The Luna (is BEST Pone) Contest! 17 members · 3 stories

Welcome to our friendly little group! We art hosting a contest that anypony who creates a story after this contest starts about us, Princess Luna, can enter!

Thee rules art in the forum!

So get thee type writer out and get started!

Um... Luna... Nowadays, writers don't use typewriters for fanfiction. They use a device called laptops.

Oh, Cece, is this true? Oops!

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So was this cancelled?

Heyo! How did I not know about this group? :twilightsheepish:

Submitted my story at last. Good luck, everyone!

so long as it has Luna's name in it the prompt is fine. check out the featured prompts in the rules.

I love me a good moonbutt story. What qualifies as an acceptable prompt?

Now, somepony rate my story.

For Crono411's story:

I am very impressed, you did a very good job. I liked the idea, and was pleased that it didn't drag itself out for a million chapters.
I'll give you a 8/10.

For the love of God, someone else put a story on this page.

For Creative-Artly01's story.

Overall, I found the plot to be somewhat mediocre. It didn't stand out to me, and to be honest, I lost interest by the 2nd chapter.
But, I like the idea you have, and would love to see your story expand a bit more, with longer, more descriptive chapters.
Overall, I'll give it a 5/10, and a pat on the back to go with it.

So, as one of the admins. I have something to say.
I will rate your story on the main page. If you dont like it what I say, either take it up with Luna, or learn to accept constructive criticism.

  • Viewing 1 - 11 of 11
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