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Hi, Yes I'm Queen Quake and Wandering Sunrise I like Explosions, 40K, Ponies, Anime, and Explosions....that's about it. Check me out on YouTube just search Fiaura ;)


Work begins · 10:32am March 31st

Finally home and settled so I've finished 61, editors are having at it now. Going to be streaming writing 62 Saturday night.

Just thought you would all like to know what has been happening as I find my place for the last 3 months and really actually get to work on finishing the Epoch I began.

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Innocent Whistling Release of Outline · 11:48pm Dec 8th, 2021

This is the public outline.
Yes it is censored on purpose.
Go on, highlight the Censors, I dare you.

The Outline - Link

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Nothing on Time - Sick and Delayed · 10:11am Nov 5th, 2021

Well, I've delayed my flight home and it's been hard to work while having Bronchitis.

Verified it's not Covid-19 and it has been common in the past for me to get Bronchitis.

So, yeah... sorry everything is taking so long. I'll get it done, eventually.

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Part 2 of a Non-Pony Warframe Journey · 7:16pm Oct 13th, 2021

Link Click Here

Hey! I've got another part of the story for you. I hope you guys enjoy this Halloween Esk Horror Story.

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A Couple of NEW none Pony Short Stories · 5:26am Oct 12th, 2021

Here is where I will be publishing in collaboration a couple of NEW non-pony stories.

These include this warframe Story, a Battletech Story, and a New Original Sci-Fi Story in the coming weeks and months.

Go on check it out if you are interested they are fully narrated by someone I would like to one day call friend.

Link Are These Words Here

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As I begin · 5:19am Sep 24th, 2021

I understand the basic parody of writing.

Whatever I write and how I write it, my interpretation is going to be wrong despite the fact I wrote it. The honest effort is that the collective understanding and interpretation of what I have written is more important.

So I have a task for all of you, without reading other's comments or asking my own thoughts.

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A Lifetime Commitment · 5:43am Sep 22nd, 2021

This is a strange chapter title.

Props wanted to call it Wasteland Wedding.
I decided to change the title.

I've been soul searching since someone at Everfree Northwest who does these books said as a joke: "Ya know, no one reads them, they just collect them."

I had to sit there and was genuinely beside myself at that. I haven't known what I want to do now with that, as I wasn't sure people were still reading.

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Book Mailling! · 12:42am Aug 20th, 2021

We are preparing to mail them but I am not doing so directly now signing any yet.

I am waiting a full week due to Covid-19-D (Delta) and want to make sure that after Everfree I am 100% NOT going to send everyone a book + a Virus that will murderate them.

With this much said, I know the chances of infection via the mail is astonomically small but I am a DnD player and a 2% chance is higher than you think.

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Book 3 is on the press, chapter releases coming · 11:24am Jul 17th, 2021

Back in April we decided to with-hold the remaining 4 chapters till we were closing upon book 3's release.
Back in March we lost a person very close and dear to me, making all progress slow and hard to push though. I still cry for him every week and toast a Sarsaparilla to his name.

Well, it's on the presses right now, it will be here at my house sometime before the end of the month.

I humbly Apologize for the Radio Silence, I know it irritates you as much as it does me.

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Book Update and Stuff · 8:29pm Apr 9th, 2021

Main computer is back online.

We have a release date for the book. It is going to be announced at the next Wednesday Night Fallout: Equestria Stream on Twitch during the break!

We also have other things to do but yes, I am working with several people who signed up for the editor job.

We have musicians! Yep, they are hired.

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