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Fan Art! (squee!) · 6:09pm Dec 17th, 2017

Happy holidays, just a short post to show off and update. Commonwealth got its very own fan art by TK4 so had to share first off, think it came out awesome and first I'm really aware of.

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Come on man were are you we need more please.

lol, that's like asking someone to do an audiobook of the encyclopedia, I shudder to think of the attempt. Though there's enough there to start making them and never catch up, so I suppose nobody who wanted to would have to wait for it to finish to do so.

Actually someone has communicated with me before about trying to do a youtube type reading deal at some point, so you never know. At least the first 50 chapters can stand on their own basically.

Hearing someone reading what I wrote aloud, let alone one of the really nifty ones with different voice actors filling the roles, would be really awesome. Weird... not sure I could listen to much without feeling strange, but it would definitely be interesting and flattering. Anyone's free to do so anytime, like the fan art the other day, I'm always excited to inspire new works from others based on what I did, so who knows! :derpytongue2:

Ugh, I don't want FE:C to stop any time soon, but I also want it to stop so we can get someone to read it for audiobooking. Darn you catch 22's... :twilightangry2:

Yup, got to see it early even! Planning on making a rare blog post thingy to show off, you found it first. I love it, especially how Glitter came out, inspired me enough to plot sketching other characters I haven't yet hoping for more fan art. :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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