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Scootaloo has been a very lonely child. Her parents left her for their dreams and a life of relaxation. Her brother was left to take care of her. Now that he was in the Canterlot Royal Guard, he had to leave her. Being a lieutenant was no easy task and he could not visit her much, though he sent her some bits every week. She is made fun of in school for not having her Cutie Mark and she has no friends. She is fed up with it one day and sets out to prove them wrong.

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This was a nice heart warming one-shot. It should help me get through the day :pinkiesad2:

I noticed a couple spelling errors while reading, but nothing too major. Here is one that I remembered the location of:
"Shoe could tell Diamond Tiara was going to close the door on her on purpose."

Keep on writing stories like this, people love a happy story to read every once in a while. :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

Also what Katanauser said, Singular = Filly, Plural = Fillies

It's spelled 'filly'


Thanks guys. I didn't know which way to write filly for singular. And thanks for telling me about the errors. It's like they show up out of nowhere because when I write, nothing shows up even after a check over it.

497836 yah. Wen i edit for people i spend an hour per 1k words. U rlly have to look at each word carefully to make sure u got it right.

This has an interesting setup in being set before S1, and given its age I can forgive the now rather clich├ęd "Scoots has been abandoned by her parents" plot. The main problem is that some of it is totally unbelievable. For example: if someone knocks at your door, you don't wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your mane, check the mirror and then answer; they'll be long gone by then!

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