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ABC story contribution · 9:18pm Nov 11th, 2019

Hi all, just a short update. Sorry for the delay in getting a new chapter out, got a little muddled and distracted. Part of the delay was contributing to the Dangers of the Wasteland ABC story compilation thing the fallout group here did, so I was working on something! If you hadn't seen it or the group, check it out, hopefully you'll enjoy my chapter which I got stuck on for awhile. I

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Got any idea on an update schedule?
And if you need a proof reader I'd be more than happy to help
*cough cough*

I really love your stories so far Crazyperson! The characters and their backstories are very good too! I Also enjoy all the plot twists! Keep up the awesomeness!

This has to be the best story I've read since Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons and I've been loving every single chapter so far (so much so that I'm terrified to catch up!)
You have a wonderful way of telling an amazing story and frankly it's the coolest book I've read in a long time. Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!

  • Viewing 33 - 37 of 37
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