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A Kirin remembers the Joy, Happiness, and Love that the Stream of Silence has robbed from them. They cannot even bring themselves to touch or hug the one they hold dearest in their heart. How has this cooling of their emotions truly affected them?

Editor: Mr Numbers

Artwork: Screencap from Season 8 Ep 23

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Luna wakes up one morning to discover she might have more in common with Celestia than she ever thought possible.

Featured: 07/01/2018 - 07/03/2018

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Bone Daddy has lived for several hundred centuries. Most of what made him equine and anything like his pony brethren has long since been lost to the cold dead ravages of study. He published medical papers through the decades and was funded by Princess Luna from well before she ever became Nightmare Moon. Now, something has arrived, a tiny package that he must deal with. A package that is alive and breathing still, with an innocence that might save him.

Featured: 11/24/2018 - 1/26/2018

Mr Numbers
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Glacier Frostclaw

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Tread lightly is considered a brillaint flawed scientist. A few ponies are ashamed of her while others appear to embrace her ideas. Today however, her new lab assistant has finally arrived and with that it is time to begin a journey to create something beautiful for those whom have suffered the loss of a wing.
Her new assistant and an old friend will face a few trials along the way past the northern lights of equestia and into the depths of the mountains to search for something that fell from the stars. All this way only to discover the reason why no pony really uses the star rock known as iridium; as something terrible is secretly awaiting their arrival. It even goes so far as to inhibit their journey, terrorize the ponies, and leave them with scrambling for solutions to their troubles.

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