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what up guys and girls

hi, demon here ... so if your reading this then i thank you for giving me a chance. i guess this is where i white something to tell anyone reading this about some story project or something ... well i'm not going to do that, well at least not in that sense. what i'm going to put here is a simple message: i'm here to read fan fictions, give a comment here, some advise there and generally just help out any way i can. if you want to learn more about me read the bio, if you want some advice for a story or an idea for one just ask, if you want a story written by me then look somewhere else.(read bio for reason) so thanks for stopping by and come again if you need any thing


you got questions, i got answers! · 4:32pm Jun 23rd, 2015

first thing's first, ask anything you want in the comments section and i'll answer it, so ask away!

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My bio

:pinkiehappy: hi, welcome, Ola, :ajbemused: etc, this is the (name above) and if you looked here then i guess you do want to know something about me ... :rainbowhuh: truth be told this is new for me so to start my real name is sol and i live in the everfree castle (:twilightangry2: it's renovated you could never believe how many people think my place is a dump) secondly i'm a changeling sub-group my friend midnight classified as 'soul guardian' (:ajbemused: i admit not the most original name.) and a list of the stuff my body does is simple 1. i have two wing sets which i can generate any type of sound from 2. i have no horn yet still use magic (:facehoof: lots have called bull and ALL have been proven wrong, to this day i make twilight twich:rainbowlaugh:) and 3. soul guardians are made when you bind the souls of alicorns to humans kill them and send them here. ... "don't you think that they won't ask after a list ending like that?""i agree with nightmare, they must be wounder what you're talking about" ...:twilightangry2: "what did i tell you about doing shit like that nightmare, and Terra i expect better from the past ruler of the Crystal empire now what do you to have say to the internet" "we're sorry for breaking the no limb borrow rule sol, and for breaking the forth wall internet""can i have a cookie" "no! you can't even eat any thing! you a astral projection." ...

my brain by youtube

no friendly changeling! RACIST

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No just the one that make threats against me.

so have you, by no doubt countless other people

I take that as a threat " it pisses everyone off. Eventually he's gonna get enough complaints and get booted. if you want to make a difference and Really annoy him. either go to His page and return the favor, or contact one of the people in charge of the site and get him kicked faster." You have been reported.

Thanks for giving Woundsalt a little love!

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