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After the scientists of Johto learn that interdimensional travel is dangerous. They use Magikarp as their test subject, cause well who really cares about Magikarp. But what happens when a mischievous Gengar tags along. Chaos, chaos happens.

500 poke dollas....... please.

( this story will have some sad parts. )

The Glorious Editer: Lunar_Twilight

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After the scientists of Johoto learn that

After the scientists of Johoto learn

the scientists of Johoto



2507520 So do you like the story? This is just for fun, you know when ever I get bored I have this.

2507561 I can't read it, I am taking a short break from homework. :raritydespair:

2507892 If Fluttershy was a pokemon, she'll always be in my party. So do you like the story?

2507999 Beats up a bear, wi'll unconscious......... not so weak. Also thanks for the fav. I am open to any ideas.

Yep it's really well done, keep going! I wanna read about Fluttershy riding a gyarados and fighting dragons or somein!

Please get an editor. This story is good but the number of errors made this a less enjoyable read.

I can see it now::

Magikarp gets bullied by Angel. :fluttercry:

Gets chased around by CMC :unsuresweetie: :scootangel: :applecry:

Has a staring contest with Gummy. :pinkiegasp:

Gets examined by Twilight. :twilightoops:

And of course, Rarity faints at the sight of it. :raritydespair:

I hope you get an editor soon; the story would be great if not for the glaring spelling errors.

I'm a great editor (No I'm not conceited; I actually can spell better than most people my age), but I probably won't have time to help. :ajsleepy:

2509932 YOU stay out of my head, but there is more than that.

(^_^) K


If you need an editor, I can fill in until you find someone. PM if your interested. :twilightsmile:

Okay I lied. I helped you anyway and fixed most of the first chapter for you.
You're welcome. :raritywink:

That should be amusing. Does it's splash attack need it to be in actual water first? It's mostly useless but would be funny to see it splashing people by surprise.

HAHAHA Go Magikarp. Take that bunny down a few pegs.

Why is it that nobody ever accepts my help when I voluntarily proofread their stories? They could at least say 'thank you'. :raritydespair:

2598694 I thought I did, sorry.

2598694 thank you, and again I'm sorry.

Duuuuuuh old McDonalds?:applejackconfused: .......I mean really?:ajbemused:

2671475 You know there is two farms right?


I would like to see a few chapters or a chapter for gengar and to explain a bit of why he's so fond of the moon :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:
2671485 also there are 3 farms the apple farms in ponyville and apoloosa (season 1 episode 21 over a barrel)
and also the cherry farm (season 2 episode 14 the last roundup)

But I think its the one in ponyville

2672166 2672467 There are two farms in ponyville. The Apple farm and the rock farm that's owned by the pies which is located on the outskirts of ponyville.


2673062 but you never said a exact palce they were in so i just counted all of equastria

2673081 Also should gengar be cannon, or have a separate thing?


2673126 I dont know what cannon means....

I'm only here,waiting for the glorious moment the Magikarp opens a can of whoop ass by evolving to a Gyarados

2673135 It means to have a effect on the story. well in this case.

So far, so good.
A little bit too much on the short side,but bearable and can be enjoyed,given the right mindset.


2673166 Cannon
ya I think it would be funny to see their reaction to a ghost especially Rainbows
I wanna see Rainbow try and hit gengar and just pass through him in face plant into dirt

also i think shadow pokemon are awesome

2673201 I mean gengars and Magikarps actions could interact on the other one.

2673194 The chapters will be longer promise.


2673239 what do you mean as in interact?

2673260 Like if Gengar went to ponyville, he could meet Magikarp. If the readers want him to be none cannon, he would go the and Magikarp was never there.


2673283 i would like them to meet plus magikarp and gengar will have to meet at one point is ponies found out about 2 random creatures they would probably try and get them to meet each other

Also will fluttershy be able to understand the pokem on or not? :rainbowhuh:

2673312 To a extent. Gengar will now be cannon.


2673328 I totally wanna see rainbow try and fly into gengar and attack him... :scootangel:

I can't help but think that Gengar will be trolling everypony and messing with them, it going to be hilarious!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

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