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Chayn Critiques! FoE: Uncertain Ties · 6:20am Sep 29th, 2018

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Thank you for adding my story Fallout: Equestria-Achromatopsia! It is a work in progress, however, but Chapter 1 is almost complete. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out.

I know of stories that are bad being completed and of good stories being cancelled or forever left in WIP state. It's not WIP or not that matters but the quality of material. Noted, though.

Thanks for adding my story! :D

It might be bad, because it’s a WIP.

I have not read it yet. When I do, I shall comment.

Thanks for reading Cloudy Skies! Can I ask what you enjoyed about it?

  • Viewing 112 - 116 of 116
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