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Talk and share your favorite fantasy creature.
Goblins, Phoenixes, Unicorns you name it! Let me start.
i love Phoenixes!!!:heart:😍

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Share your fantasy stories in the folder

I don't have a favourite. I like Griffons, Hippogriffs, Dragons, Phoenixes, Unicorns, Pegasi, Kelpies, Kunama... I know she's not Fantasy, but she could become Fantasy if I made her!

Frickn Kraken, baby

Love the picture.

You make a folder by clicking on the pencil, then click on folders and you can make one!

Dear, Rainspirit18
I can't believe we love the same creatures I did not know that wow I’am very shocked I didn't know from my BFF well that's how you keep friendship going.

My favorite fantasy creatures are the dragons.

sorry, but i don't know how to make a folder. Can you teach me?

>>cutest boxer dog ever
no we haven't :applejackunsure:

RainSpirit18 Will you make a folder for the stories? Because I wanna add a story for your group, but I can't do it without a folder.

Dragons are cool the pictures you have are cute

Me and RainSpirit18 have been writing out own fantasy stories at school

Ooooh I love them too!!!!

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