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Luna wakes up one morning to discover she might have more in common with Celestia than she ever thought possible.

Featured: 07/01/2018 - 07/03/2018

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:) you should think about making one for twilight and it's a awesome story BTW. First comment Yay!!!!!!

This was cute for a short little thing.

Luna looks like she has a tumor.

Short, cute, and relatively harmless. Well done.

Oh god this story was so funny and hilarious that there is something that I must do

Praise the Moon and Sun butt! Though Luna is best Princess :trollestia:

i thoroughly enjoyed it, and to see luna struggle with the fact that she is growing up adorable.

Cute slice of life story. You do a great job getting in to the heads of the sisters. I will say It dances right on the edge of a E rating. It some what suggest of. But then again the show MLP dose the same thing some times.

I have to say, this made me smile despite the stressful morning of work that led up to me sitting here and reading this. Well done!

I'm glad it made you smile.

Exactly! That is exactly what we did and hoped to maintain.

Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed and yeah I thought that maybe someone should pull this off.

Praise the Sun in the Morning and smile when the Full Moon Rises.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Yep you got first, surprisingly as it hit 11 upvotes before someone commented.

Yeah, I can see that:

Dear Princess Celestia,
Overnight, I seem to have... I mean there's... My behind... Oh, nevermind Spike! Just tell her I need to talk to her and send it!
Princess Twilight Sparkle
P.S. (from Spike) By the way, do you know why Twilight's butt is so big now?

Exactly! That is wow I should totally do this.

I admit it was more fun and far better handled than I thought it would be. Celestia was so OOC during the breakfast but you clearly knew what you were doing with her as shown in the next scene. There might be a legit case of this being rated T with all the references to princessly needs and stallions in beds. Also I would have laughed out loud if there was a short ending where Flash Sentry came to deliver his letter in person and Luna just asked her to come inside her room... :raritywink:

EDIT: Posterior scriptum: For some werid reason I think Blueberry Blossom is a fantastic name for a pony. Alliterations ho-oooh!

I had to make Celestia step just slightly out of bounds with her trollish nature in hopes of getting the proper effect. I'm glad you kept on and enjoyed.

And I have learned a very hard lesson about writing ponies; if you name it, you have to give it a backstory, personality, and also make them into something.

Having been to Fort Benning for training way back when, trust me, Soldiers can be quite a crude lot.

“I'll be here to guide you, and when the guards say 'The Full Moon Rises' you can blame me for that joke.” Luna grimace in disgust, which caused Celestia to giggle. “Which also means you know that they are staring at you, and know that they wish that you would flirt with them, or take them to your bed chamber.”

“Listen, we have to own it by turning it into a source of power. Yes, I take the occasionally guard to my bedchamber. Yes, I flirt back and figure out how to turn ‘Praise The Sun’ into a compliment, instead of an insult.”

I'm pretty sure any guard worth their salt would know that laughing at Luna's butt to her face and making fun of it when she isn't looking would be a fast track to getting fired instead of flirted with.

9019080 Names are really dangerous that way. Ever since Man was a young species and learned to communicate, we've ever since tried to control what we know by giving it a name. Hence why even in the Bible Moses shouts out to the burning bush "What is your name?" so he could control the supernatural around him. Ever since then it's been the same with humans: Every single thing, idea, object and person needs a name, or it loses its (hur de hur) identity. In this case, though, I don't really think you need to do too much more about BB. Her name gives a nice idea of her looks and personality. I guess sometimes it's okay for background ponies to stay background ponies.

You would be surprised and shocked the number of jokes that soldiers across the ages share with each other.
As referenced to Elizabeth I in the Middle Ages from her personal guard journals they referred to her as: "Elizabeth the Squealer" in private.

yes but perhaps you have given me inspiration to write something like: "A day in the life of a Palace Servant."

Yes, but I was referring more to the seeming willingness of everyone to openly mock Luna while she's in clearly compromising positions and right there in front of them.

ya I think that is fair but this is a moment between siblings you quoted; the only open mocking point was when Celestia went a bit above and beyond.
And more Celestia thinking of the Worst Case Scenario for Luna.

“Why! So you can make fun of us more!” Luna shot back with an angry huff. The doors slowly opened and Celestia stepped into the room, holding her head low and keeping her eyes fixed towards her sister.

“No, dear sister of mine, I've come to apologize and make amends.” Celestia slowly tried to push the door open.

“Give me a good reason why I should listen right now!” Luna demanded, she threw another pillow when Celestia tried to open the door.

This part is a little messed up, Celestia enters the room and then tries to open the door just after. Also to me there's too much difference between the teasing Celestia who puts Luna that public mocking and the remorseful Celestia who admits she had an absolutely terrible time going through the same thing. If there was more a buildup to the teasing then I would understand it but Celestia just jumps straight to the worst part in a snap. If it was an accident, like Celestia making that joke just when the guards burst in so they hear, I could understand it but as it stands there's just too much disconnect for me. Fun read all the same.

9019145 I'd read it.

A delightful read, MLP could use more slice of life stuff like this.

Amusing read, thanks Fi.

Slight typo though

It was late afternoon, when a castle maidservant, Blueberry Blossom, had come to alert to Luna that the

you used a second To in a confusing place

I've got more Slice of Life stuff and another major Pony Crossover working on now. As well as your Dead Tree fun.

Glad to know I should do this!

Sorry you feel that way. I'll keep in mind how to present punchlines like this in the future.

There is nothing pornographic or suggestive about it.
Not to mention, it is done in the same style as Celestia is done for the show itself just with the artist adding their own flare and detail.
I actually had artist draw Luna with Celestia's body first then do the drawing afterward.

If that is truly your issue; then wow. I'm very surprised you manage to watch the show.

There is less detail here than the butt of a Barbie doll

I kind of have to agree with Headie here.

That or you are very sheltered.

Good day and good luck; but I doubt you will enjoy very much here with that attitude and I'm obviously not the author for you. Not to mention, I don't know anyone that writes well, that would be an author for you in my circle of friends.

If you think this is bad; well, you haven't even cut the top of the surface of what I put up with at Cons as a Community Guest.

My Little Pony is classified Anime in Japan by Japan. The Japaponycon is one of the largest in the world and it's classified as an Anime Convention.
Meaning, My Little Pony, is Anime or at the very least; Amerime.

As a father I have no problems with my little girl seeing that cover

*Points at* And this is one of my subscribers I ran this by before we used it as a cover. An actual Parent whom I've met and his little girls are Angels.

How does it feel to be so sheltered and weak that a PICTURE offends you

Much harsher than I would have put it. But Appropriate.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

I got a good laugh from this. Very well written, and enjoyable all around.

Luna spreading her cheeks to the audience, plus a mention of marehood in the title, is at least suggestive of the undrawn focus of the picture. I won't claim it's pornographic, but to say it's not at least suggestive is too far.

Glad you enjoyed it.

I literally watched the episodes of Cadence and Shining Armor talking about having a baby as well as how they interact as a couple.
I made sure not to push the envelope further than that while at the same time; playing a joke at those whom come here for clop.

I appreciate your feedback, just the way the first person came off as was I was suppose to be ashamed and I'm bad for making them think of it. When I ran this by several parents raising small children in my own discord first. They were all fine with it, Headdie is an example.

This was a heart warming one off.:pinkiesmile:

I'm glad, I have another one that is multi-chapter using Luna and some OCs. I am very happy you enjoy it though.

“Yes, it has.” Luna turned to Cadence and Twilight who were standing nearby sipping cider. “I wonder when it shall be tripled.” The two younger alicorns both spat their cider out onto each other with expressions of pure embarrassment painted over their faces.

Man you don't want to be Teasing Cadence like that... She'll turn it around on you she's a smartcookie that one is.

Someone has already suggested a Twilight version am I planning for 2 sequels now?

No no i am more talking about how Cadence is smart and will likely tease Luna back for teasing her. With it being Cadence you can bet it's gonna be a clever retort

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