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Egg-cracking and witty LA Detective Cole Phelps has solved many seemingly impossible cases. He put the right men and women behind bars, killed criminals before they could commit their next crime, and gave hope to the LA Police Department. The question is, where did that flood of water lead him? Did it actually kill him? During his funeral, his casket was closed. Secretly, the police didn't want the public to know that his body was never found. Considering this, and his personality, how will the observant detective fare in a world devoid of crime and murder? More pressingly, how will he fare in the land of ponies?

A LA Noire Crossover.

Thank you, HenryAnthonyCourtler, for the new cover image! His new one seems more fitting with Cole Phelps' bond with Rarity.

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your images are not publicly available. :fluttercry: i wanna see your drawing.

Good job on this one, cant wait for more. :twilightsheepish::twilightblush:

Has anypony noticed how similar the twilight blush and twilight sheepish icons are? I just fully accknowledged it, and i cant find a difference

A few grammatical errors here and there,but other than that,you have colored me intrigued.

I'll keep track of this.Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

"He opened his eyes and the beams of the bright sun made him blond for a few seconds."
Made him 'blond'.
Heh heh.:rainbowlaugh:
Just before reading this fic, I was playing L.A. Noire.
So, yeah. Happy coincidence.

This is good, write moar.

And proofread dammit!

Ive been waiting for something like this for quite some time....



Now this is awesome! Cole Phelps in Equestria! :pinkiegasp: I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Also, separate different characters' dialogues into paragraphs. It gets confusing reading 2 characters' words in the same paragraph.

Okay the new link for the drawing should work now. As for the grammar and misspells, I'll fix them later on. They keep on appearing out of nowhere because I distinctly remember not spelling any words wrong. Also, for dialogue, I'm just used to writing like that. I am currently writing in that style for my other main work. I'll start seperating character speech next chapter. Anyway, thanks for reading. When I thought of the idea, I was surprised to find no one else ever did it.

674266 Try using the Youtube tag. Then we don't have to open it in a new page. I'm not 100% sure it will work in a story, but it's worth a shot. And it is a nice touch.

[ youtube=videoID ]

ME WANT MOAR!!! ME WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

interesting,:rainbowhuh: i'd like to see where you go with this. tracked.:twilightsmile:

Yep, just like Derpy.

Very good, however sometimes you forget to start a new paragraph for every new speaker, such as: “I’m a man. More precisely a human.” She took note of this in her mind, then asked another question. “Why are you here?”

Anyway, tracked.

Sorry, I'm used to this writing style because of my first main work. In normal cases, I give a paragraph when different characters talk, but My Little Dashe had used the style of keeping some conversations in the same paragraph, and I guess I got used to it. I'm going to try and start writing normally again.

Good sir, you win a cookie.
I've never played L.A. Noire, but this is by far one of the best 'Human in Equestria' fics I've ever read.

WRITE SOME MOAR!:pinkiehappy:


I shall read this because I was planning on a fic like this, but I figured someone else might do it and I was right :twilightsheepish:

Sorry, I lied. The eyes are different. My bad.

Also, there is a very faint blush on Twilight's cheeks.

This is simply beautiful, please continue.

Great so far ^^ can't wait to hear more off it.

Marvelous, absolutely marvelous can't wait for the next chapter. This is a fantastic story.

This is one of the few stories i faved... please continue

Beautifully written, you've captured Cole perfectly sir.

This is very entertaining. can't wait ta read more.

But why did Pinkie lie about hiding the tools??!! :rainbowhuh:

688522 Isn't that part of a detective's job?

Even the review evidence button. Should have a truth, doubt, and lie next interrogation!

That's what Kelso thinks on their relationship. Also it's only implied. I like to think that Phelps considered him a close friend with a long feud. I doubt that he would have given up his life for anything less.
The drawing was fun to do but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it for all chapters. Maybe...I might just do drawings that depict certain things.

I like the story overall and the characterization of Phelps, but I'm gonna have to get into a bit of a personal filibuster here; because I'm seeing a theme forming that I'm not a huge fan of.

Maybe it's the Criminal Justice degree talking, but I've got a beef with the entire "no crime" thing that seems to come up so often in crossovers like this. That too me seems... unrealistic in light of the show which demonstrates that ponies can be greedy, selfish, and even flat out mentally ill and they don't always just bounce back from it either (barking pony didn't get magically healed and Trixie doesn't seem to have learned a damn thing for instance). This is ignoring other species which exist in Equestria and are flat out clearly criminal like the diamond dogs. I'm also 99% sure we've heard threats of violence being issued against others at various times so the idea that assaults and such would be foreign to ponies is pretty untenable. Then we get into a frontier town having a Sheriff which kinda makes you wonder what he's doing if not enforcing laws, the Royal guard, and security guards at hospitals obviously which both poke big gaping holes in the "no crime/violence" stuff.

Frankly the show itself pretty clearly tries to paint it's character as imperfect with foibles and failings, and susceptible to making very poor choices at times, and the only way crime can't happen is if people ARE perfect and they never get jealous, or greedy, or angry and act without thinking things through. That's... just not the case in Equestria which is to me all the proof I need that crime certainly exists. No obviously we never SEE murder and such on the show, but we also never see ponies boning even though the existence of babies and a stable population pretty clearly indicates such happens behind closed doors. The show probably isn't a very good indicator of crimes prevalence anymore then it is pony sexual habits though for any number of reasons both in and out of universe.

I don't doubt that the society as a whole IS safer as magic appears to eliminate a fair number of social ills that cause crime, weapons are if not controlled rare regardless, and the norms drilled into the populace focus on unity and community. That said ponies are shown capable of the range of emtions good AND bad, and so long as such things exist so will crime. I frankly rather prefer this version as the message of working toward and ideal even if it's probably unattainable has a certain resonance, and it also teaches that things don't happen on there own you need to work constantly at them. That to me is a much more powerful and "real" message then "we're all super happy and nothing bad happens because we're all so nice!"

I think in the context of this story it works better as well if the world isn't ALL sunshine and rainbows, and it takes work and the occasionally getting dirty to keep it mostly happy. Phelps is uniquely positioned to do some of that dirty work and assure that trend continues. I think that makes for a much more interesting set up and story then "nothing bad happens everything is sunshine and rainbows", and I think it adds a bit of the Noir into it without going grimdark. The idea that below the surface of even the most idyllic setting is at least a bit of darkness is a very Noir'ish idea.

Maybe you already have something like that planned, but that's not really the vibe I was getting and I'm not sure just silly little cases like with Pinkie will really a good story make, I think the subject matter demands a bit more meat.

Never attempt to question Pinkie Pie or a baculum. Also, never ask what a baculum is.

Wow, that was a really big comment. I pay attention to these the most. Thanks for pointing that out, as I think I have some people thinking that there is literally no crime. I put that there is no crime as an observation from Phelps. This is just assumed. Trust me, I have actual cases for Phelps to solve coming up. Still considering murder though, as this land is full of innocent people. Murder is probably going to not show up in this story. Just remember though, it's only the second chapter man. Just stick around for the next chapters. I put emphasis on saying that there was no crime and Phelps could relax for a reason, to prove him wrong.

I found something that you may need to fix:
When someone new speaks: New paragraph. Whenever Twi and Dash speak they're in the same paragraph and it gets a little difficult to read.

I fixed that in the next two chapters

Oh. My. God. I started a story with the same name, and it was pretty much a HiE with cole phelps after he died, and I stopped working on it becuase I didn't think alot of bronies had even played LA Noire, AND THEN THIS POPS UP!?!?!:facehoof:

Sorry man. I had this idea floating around and checked to see if any one else did it. I distance see any other ones so I did it. Sorry I sole your mojo, but it wasn't on purpose.

Oh my... It's beautiful..
Man I love this story!

Operator, give me dispatch.
Phelps, badge 1-2-4-7.

I normally don't like HiE stories, but this is an exception. I want to see where this goes, hope for an addition soon.

I'm not sure on the schedule of chapters. I plan on writing more than 5 or 6k chapters because each chapter will be a new case. Since I am done exams and school, I have a lot of time on my hands. But I also have another ongoing series that I am still doing plus I have about four other stories that I am writing the first chapter to. For now, I think I can safely say that I will write a chapter in 4 or more days.

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