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It's quittin time · 6:57pm Dec 9th, 2016

Hey all.

To the few of you who read and followed and favorited, I owe an apology.

Fallout Equestria: Once Upon a Time in the Waste is officially done.

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1628399 Oh wow, that's perfectly okay. Can't wait :raritystarry:

I'm going to do a review here within the next few days. Can't say for sure when, but expect one once I'm done going through the last two chapters. (Halfway through the semi-most recent one.)

Meet? Are you kidding me? They are obviously the same person.
I know you're thinking: :rainbowhuh:

But really, with so many multiverses out there you'd be surprised what direction a character can go.

Fallout is a good mix with ponies and thx my pic was chosen because deadpool with pinkie i think the world might explode if two ever met in one place from the sheer random/awesomeness of those two:scootangel:

both, a lot of both :pinkiecrazy:

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