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Hello, I'm a writer and fan reader of Fallout Equestria. nice to meet you all ^^


I'm Back! More chapter! · 2:22pm Dec 11th, 2018

Hey everypony, sorry for the long wait. But I am back, being its college/holiday break. Anyhoof, I have a lovely treat for you all. Chapter 13 and 14 are both now out for my FOE story, Fallout Equestria: Shooting Star.



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Lol that's ok XD message me and I'll tell you, I like talking about ideas, like this. Most people just say no because of this or that but your one of the few people to ask why. I'll have to spoil some things in my story but I'll try my hardest not to, it's hard to post a idea but still keep secrets.

Also thanks for faving my story and the next chapter will come out soon ^^

This is my thoughts on this post
(disturbing idea (locked) I put spoilers because this is some dark shit, but i also put it here because i waned to get your thoughts on this punishment/ warning system.)
you can delete this if you want just wanted to throw out my thoughts Onnit

The only way I could see something like this happening is if there was something happen in the history of the settlement that caused this to come about like a group of rapist Raiders was tormenting the settlement for a long while and this was the way they rose up and fought back this just happened to be the end result and it just stuck
So another words not most Grim dark thing I heard of but usually it doesn't happen by itself something usually causes it but that's just my opinion sorry for getting long when did apparently I missed discussion phase for this before it was locked


thx for writing such awesome stories ^^

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