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This story is a sequel to KONO DIO DA: DIO is Unbreakable

When two enemies meet with a common enemy and common friends, will there ever be room for forgiveness? Will Jotaro find friendship? Will Rohan ever stop saying oi? Will Kira ever be found?

And, for 『Hebun』's sake, can Okuyasu not look like a rapist, please?

Expect a more seriously-written and less-meta story this go round. I don't mean to disappoint, but for wrapping this up, I wanted to contextualize it just because it's fun.

Though, I'm not taking away all of the comedy.

Chapters (13)
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Furendoshippu』 makes 『Za Warudo』 go round.


Toki wo ugoki hajimeta.
DIO special move: double air-twirl leg twist knee-breaker road crash
-stardust crusaders ends-

So THIS is the power of Ultra Instinct.

Reads comment
Long pause
Reads wiki article on Ultra Instict
Slaps knee
Remembers I'm sleep deprived and need to seek the help of a nearby futon

Also, nani the FUCK is my [Stando} doing?

Yokay. I really like the plot and story thus far : ) but it gets kinda confusing at some parts, with all the plot points that you are introducing (some with no to little build up, sorry if that is nit picky) that I am a bit iffy about. Also once Kira is taken care of are they going to confront Celestia?

Honestly, the way the ponies have been interacting with the JoJo characters is very cute.

I concur, and it's driving me crazy that I haven't finished this yet.

"This is too bizarre," Jotaro pondered to himself as they began to walk back to Twilight's home.

JOJO is never too bizarre!


Nightmare Moon is Sutando!? N A N I?

"In that case," DIO thought for a moment, "it would have to be some powerful creature working in conjunction with Stand Power in order to permit such a thing."




"I saw a large figure," he said slowly, "it was controlling other figures, and suddenly it broke in two and the other figures began to kill each other."

Reminds me of the birth of Primus and Unicron, from when the split from the One.

"That's abnormal. . ." Lyra said, "it must mean something"

No. Really?

You wouldn't believe how many people in person I have bestowed a strange dream to and their response was equally as redundant.

Wouldn't she have a right to choose who lived or died?

No one should have that right. not even God. While death is a natural part of life, CHOOSING who dies before their time is evil. Light Yagami learned this the hard way.

"Fight well, Joestar."


Has DIO.....forgiven the lineage? Find out next time on KONO DIO DA! DIO OVER FRIENDSHIP!

Funny enough, when I was writing this part I was listening to the Deathnote OST.

Hmm.....Yoshiga Kira.



Coincidence? I think...so.

I'm gonna start writing the next chapter now. My internet is too slow to play more modded Minecraft and my friend is at work and can't play League of Legends. Also, a lot of other circumstances I won't disclose here have made this the easiest and best thing for me to do at the moment.

Quick note if you've read Make a Stand
I intended to make Lyra's stand powerful, but holy shit maybe listening to Dark Souls III music influenced me too much... :rainbowlaugh: Don't worry, I have a plan to balance it out.

"Lyra. . ." Kira said slowly, observing the towering figure behind her. It's appearance was feminine, having an equine-like head with a chain wrapping around the neck several times. It had no legs below the fading torso, but four arms each with a hand that had a different symbol on it. One of a clock, one of an X, one of a Y, and one of a Z. It was surprising to all, and nearly impossible, but Lyra, in that moment of stress, had developed a very powerful stand.

I guess you can say she........Stands Proud!

ever love a serial killer so much you develop godlike power to protect him

A fist was driven through DIO's chest, as time resumed. Forthcoming withdrew it's hand, allowing DIO to fall onto the floor in defeat as a small gateway opened behind Lyra and Kira, allowing them a swift escape. No one could have predicted it, but the influence of stand power in Equestria was beginning to cause normal ponies to develop stand power for themselves.


Lord DIO.....The World......it failed! Only Star Platinum or Golden Experience Requiem could match this power.

(PS. Don't @ me, I haven't finished Part 3 yet)

At the current moment, The World is far more powerful than Star Platinum, given the fact that DIO has literally "The Magic of Friendship" and also more developed stand-power with more developed vampiric power as opposed to his limitations in part 3. Still however, Lyra's stand is implied to have control over all four dimensions of spacetime, that being the volumetric XYZ and of course the Temporal Dimension. Due to it's specific type of control over the temporal dimension, her limitations on stopping time follow different rules from Star Platinum The World, and The World itself, however, she is still limited by something that I will reveal in the next chapter that I may or may not go ahead and write.

I'd prefer if you did write it. And, I swear, at this point, you might as well through in Giorno for OP characters.

That would need a whole new installment, and it would fry my brain in character numerosity. I know numerosity isn't a word but it sounds cool. I'm planning to end this as a trilogy, and don't intend to add anymore characters.

Side note, I used to have a group of friends where all of our roleplays were centered around absolutely broken OP characters. Wish I still talked to them, but things happen. Either way, they were the only people I've ever come across online or anywhere who understood how to make a good-ass story with characters more overpowered than any feasible Mary Sue. Your character can literally be above God, but as long as they have a conflict, they have a story to tell. That story is what entertains.

Maybe we should continue this in PMs, cuz this is literally MY stories. And if we talk about them here, we could lead into spoiler territory.

Oh yeah, I'll be there. And thanks for reminding me I needed to update my Discord name on my profile

"Since when do you admit defeat?" Jotaro asked, looking down at DIO. DIO shot him a hateful glare, choosing not to respond. He got up, petting Fluttershy as she hugged him as best she could.

Since he learned the magic of [FRIENDSHIP]!

"If her stand is able to stop time, then it must be taxing," Jotaro said, "I can only stop time for five seconds, no matter how well-trained my stand is. It takes a monster to stop time for any longer than that, regardless of the stand's ability itself."

Well. What of her fighting spirit? We are also messing with different biologies. Different rules

"Lyra." Josuke finished, his expression turning stern, "It's going to take all of our effort combined to stop this."

Josuke looked at DIO, and then Jotaro, before reiterating.

"ALL of our effort."

They both grunted in response.

They're like brothers. I LOVE IT! Also, what would Twilight's stand be?

She leaned back and looked up at the sky. She thought of her new power, of how she could use it for her own benefit. This wasn't about simple day-to-day life anymore. Fate had chosen her , it had chosen her to lead Equestria into a new age, she thought. Her fantasies went further, imagining how she could merge universes together, bringing the human world into the Equestrian one. Then, no one would call her crazy.

No. They'd call you something else

"Then what are they used for?" Dash asked suddenly, with a bit of frustration in her voice, "If you had these superpowers all along, why did my friends have to put their lives on the line to keep Equestria safe with the elements?"

A valid point

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