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Wight · 5:38pm September 5th

Wight is a tall, thin unicorn stallion. It is unclear at first glance what color his coat used to be as his ghoulification left him horrifically putrefied. In his ‘past life’, as he refers to it, he was a simple businesscolt. A stallion with a different name and different life. A little too old to go off and fight in the war, he spent most of his days living an exceedingly normal life. He would wake up, kiss his wife and baby girl goodbye and go to work in Manehattan. On the day the bombs fell

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Thank you kindly for asking, but at this time I'm only looking to work on my own story. However I wish you the best of luck with yours. :twilightsmile:

Are you interested in collaborating of writing a Fallout: Equestria story?

Tomorrow before I head out for my New Years trip, I'll be posting the next piece of the story version :)

Hopefully Hitomi (My Editor) will get us Section 4 to break up into chapters this weekend.

You're welcome. I also subbed on youtube :) I look forward to reading/watching your stuff

Oh hi! thanks for the watch :)

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