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Loyalty Rewards (2nd Go!) · 9:25pm January 24th

Hello one and all, it is I, your humble author.

So, over on my DakkaDakka I have a thread (all about my painting and model building, I can provide a link if anyone shows interest) I started doing this thing where I reward the people who loyally follow/comment on my thread by immortalizing them in miniature form for my imperial guard army, and I was thinking, why not do the same here?

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Thank you kindly for asking, but at this time I'm only looking to work on my own story. However I wish you the best of luck with yours. :twilightsmile:

Are you interested in collaborating of writing a Fallout: Equestria story?

Tomorrow before I head out for my New Years trip, I'll be posting the next piece of the story version :)

Hopefully Hitomi (My Editor) will get us Section 4 to break up into chapters this weekend.

You're welcome. I also subbed on youtube :) I look forward to reading/watching your stuff

Oh hi! thanks for the watch :)

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