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Hello, I'm a writer and fan reader of Fallout Equestria. nice to meet you all ^^

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Comment posted by Alcatraz deleted Dec 12th, 2015

Why did my comment get deleted?


i don't know? but nice new icon ^^

Solid but needs some spacing between paragraphs though.:twilightsmile:


Lol its feed back that inspires me to XD

You have my interest, it's an interesting story so far! Unigue, but well set into the FO:E world, if I can already judge. I like how thorough you are with all the details and events, monitoring Star's maturing - believe me, you done really well on changing a child to a grown-up :pinkiesmile:

Anyway, I found out some issues and occasional typos I could talk about, I'll send them to you in a PM if you want.
Have a nice day!


Thank you :pinkiehappy: its great to hear that. To be honest, i don't know much about character development and so, im often worried about it. I'd be very great full if you would pm me ^^ i was also wondering if you'd be interested in being one of my pre-readers?

I reviewed this for my weekly review:

Thanks XD I don't think you should hold back in a story. That and prostitution would be a real thing in the wasteland. I felt too few stories have it.

Back in the wild west, towns were built around brothels. Wastelands aren't that different from back then. :twilightsmile:

Would you like to be my pre reader?

Messy? At least the chapter lived up to its name. XD what do you mean again? But yes i was actually aiming for a rushed feel, you know with the timer bomb collar and all.

Looking forward to the next part. Keep up the good work!

Another awesome update. Looking forward to seeing more.

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