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Earth has been reduced to dust and echoes. A scientist named Gordon Freeman must save it from impending doom. Dr. Kleiner recreates the teleporter, but with odd results. Very odd, and colorful results



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That tragedy tag is deterring.... But it's half-life.

If Gordon talks, it's gonna destroy everything @_@


this is promising i always had the prospect of Gordon coming to equestria after Episode 2 when he faints G-man teleports Gordon to Equestria, but i thought that the equestria Gordon was going into was a equestria where the combine invaded, as the combine are from another dimension I think. well my whole Gordon goes to equestria idea has a few holes in it but is none of the less a good idea of how Gordon comes to equestria. A last note this has alot of promise to be good but Gordon CANNOT TALK instead write what Gordon Freeman is thinking

this story is good so far keep up the great work :pinkiehappy:

84460 You don't understand... The ponies come to earth. Its backwards. Pony on earth story. :duck:

Still waiting for Valve to release HL2-Ep_3. This has please me :eeyup:, and I haven't even read it yet.!:rainbowlaugh:

Forgive a silly comment, but I was under the impression that the Combine looked nothing like humans. So far as I know, the only "true" Combine we've seen in the games have been the Advisers from Episodes 1 and 2, and the only other Combine sub-species that have gotten any development has been the Vortigaunts (Unless you want to count the mechanically enhanced species, such as the air-ships and Striders).

Of course, if you mean that your version of the true Combine (Which may factor very heavily into your story, for all I know) are humanoid, then never mind.

Anyway, I don't really have that much to say about the actual intro; as you pointed out it's quite short. A few spelling errors are apparent, mostly your spelling of Prospect. Otherwise, things seem to be fine, in terms of mechanics. Good luck.

84689 So it is. My mistake; guess it's been too long since I stepped into the Hazard Suit, huh?

My apologies.


Hm, I must've not paid attention very much while playing the game, because I thought that the Combine were humans, not aliens... The more you know! :derpytongue2:

I wrote a Half-Life MLP fanfic :fluttercry:

84788 Awesome. Up for some game? :rainbowlaugh:

84791 Depends on what you mean by that :P

Looks like this story is...
Half passed amazing.


84996 So glad you lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek it :raritywink:

110732 Actually, this should have been publish like a week ago :derpyderp2: My internet didn't :rainbowderp: want to publish it I guess lol I thought it went through, but I checked today and it didn't

110737 Then I guess next one is comin' shortly after?

110743 Haven't even got a name for the next chapter yet xD Working on my Spider-Man sequel.

110745 I can tell ya some cool names, but need to know, if that chapter contains that, what I'm thinkin' of...

The right ponies in the wrong place can make all the differance in the world :ajbemused: <--- thats the closest face to gmans face so its justified. Also good story!

oh I love half-life. I just replayed the entire series not long ago.

Me likey. More? DO WANT!

*Ahem* But really, this is good. I like how much detail you're putting into this. Keep it up... :pinkiesmile:

Im gong to take a wild guess and ask, but is Opalescence...."that" cat?

I always kinda thought that at the end of episode 3 (or whenever hl ends) alyx would turn to Gordon and say something like, we did it. Then he would just say yes and teh internets would asplode

Full of win. I can't wait for next chapter. I can't wait for the ponys to arrive. BTW how did you get pubished?

256234 How does everyone else get things published? lol

258061 No. Not like that. I mean it still dosn't have ponies in it. It has too to pass moderation. I still can't wait for 2nd chapter!


but i am liking this story can't what for next update. :twilightsmile:

Oh CHRIST. Her teleportation ended up getting looped together with Gordon's teleport, so... Yeah. The ponies just got sucked through to Earth. That's... Nice, I guess.

SO Gordon's teleport gets messed up another way good idea to make sure story still goes smooth so I'm just going to guess that Gordon still gets messed up in the teleport and appears outside Kleiner's lab if that doesn't happen their is going to be some differences in story-line, anyway great chapter keep up the great work

259952 Thanks :3
259977 Danke
260070 Lol yeah
260127 Yeah, as you noticed, Lamarr never jumped in the vents!

I like this but the chapters are too short.

260373 Dont... even :twilightangry2:
I've been working NONstop on this ALL day just to get it very, very perfect and not to mention working on my other story in which I'm late in publishing. Don't worry, I'll try to do a little every day to make them just that much longer. It's almost to 2,000 wut are you talkin 'bout

260383 I'm sorry if I offended you, but I feel like more could have been done in this chapter.

I can just imagine what the Overwatch dispatcher would say upon discovering the ponies...

"Attention all ground protection teams. Sentient non-humanoid life forms detected in this block. Respond, isolate, inquire."

Anyway... Is this just going to be a retelling of the story, with the only difference being that Freeman is followed by our sweet little equines, or are you going to take off on a whole new storyline? Are you going to even tell me?

Oh, and I also spotted a little grammatical error:

"Alright, Barney. You're turn." Issac grinned.

It should be your. Otherwise, you're doing a good job. Can't wait for the next update:pinkiehappy:

Oh geez it's about to go down!:rainbowlaugh:

260885 If you noticed, Lamarr never actually jumped in the vents, but in Kleiner's arms. So Gordon never actually was found outside of Kleiner's lab, therefore making the story so much different in every way possible. He's like an hour behind what the regular hl2 would be. :derpytongue2: :twilightblush:


I noticed that...

I was just asking if Gordon would simply be babysitting the six ponies as he runs around kicking Combine and Zombie rear end...

Aw crap! CLIFFHANGER ENDING!!! I could imagine barney. "Would you look at that?" (The line of barney from the game when he sees you)
I can't wait for 3rd chapter! :pinkiecrazy:

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