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Part 1: Lyra's Pyro Predicament
Part 2: Twilight's Demoman Devastation
Part 3: King Sombra's Robotic Retaliation

King Sombra was soundly defeated by Princess Cadance and Shining Armor almost a year ago, and the Crystal Empire was free. Now, after a teleportation mishap, a lone Engineer from Gray Mann's massive robotic army has found itself in the mountains just on the border of the Empire with one task in mind: complete the experimental Lvl. 4 Teleporter and bring the robotic forces to Equestria...but what other dark forces might be laying dormant in those caves?

Chapters (6)
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Thumbs up if for nothing else but the name.

3305767 I'll take it, thank you kindly.

As a great man once said Thumbs up if for nothing else but the name.
OUT OF ALL people writing TF2, you actually deliver and not go on some kind of 2 year hiatus.

Goddammit, I haven't even started Twilight's Demoman Devastation yet.
This is still going on read later, though.

3305782 I KNOW RIGHT!? :pinkiehappy:
3306069 And you know why that is; BECAUSE REASONS!
3306347 Thanks!
3306424 As is mine. :raritywink:
3306952 Exactly what I thought.
3307381 No rush, mate. I haven't started a bunch of stories I planed to read before they suddenly had a sequel.

Oh shite it's started. Whelp, here's to its continuation and glorious future chapters to come.

3308050 Yes, and to the poor fool who has to write 'em. HAH! Wait a minute...

Is this also post-Equestria Girls? Or do you hate that film?

3308448 No, I liked EqG...as for the other part of your question: yes. This story takes place after EqG but before Season 4 (obviously).

3307551 Because Mister Torgue said so.

she was too tired to pursue the though for much longer
a hailstorm of shrapnel that pelted the the wooden shack

1. Thought.
2. Extra the.

Well Pyro... looks like you might have to eat your own words soon enough. Though I have NO idea how the ponies are gonna survive with a full-fledged robot invasion without getting horribly hurt and/or killed. Unless the Crystal Ponies can actually regrow back:trixieshiftright:

CHARGE'N TARGE! (or something like that, haven't played tf2 in like months)

This chapter is nice, I like it.

3311805 I was wondering when you were gonna show up. :rainbowkiss: Ya'll still need to add me on Steam. And don't worry about the ponies, they're pretty resilient.:pinkiehappy:
3312836 Thanks! I'm make sure that add in some EXPLOSIONS AND CAPITAL LETTERS!

looks like Equestria is gonna need the whole team for this one! and even they can barely hold the robotic revolution at bay

3320818 Well, they're getting a tad better at it, but not without the magic of teamwork.

3322306 yeah, the unbelievably tight friendship of those who trust the others to protect their rear, or, in more simple terms, the tight bond of brothers in arms

can't wait to see how well equestria takes the appearance of a cocky young man from the harsh American 'burbs, a war vet with amnesia and possible fetish for explosions, a large Russian man who outsmarts with bullet and sandvich, a psychopathic German doctor with a bonesaw, a Texan man who solves practical problems with 'guns' and 'more guns' and an Australian Snoipah who has dubbed bottled urine 'Jar based Karate'... fighting mechanical versions of themselves

seems like more than enough chaos to release Discord himself ten times over

3322405 Indeed, Canterlot was almost destroyed by just the appearance of one or two of them, so having all nine there should raise some havoc.

3322561 you know, there is something I like to say when faced with overwhelming odds, mostly so when im playing Monster Hunter: HAPPY FUN TIEMS! :pinkiecrazy:

on a more serious note though, we can officially say that Canterlot is doomed, not due to the presence of killer robots, but due to the force protecting them... may the Faust be with them :trollestia:

3322568 I see what you did there, you clever pony. :raritywink:

3324248 someone should use that in a story sometime, and to think, I came up with that on the spot :rainbowlaugh:

This is fun to read, but you have a nasty case of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome and it's driving me nuts.

The Element of Magic wrapped the tool in her lavender aura and turned it over and over while scratching the soft fur on her chin. "What is this for I wonder? Its far too big to fit the lock, maybe it- hmm?" The purple Alicorn felt a tug on the key

That's the most blatant, but they're everywhere.

3332332 I'm sorry, I guess? I agree that bit needed changing, but most of the time I'm just describing a new character as they make an appearance for the first time. I'll try not to do that as much.

Is it weird that I just read the entire series in one sitting? :twilightblush:

3381042 No; that's frickin' impressive, well done! :pinkiegasp:

3332332 Now that key could very well be a Crate Key


Err, just a minor thing, but the robots-selling-hats part was deemed non-canon to TF2.

3400224 I already plan to ditch that aspect for what my original story plan was, I'm just gonna leave that part in as a nod to it.

Ooh. Something tells me they're gonna team up.

I approve of this story. Moar plz :3

3584473 Don't worry, there shall be.
3584817 Maaaaaaaaaaybe
3585066 I approve the approval of things, more to come.
3585725 Figured I might as well toss him in there, glad to see people are happy to see him.

its back
now then
heavies turn?
or is pyro coming back

3587669 Well, where would the fun be if I just told you? :ajsmug:

Tearing down the streets with the orderly in hot pursuit was a white unicorn with a sort, copper mane and tail by the name of Copper Head.

Alright, what's next?

Fortunately for the nurses, Copper Head found this situation funny and didn't pay attention to the vegetable stand being pushed along as he chuckled.

Wait... Huh?

Lyra, and just about everypony else who was watching the spectacle, winced as the Copper Express drove headlong into the wooden cart, sending produce every which way.

... MAGIC!!!!


1. Models.

Well ain't I almost 3 weeks late on this... Why did fimfic fail in reporting this to me in both feed and updates? Hmm... Either way yep... DANGIT LUNA YOU'RE CRUSHING A YOUNG MARES DREAM OF BEING IN LOVE!!:pinkiecrazy:

3684608 She's a heartless mare, that's for sure. And don't worry about being late or anything...I was far later posting the actual thing :derpytongue2:

I would love if the engi heavy or sniper came and/or scout but it's not up to me.

3956268 You're right, it's up to ME! But fear not! Once I finally get my ass in gear and start putting out more chapters, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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