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Update on Sensation: Appleloosa · 1:11am September 16th


If you've been around the site for a while, you might have read that and thought, "Oh no, he's announcing he's not going to finish it." No worries - we've all been through that sadness, and I would never do that to you. :heart:

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Bringing It Home - MLP-MSP F Con Report! · 3:14am August 3rd

Back at Ciderfest 2018, Charlie Worthley pulled me aside late one night and showed me a video. I screamed, and a couple tables' worth of people stared at me like I was crazy.

And wonderfully crazy I was, because when Charlie asked me to be Vice Chair for MLP-MSP F, I immediately said yes.

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MLP-MSP F! The Most Acronym-Heavy Con is Upon Us! · 4:04pm June 2nd

Hi, all!

I'm super bad about promotion, which is why I'm not in charge of PR, but here's a quick announcement: I'm the Vice Chair of MLP-MSP F! It's going to be a fantastic weekend (June 14th-16th), and if you're on the fence, you should totally come!

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Come Find Vivid at Everfree! · 2:27am May 10th

Art by Nevaylin

Hey there, folks!

This is your reminder to come hang out at Everfree Northwest, one week from today! You can see my schedule above, and I'll be around the con when I'm not in a panel. It's going to be a great show, so don't miss it!

(Plus I plan on writing some Sensation on the plane, so that's a bonus!)



A Small Moment, A Lifelong Adventure - Whinny City 2019 Con Report! · 4:28am April 27th

I always bring a special shirt with me to conventions: the purple shirt with the black cuffs, the shoulder tabs, and the roll-up sleeves. Some might call it a cosplay – it is the shirt that my OC wears, after all – but to me, it's something even more special. It's a way for me to slip into someone that I choose to be, someone who's been a big part of who I am for over a decade, someone who is confident and competent and just wants to spend a weekend making people happy, and somepony who,

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Chapter 7 of Sensation is in Audio! · 10:34pm March 31st

Hey there, all!

Chapter 7 of "Sensation" is up! Check it out on Chaotic's page by clicking here!

He's doing a marvelous job, so be sure to subscribe and consider donating to his Patreon as well.

Stay classy!


I'm a Special Guest at Everfree Northwest! · 2:27am March 20th

It's true! See?

I'm super honored to have been asked to help with this year's writing contest, SCRIPTfest. At EFNW this year, I helped judge the contest, and I'll work with the winner (FIM Fiction's very own Aquaman) to revise it for reading at the convention. Aquaman wrote a fantastic script, and I can't wait for y'all to see it!

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New Audio Chapter of Sensation by Chaotic! · 2:42am March 11th

Hi, folks!

Sorry again for the delays on "Appleloosa." Whinny City work has been taking over (plus there's one more thing I'll get to in another post - it's good news). However! If you want to revisit the original story, Chaotic has released Chapter 6 of his Sensation audio book! You can find it here:



"Sensation - Appleloosa" Progress · 6:33pm February 10th

Hi, folks!

Sorry for the slowness on updates. Just a heads-up that Chapter 4 is currently in editing, so it will be hitting FIM Fiction in the next couple weeks. Thanks for all your patience!

Aaaaaaand yep, it's going to be another long one. :rainbowlaugh:


Write a Script, Get it Read by Voice Actors at EFNW! · 1:53am January 4th

Hi, folks!

In case you haven't heard, you can write an episode script and get it read by the professional voice actors from the show at Everfree Northwest this year! You'll even get script notes from show writer Nicole Dubuc!

You can find the entry form and rules here!

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