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A Kirin remembers the Joy, Happiness, and Love that the Stream of Silence has robbed from them. They cannot even bring themselves to touch or hug the one they hold dearest in their heart. How has this cooling of their emotions truly affected them?

Editor: Mr Numbers

Artwork: Screencap from Season 8 Ep 23

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You expect my stories to not make you feel things at this point?

It was the most suitable reaction I could think of. well done on another good story

Try moving away from the stream, then embrace your lover⁄

A veary dark but passionate story. This might be one of the most deeply passionate things I have seen you writie in only few hours. And that with all of us neophytes distracting you. Well done Fi well done.

Glad you enjoyed it.

If you can not feel love, how can you raise a child?? If you don't feeling anything for those that share your home, then you are alone in crowded house. I once locked away all my emotions, and looking back I regret that choice. The need to express one's self is more important than many can fathom. The episode this is linked to reminds me of something we all go through at some point in our life; conform to what society expects us to be, or to branch out, be ourselves, and follow our own desires in life. A nice short emotional piece.

[Achievement Unlocked: Screaming Silent] Express a main character's pain and suffering, without them ever uttering a word.

Jeez. Great exploration of this...horrifying and sad existence. Thumbs up. 👍

Yays ! I'm glad you enjoy it.

God, want to hug this poor Kirin. Dark, but vibrantly passionate.

Yays! That is what we were going for.

You realize they are in their home right? And if you didn't watch S8 E23 you wouldn't get this one.

This. Was. Intense. Thanks for the story and you are a great writer Fi!

NP glad you enjoyed it and glad we hit the notes I wante to get across.

Was there a stream for this I missed?

Saturday night. I typed all of this in one night.

Job done :)

Let's get some stuff out of the way:

For now, I simply find a small silver of joy in that the two of us can touch and cry.

I think what you're looking for is a small sliver of joy.

This is a chilling view into what a kirin would've lived like for...how long was it, really? Autumn Blaze didn't seem to age much in between their pre-silence lives and the episode's time, but one fic implied that it's been a few years. Still, even a week without saying or expressing anything must be very agonizing.

You've captured how a kirin would do and feel in such a situation. Why can't she just speak or even just hug, for example? You describe the coolness overcoming her. You describe the struggle between the emotions right inside of her versus the stream's coolness.

Not only do we have a look into a kirin's struggle, we also get a look into how a kirin would see another kirin—a loved one, to be specific. It's great you chose a married couple for this one, because, in marriage, love is allowed to be expressed to the fullest...and yet, the tragic irony here is that this mainstay of marriage is no longer there. Sure, they love each other, but where's the expression? People want to know they feel loved, not just being told, "I love you"—and, if they're robbed of even that, then I don't know what to say...and you capture that horrible condition fairly well.

Not just with descriptions, but with picturesque descriptions. Your use of imagery, like:

I am not allowed to speak it, even as my lips quiver, the cold grips my heart like the ice of Yakyakistan.

He already goes to a market stall with other kirin all around him yet is completely within a prison. The prison that makes him alone despite being surrounded by our kind.

All I can do is let a single tear drop upon this piece of paper. Like a silent raindrop it falls to grace my work with the only bit of emotion I can express beyond the words I write. All he can do is look upon me with concern. He is as crippled as I am. Together we are more alone than in a room without each other.

...and you continue to point out the irony of it all, of being together in a town full of kirin yet being so alone.

The second-to-last paragraph also makes it a cool tie-in to the episode. However, it's not just that...you managed to make hearing a voice feel like thirsting for water after a desert's trip without it. The first immediate thought that she'd fought against the coldness only for that fight to seem worthless...and then, as she hears the voice, the coldness seems to take over in full force once more.

And then, you picture the coldness as not absolute. The last paragraph shows that much. That tears could flow, and the couple could share some emotion together before the coldness comes in.

Overall: It's great. :twilightsmile:

You truly are an awesome person and fantastic author Fi!

To see a comment like this tells me that I have done what I set out to do. Even if this doesn't get to where I had hoped yesterday; it certainly did exactly what I aimed for.

I'm a try hard, there is a difference.

*readies newspaper*

*HIDES!* No I didn't say it!

*puts away newspaper* That's good, because you put together words until emotion can be felt, and that is truly admirable.

So keep being a better word smith?

ja, be the silversmith (you want to see in the world)!

*in shcock*

Anyway, get to reading Dead Tree, come on! I know you wanna see where that one goes.

This is a very good story that brings some light over what horrors sound of silence implies.:fluttershysad:
I really like this story. It is tuely a favourite of mine.

Yays! :) Glad you liked it, if you wanna check out other stuff of mine, I recommend Bone Daddy.

Just got to chifundo's date and shirt dress

Oh my, well the next chapter is ALL between game actions.

hehe, sounds like a great read! Thanks again so much for not just the writing, but also all of the awesome community work you do!

This one is very hard to deal with! I've been married for 36 years to a woman that is so bonded to my soul that even doing simple things without her feels hollow. The sharing, the passion, in all things big and small is the water of our lives! The horror of what you so properly put into words here was so visual, visceral, and thought provoking! People say we are a mushy couple. We say "I love you" hundreds of times a day. We were a military couple, we did not know when one of us walked out the door if it was the last time we would get the chance to say those very precious words. Very well done!

There is not enough Kirin diva on this site. We need to fix that

You are most welcome I'm glad I could bring up those feelings in you.

Made me tear up Fi

Mission complete

Different type of hurt to my feels but still owe my feels

I did warn you; I can strike pretty hard on the emotional stuff.

I guess a very long fantasy/sci-fi stories or shorter ones that illustrate emotional pains that we cannot find ways to truly express are my specialties.

Sticking to your guns nice

Well yeah, so Chapter 27 FoE is in edits and the edits for the publication of the Volume 1 book are in progress too.

This story is where I was several years ago. When I was in college and living with my parents, I got fed up with how shitty I felt whenever my mom lectured me about wasting time online and ignoring how often I wasn't wasting time online but assuming I was just because I was on my laptop. One day I forced myself to stop feeling the pain, to stop feeling the hurt, and eventually it worked. No longer did I react in any way to her, which started to frustrate her because I wasn't reacting the way she was expecting me to. For years I felt nothing, and then one day I realized that by not letting myself feel negative emotions, I'd unwittingly forced myself to stop feeling positive emotions too. I no longer moved to music I enjoyed, nor could I feel attachment to other people, nor did I do more than smirk when I found something to be humorous. I couldn't feel love.

It's an experience that I don't wish upon anyone, but I'll forever be grateful for. It's a very personal experience that I loved to see depicted on MLP, and along with one of the best characters and one of the best songs, brought that episode to the top of my list of favorite episodes.

Had a nice cozy time reading this, which are the best stories imo.

Lovely job.

I hope I truly captured the sense of extra-existential dread that faced the Kirin.

I am glad to help bring you back from that moment and for you to know that depth of sadness allows you to know a moniker of joy that few can ever hope to achieve.

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