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Luna writing contest! · 12:54am April 1st

Hey everyone, PixelMoon is hosting a contest. Write a story about Luna in some way shape or form and you could win a free commission from a wonderful artist. You just need to submit a prompt and get writing. Word count needs to be under 10k so its super easy.

Full rules are here.

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Thanks for adding Fallout: Equestria - The Light Within to your FoE folder and thanks also for the watch!

Yeah, it is fun to try new styles and such.

Yeah I hear that, one of my biggest struggles is conveying emotion so 1st person has been a bit of a struggle. I like trying out new things though so its been a lot of fun.

Cool. I 've always found Third Person easier, as you don't have to get inside a character's head as much.

Yeah except you do 3rd person so I am learning a lot as I read, and the format you have is something I always wanted to dabble in so I am having a lot of fun reading and seeing some of the writing tricks you do. You have a very lean writing style which is what I try to do so that is how I think its similar.

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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