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Chapter 6 is live! (Sort of) · 6:15pm January 4th

Hey there guys and gals,

I just published chapter 6.

I just have one caveat (and this is repeated in the author notes at the end of the chapter). Its not fully edited. There will likely be spelling or grammar issues that still exist.

My editor has been busy as of late. Rather than bug her incessantly to finish her volunteer work for me, I just went ahead and posted it. When she has freed up a bit and can finish the editing, I'll replace what I've posted here.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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Tomorrow before I head out for my New Years trip, I'll be posting the next piece of the story version :)

Hopefully Hitomi (My Editor) will get us Section 4 to break up into chapters this weekend.

You're welcome. I also subbed on youtube :) I look forward to reading/watching your stuff

Oh hi! thanks for the watch :)

So just hold off on posting chapter 5 until chapter 4 is ready.

2444042 yes i shouldn't do that, but due to some issues i have to rewrite the whole chapter 4 before posting here

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