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Twilight has never failed a student before, let alone four! With Starlight’s help, can she figure out how to grade four friends who didn't do the assignment?

This is a fun little one-shot to get back into the swing of things. Thanks to Bright Sight and Wireframe for pre-reading!

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Cute. Didn't see the twist with the troll coming:rainbowlaugh:

And the moral of the story is, cultural shifts may make you feel irrelevant, but violence is always applicable!

*Obligatory loving comment with sarcastic remark that endears friendship to author*

Truly, this is the takeaway I had in mind. :ajsmug:

Glad you enjoyed it! :raritywink:

orp #6 · August 7th · · ·

This is secretly a G5 fic, isn't it.

This was a very good one-shot.

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