. :twilightsmile:

That was nice.

Dafuq did I just read:rainbowhuh:

I enjoyed reading this. It certainly has a 'food for thought' aspect to it. While the no death of any kind seemed odd it wasn't exactly out of place. Overall good read :)

4787772 Well, there was another concurrent story with the same premise (It Was A Thursday, by Captain Scrappie, which you can read here) which featured tons of death and suicide. I guess I just wanted to take the exact opposite approach, and swung the pendulum a little too far in the other direction.

Also I was trying to justify how (mostly) unarmed cartoon ponies who have never waged war with anything other than pies wouldn't instantly be exterminated by modern armed forces.


No matter how fast you drive, what you just hangs like a cloud on the fringes of your thoughts.

I think you missed a word here.

you know what i would like a sequel to this its just an amazing story.

I need more of this type stuff!:pinkiehappy:


Great story, an original one at that, one issue though; why wasn't this featured?!? :flutterrage:

Way too anti-human for my taste.

I found it rather telling that only once was one of our great achievements acknowledged, and only in a thought at that. (The moon-landing.)

Heck, Luna even mentioned the plaque. 'We came in peace for all mankind.'


It doesn't even mention what nation did this deed, and this during the cold-war.

Frankly, this story is much poorer for not even having Celestia show doubt about stuff like that.

6133131 Author bias, I'm afraid. I'm not especially impressed by humanity's accomplishments myself. And if you can't be pretentiously preachy in a Xenolestia story, where can you?


Her rear leg joints reverse with a sickening crack, and her still-wet eyes grow to cartoonishly huge proportions.

There are no animals with "reversed" leg joints. Sure, the positions are higher or lower than we're used to, but they definitely are not reversed. The joint commonly assumed to be a reversed knee is just the ankle—quadruped knees are typically close to the body.

6133681 Right you are. The people in the TF thread took me to task for the same mistake.

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Man, I am anti-human and that was horrifying. :fluttershyouch:

Just the thought of ponies without any agency, who can think about the past but can't give any fucks about it, or about anything. Fucking terrifying.

Celestia is like "humans are PoS" narrator's like "no they're not!" she's like "yes they are, see?" and humans are like "USA RAAAGH" and he's like "oh well that makes it totally ok then"

And so everything ceased to exist.

6144517 Yup yup, this fic is very preachy and pretentious. I lack the writing skill to do any truly biting social satire.

That said, I'd like to think that specific difference of opinion is what lead to the eventual Luna/Celestia rift and Nightmare Moon.

Oh, so this is a prequel? That's... slightly less horrifying. :fluttershyouch:

6154411 I think any story that features non-consensual transformation is pretty horrifying, but that specific aspect is also what makes them so fascinating to me.

In my opinion, the idea of being completely overwritten by a new personality, a new existence, is both existentially terrifying and sexually exciting.

Nah, that wasn't the horrifying part. It was the personality it got replaced with that was really terrifying. Sort of like how Tele-tubbies are horrifying.

AAAAAnnnnnd you blew it, you had a great idea and it only went downhill... while i did kinda sorta enjoy it, i kinda saw this coming and truly you should have.... no, you couldn't have saved it when you made humans unable to fight back.

Maybe being able to play off humans in a submarine, or in an underwater thing, the pressure under the sea would crush anything, despite the power of celestia.

Anyways, not really great enough for an upvote but not anywhere near bad enough for a downvote.
An interesting use of 5 minutes of my day.


In my opinion, the idea of being completely overwritten by a new personality, a new existence, is both existentially terrifying and sexually exciting.

I would have liked this more if the changes were slower and more subtle. Dramatic shifts in personality and thinking are what trigger my phobia, especially when applied by another individual. After all, who can prevent them from changing you a second time? A third? And for what reasons? Because you disagreed with them? Would you even know it happened? Would you care?

It's that kind of power I'm wary of, because it's just too easy to misuse, and nobody can stop the user. Nobody even wants to stop the user as they remove everything that made you who you were.

With that explanation of my phobia, it's only because they retained their memories that I wasn't nopeing my way out of here. I do wish the memories were not entirely suppressed while they were awake, but at least they're there. At least during the night, they remember.

If this was actually me, the ending would be very different.

Like, wicked different.

Earth is screwed...

Anyone want to go to space? We can't die, so don't bother with too much food and water. Bring your laptop too. I downloaded the internet.

Sorry..just no. I can see Celestia wanting to take away our fear, prejudice and other things. But this way? Not even caring that humanity breaks down in fear of her and the take over making grown men cry as well as families ripped apart over this? Just. No. Also including the fact you gave her the less-than-caring attitude toward humanity, calling them pathetic, weak and simple. That goes waaaaaaay against her motherly gentleness that she is known for. Yes she has the cold demeanor when it's called for, but to use it to forcefully alter an entire species into something they didn't want? Just. No. I'm sorry. Disliked.

always rather liked this fic, short but sweet and by sweet i mean it has great themes, ideas, and concepts in it that taste like sugar pastry to me to consider. the fact that its relatively short is nice as well, I don't mind longer works but a quick read is always really fun in my opinion, especially a strong one like this.

it was a good read XD it had a nice setup to it

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Great story! I like it! :twilightsmile:

6542748 I have Netflix and spaceballs. (The movie)

At least transformed didn't end up as practically lobotomized, stepford smiling, non-existent free will types like in most of these types of stories.

This is proof that some military has to attack the ponies first in a war that the ponies will most definitely lose, or fall to insanity from due to their peace-loving nature.
Because, the world that Earth has become in this story, not the kind of world that it should be.
The ponies should be exterminated before they drive all other sentient species in the galaxy to extinction.

Anyways, nice story. Very old, but nice.

Okay let's gooooo!!!!!!

Oh shit they found me ru--

........why? Why is it that the ONE person that could potentially STOP this whole thing, make the descision to give in? Why? WHY?!

I would probably watch some porn and hell if what she says is true then I would still have my humanity but if I turn into a fucking mare I will try my best to end her life regardless if I can't even hurt her cause my own crippling mind that is left of me will eventually find it's way into my lil pony mind like a tumor and it will remind me of my humanity regardless of her turning me into a pony or not cause once a human always a human

Well at least humanity will always be remembered deep down even if it's a dream but can you truly kill humanity to truly purge it cause they still remember it and all it takes is a good long grasp of it a good long feel of something that they once were and they will no doubt become what they were again

i like this story it was like i felt like the human on the scouter. i was the guy i lost it and i also felt like i became Luna. i like the fps feel.

one quick question why are there no stallions. It would strange if it only mares.

From inside the restaurant, you hear the sounds of screams slowly morphing into giggling.

Like this? https://youtube.com/watch?v=uDY1z6ezqO4&t=1m15s

every new human freed of their humanity

So does she want us all to kill each other?

So am I the only one who would think President Trump might react like this to an alien invasion?

We need a travel ban on all nationals from (insert planet name here), as they are all clearly sponsoring terrorist activity...

We need a mass deportation force to get these illegal aliens out of our country...

We need to build a wall to keep these aliens from illegally getting into our country...

We need a 25% tariff on all alien steel and aluminum for our national security...

We need a separate branch of the military known as the "space command"...

...and I'm more than willing to shut down the government for all of this to happen.

Just out of curiosity, do you think that even Texas would be able to survive? They would, in my opinion, be the most likely state to be able to survive on their own if the USA were to break up. They have a GDP that rivals those of India and Canada, the eighth-busiest port in the country, the second-largest population of any state, their own military that swears allegiance to their governor rather than POTUS, a power grid separate from that of the rest of the country, and a vast supply of fossil fuel and alternative energy products.

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Perhaps try the state of Texas. They have their own power grid, the second-largest population of any state, the eighth-busiest port in the country, a GDP to rival those of Canada and India, a full-fledged military force that swears allegiance to its governor rather than POTUS, vast reaches of farmland for growing food, and, most famously, oil, but they also have alternative energy products as well. I also think that Texas is second only to Alaska in terms of guns per capita, so even if the Texas State Guard falls, Celestia would have to face a large number of guerillas.

Switzerland may also be nice. They've apparently mined the tunnels into and out of the country so that if anything were to happen, the mines would be activated, making the moutains the roads pass through collapse, making a land invasion impossible. Like Texas, Switzerland is also big in the arms department, so you may have great protection from aliens there as well.

Like in "The Cutie Map"?

So what would you propose? Nukes and all other forms of conventional ammunition are out.

Hmmm... perhaps if the boundary between reality and fiction has been breached, anything could be real because we imagined it, which would have some very serious downsides for obvious reasons.

Well, no matter what happens, I'd need to find a way to keep my human appendages the way they are. As a musician, I can say it is definitely not very likely that I'd be able to play with hooves.

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