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While trying to take the other team's intel in the chasms of 2Fort, a cataclysmic event that is able to make members of both RED and BLU disappear, occurs. They wake up in a land unknown to them which appears to be completely inhabited by ponies, dogs, and other weird creatures. Will they continue to kill each other or will they learn to be temporary allies? Will they destroy Equestria or will they save it? Most importantly of all, will Rarity have enough hats?

Note: This is not a note, this is a warning of the spine-breaking and skull-melting hat collections and ridiculous moments in this story. You better pack some 50 year old popcorn, because you'll be eating jumper cables.

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High expectations! But seriously, looks good, can't wait to read :fluttershyouch:

There is a reason this guy is one of my favorite authors. :rainbowkiss:

You should see my list of waiting Crossovers. Its endless..:applecry:

I have a list of like 20 that I want to write. But I'm forcing myself to get to a good stopping point on my first one. :P
And anyways everything you write is literally fantastic.

Thanks, I'm glad people like my stuff. Although, I wish I had tons of free time. I've had story ideas made since like May and I haven't submitted them yet. As you can see by the first comment, I've had this fic on wait for a while.

Yay! This will probably be the best TF2 crossover yet!

Eeyup. :eeyup:

I changed the name because I felt it was a bit too long..

This... I don't even... you've earned a watch

Oh god, RED Pyro met ponies. And 5 man team of mercs from rival companies must fight, WITH EACH OTHER:pinkiegasp:

Aww, shucks. I can't steal your idea. Besides, I know everyone loves action, but that comes later. For now....let's just say the CMC aren't the only ones going to sing at the Ponyville School Concert. *hint hint*.
Oh, it's going to be like a sitcom with the two enemies, they aren't friends..:ajsmug:
Got a Skyrim fic on wait. Your names made me remember it.

Very good work! Loving this story so far, everything seems to be in order and in place. Do sorrta wish that things could pick up - but hilarity is for sure in the next chapter from what I can tell. For zat, I give you ze Spike. *Cheesy Medic immitation* :moustache:

:pinkiesick:I had enough sitcoms for...my life.:pinkiesick:

Well I don't think those sitcoms have Sandviches, huh? Sandvich is best pony.

Geh, Joor.
(Yes, Mortal)

Can't wait to see what escapades our ponies will have with the Dov and Dovahkiin.
P.s: Yay! I'm important. FUS RO DA!:flutterrage:

Good job bro, i think you spelled life wrong (spelling lie) this Paragraph "There were some theories that the revival device used some sort of cloning system and just brought copies of them back. But that was negated by the fact that they had the same memories as the previous lie :rainbowderp: (here it is) and they even remembered how they died. There was another theory that the device was powered by God himself, and he allowed them to keep on fighting for the rest of eternity for his amusement. Then again, that came from the religious Scout who grew up with a mom that raised him Catholic".
That's all i came complain about. Most crossover usually suck so props to you fine sir! (or mam, if your a lady. Your profile pick doesn't really tell me)

943606 Also everyone will want to now your schedule for this fic (if you have one)

That is...you can't tell from the name? The name broken down is Pony + Man + Mane

That's why I have two N's. But...me a girl? I hope not. And thanks for noticing that....damn you Boolyboo!! (my pre-reader)

I can't wait to see what's going to happen :pinkiehappy: also I wonder what will happen when pyro meets Pinkie

943833 I never even looked at your name to be honest, i'm a faces person

I just really like anime. :twilightsheepish:

You mean like this?

I got pairings for half of the TF2 guys already. Wait and see what they are. Man, I gotta stop lurking on my story. I need to go out and do something.

943859 apparently you like team fortress two as well :rainbowlaugh: (which is what i play mostly)
P.S. random idea TF2 together sometime maybe

pyro IS BEST PONY even tho he isnt a pony...:scootangel:

You have tons of ideas? Well at least your stories seem to end eventually. Unlike many others out there.

InstaEverything + comment because of TF2 story

Speaking of which, I'm still eager to see a good Crysis crossover that's not on hiatus.
*crosses fingers*

946112 No romance tag. :ajbemused:
"No worries, mate!" -Spy

No NOW im worryed ! I wanted romance!!! :raritycry:


*Le Reading Description*

*Sees this* Most importantly of all, will Rarity have enough hats?

*instantly favorites story*

Well. I can honestly say. . . the Sandvich is the most overpowered member on either side, hands down. Property damage for everyoooonnnnneeee!!!


Ohh, and Lyra? You may want to run. Or not. Who knows if it uses motion tracking technology or not?

Tracked and liked because of TF2.

Now, I shall begin reading.

Yeaaah.. I'm hooked. Epic song choices and a TF2 story that's readable.. Looking forward to where this goes.

YAGAyagayagagayayaga Ima read and fuck the shit out of this story!

How has no one come up with this before?
As a avid fan of tf2 and equestria noire i will favorite and track.
Scout is best pony!



wow, I thought that heavy would of had a bigger reaction but now that i think of it, that's probably what he would have too.

:pinkiegasp: SANDVICH IS ALIVE HAPPY DAYS:pinkiehappy: (Also epic start so far:pinkiehappy:)

You still didn't fix the word "pricy", it should be "pricey".

Your scene in Fillydelphia raises the question: what would ponies put on a cheesesteak?

I did say lettuce and veggies. I had to do something, seeing as how I'm from Philadelphia and I eat them all the time. And it's seriously hard to find a substitute for something that is named for the meat.

Heavy and Pyro's reactions were adorable :pinkiehappy:

X3 This is good here have a lick :rainbowwild:

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